Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Thank you for all of your prayers for my dad.  As you know, he had surgery last week to remove his thyroid.  A small area of cancer was found; however, the doctor is certain he removed it all.  There will be no chemo or radiation needed.  We are so very thankful, and we appreciate all of your prayers.
  It's official - I'm in all-out panic mode!

We leave today for the World Series, and I've spent each night this week working with some of the team moms on a banner the boys are supposed to have for opening ceremonies. So, I have not packed AT.ALL! Plus, I had to work today. Aaaah!!

BTW - for anyone entertaining the idea of robbing us while we're gone. Fuhgetaboutit! Our home is being tended by a miriad of relatives who all really enjoy using their fire arms!
Speaking of the banner, I owe a HUGE thank you to my brother, Bill, and his mad artist skillz. We decided to create a bus for the banner, and of course, we needed a bus driver.... It's awesome, ya'll. I hate to leave you hanging, but my computer is not cooperating at the moment, and I just can't cope right now.  LOL!

When you're old like me, it's not always wise to crawl around in the floor for any length of time.  After working on this banner all week, crawling around in the floor, hunched over painting and coloring, my back is a little stiff, and I can't really stand up straight right now.  I'm hoping to be able to take a happy pill and relax on the drive to Dallas. 

Travis, the Wonder Weenie, continues to improve and will be spending the week with my mom and stepdad.  They love the babysit their grand-dog, as they call him.  They have been given strict instructions that Travis is not allowed to jump at all, nor is he to walk up and down any stairs.  When I dropped Travis off this morning, my stepdad had already prepared a ramp for Travis so that he could get on the couch if he wants.  He's not spoiled, much.

So, we're World Series bound!  Keep our boys in your thoughts.  It's Africa hot in Central Arkansas, and Dallas is just more of the same.  We're loading up on the water, Gatorade and Frogg Toggs, and of course, the swimming gear.  I think I may need to go get a few more of those Frogg Toggs for us spectators.   


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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