Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello! Is Anybody Out There?

I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time.  I love to write, but I'm sure my English teacher will visibly cringe should she ever stumble upon this site.  My writing is more of a stream of consciousness, rambling kind of writing.  No doubt, my writing style or lack thereof will drive some of you crazy.  I apologize in advance.

I'm creating this blog in an effort to document our crazy life because, well...... I suck at taking pictures and doing the whole scrapbook thing.  I actually take pictures, but that's where it stops.  I'm an epic failure when it comes to actually printing those pictures and organizing them in some sort of cohesive manner.

I have no idea where this will go - will it be solely a mommy blog?  Doubt it - I'm not so good at that either.  I'll probably just post whatever is on my mind and heart that day.  If I manage to gain some followers other than family along the way, I'll be truly amazed.

Okay, that said....