Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
My son's baseball team played in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, this past weekend.  We struggled with our hitting, but still managed to come in 3rd out of 18 of the best teams from Oklahoma and Texas.  Most notably, we beat the undefeated OK Powerhouse who were supposed to the next best thing to sliced bread.  We not only beat them, but we shut them out and run ruled them.  I thought their coaches and fans were going to have strokes.  One particular mom was actually climbing the fence, while screaming like a banshee at the umpires.  Really?!!  What a fine example they are setting for the little men they are raising.  Other teams from all over came to watch our game and root us on.  Apparently, this team has a really loyal fan base.  LOL!
--- 2 ---
Several times over the long weekend, we had a hotel room full of 8 year old boys, and you know what?  I loved it.  It was great to see how close these boys are.  Saturday night most of the team and parents walked to a restaurant close to our hotel.  This photo was taken on our walk back to the hotel, and it was not staged in anyway whatsoever - well other than asking them to stop walking for a second so we could snap a quick picture.  As a side note:  My son is the only one not wearing his Elite Hit Club shirt.  Prior to the trip, I was trying desperately to get all the stains out of that shirt, and apparently forgot to pack it.  Sorry, buddy!  It's horrifying what one little boy can do to a white shirt with just a couple of wearings.  UGH!

--- 3 ---
While in Ft. Smith several of the boys had a day or so where they didn't feel well.  The local news reported extremely high pollen levels, so I assumed many of the complaints among the boys were related to the pollen levels.  Of course, their issues seemed to last only a day or so.  I'm never that lucky - I started to feel bad Sunday night, and I felt pretty crummy Monday.  By Tuesday, I was running fever and felt like the walking dead.  However, I still had to work, so I would go to work and then collapse into bed when I got home in the evening.  Wednesday was the turning point.  By Thursday morning I was feeling relatively human again but decided I would still go to the doctor.  I was diagnosed with a regular smorgasbord of respiratory ailments, loaded up on meds and given a steroid shot.  Yay!  Like I'm not sleeping enough... I have to get hopped up on steroids.  Oh well....  Oh, and as a bonus.... after lying in bed so much the past few days, I was down in my back for a bit.  Getting old is certainly not for sissies, I tell ya!
--- 4 ---
This coming weekend, we're playing in another tournament, of course.  At least this one is close to home, and won't require a hotel stay.  Although we love the added time with our Elite family that a hotel stay provides, our bank account needs a little time to recover before the next trip.
--- 5 ---
This coming weekend, I've also been asked to sponsor my sweet niece, Alyssa, for her confirmation in the Catholic faith.  I wasn't born into the Catholic faith, I was raised Methodist.  Although I've attended the Catholic church off an on over the past 30+ years, I never actually converted until a few years ago.  In preparation for confirmation, it is customary to select a patron Saint.  I selected St. Monica - she is the patroness of wives and abuse victims, and I would think mothers as well.  St. Monica was a devout Christian married to a pagan who was known to be violent.  Her cantankerous mother-in-law lived with them as well.  Needless to say, her married life was less than ideal.  Among the children born to Monica was a son named Augustine (pronounced Au-GUS-tin) who was quite a rebellious character, and became a "grievous sinner."  Monica, prayed faithfully for the salvation of her family, and as a result of her efforts, her husband and mother in law were eventually baptized.  Her wayward son, Augustine?  He was eventually baptized as well - we know him as Saint Augustine.  I chose Monica as my patroness because despite her life circumstances, she was not unhappy or bitter.  Through her sweetness and patience she persevered without compromising her beliefs.  She never gave up on her husband or Augustine regardless of the pain they caused her or mistakes they made.  When I'm feeling tested and torn, I often look to Monica as an example and ask for her  intercession on my behalf and the behalf of others or I simply pray the following:

O Lord, Who taught Monica to persevere for the good of her family, help me to be a better parent to my children. Help me to have patience with them when they misbehave and give me the strength to guide them gently to the right path. Permit me always to forgive their misdeeds and keep me from speaking harshly or punishing unwisely. Please help me to be a beacon of goodness for them as they grow to adulthood and to be a good example to them in all that I say and do. Amen.
--- 6 ---
I received a call today that a person very close to me may have thyroid cancer.  They will have their initial consultation with an oncologist next week, and will probably know nothing certain until a biopsy is performed.  However, based on conversations with various medical professionals, they've been given the impression that is is mostly likely cancer.  I would like to ask for prayers on their behalf, please.  Thank you.
--- 7 ---
Next Thursday, June 7th, The AR Easton Elite 8AAA team is hosting a golf tournament at the GreyStone golf course.  For more details, please contact me directly.  Saturday and Sunday, the 9th and 10th, we're hosting a Cal Ripkin baseball tournament.  This is for Cal Ripkin All Star teams only.  No USSSA teams will be allowed unless they are also a local Cal Ripkin All Star team.  Again, please contact me directly for more details.  All proceeds from these two tournaments will go to help these young boys go to the World Series.

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