Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Praise the Lord" and Pass the Sunflower Seeds

Here's another not-so-good cell phone picture from baseball (sorry Jamie, but thanks for sending it to me.  LOL!)

I know I said my son was on a hand-picked travelling team.  That's true.  Most of the team also plays league during the week in a small town not too far from home.  Unfortunately, two of our teammates live a few hours away, and just aren't able to play league with us during the week.  So they play league in their own hometowns.  Playing league in this small town provides the opportunity for our players to gain experience in positions they don't normally play during the weekend tournament ball games.  Pretty smart, huh?

Before a game, our coaches will usually pull the team aside, give them a few words of encouragement/advice or whatever and will typically conclude with a prayer.  Prior to our game last Thursday night, both teams joined hands on the pitchers mound and said a prayer.  Afterward, they all piled in, and on the count of three said "Praise the Lord."  At least I think that's what they said.  It's nice to see this.