Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 19th....

This was supposed to post yesterday, but, well..... life happened.

One year ago today, we were playing in the championship game of the State tournament.  My youngest was playing his best tournament of the year so far.  We were behind, but it was close and we only needed one more out so we could go hit.  I was so stressed, I had to get up and pace around a bit.  Someone yelled my name, and I turned and froze when I saw my youngest lying motionless by 2nd base.  I can't express the fear I felt when the outfielders, who were running in to get the ball, stopped short of the ball and simply stood staring.  My heart plummeted when my baby quickly jumped up as if he were a jack-in-the-box and ran to the dugout, his jersey already covered with the blood pouring from..... somewhere.

Gabe ran to me, not crying but with a paniced wail.  I turned into a puddle of useless goo, at least that's how I felt.  I looked at my precious boy and saw he was missing his front tooth, but that was alot of blood, his lip appeared to be cut pretty badly as well.  I could hear the voices all clamoring and offering assistance, yet I couldn't understand.  At one time I know I had my dentist's cell number, why couldn't I find it?  This was the same phone wasn't it?  Not a new one?  Where is that dang number!

Someone asked baby tooth or permanent.  I don't recall, but I must've answered because I heard, "we need the tooth!  It was permanent!  We need the tooth!"  So, they stopped the game and ran out onto the baseball field in search of the missing tooth.  I stared in wide-eyed confusion when they put the tooth in my hand.  Words, rapid-fire, pierced my fog... ice....milk..... what?  What to do? Where do we go?  I tell my husband that we need to go to the ER.  As I'm holding a rag against my son's mouth and the tooth in my other hand, finally, I focus on the eyes of Tisha, another team mom, and a friend.  I take a deep breath and concentrate on her words.  She says she has contacted her dentist, he would meet us at his office, and she tells us the address.  I asked her what I should do with the tooth, and she said, "put it in your mouth."  I look at her for a brief second, and I heard a voice in my head say "just do it - trust her" So, dirt, blood and all, I plop my son's front tooth in my mouth and off we go.

We had never been to this dentist, but he was wonderful!  8:30 on a Sunday night, he met us at his office in shorts and flip flops.  I liked him instantly.  First he discovered that Gabe's lip was not cut, it was ripped, in fact, almost ripped completely through.  Gabe lost 2 teeth - his front tooth and the incisor next to it.  The incisor was a baby tooth, so he wasn't worried about it.  Unfortunately, the front tooth was a permanent tooth.  He asked if we had the missing front tooth, and I spit it into his hand.  He nodded and smiled, then quickly went to work.  He said that hopefully we'd be able to save the tooth.  Tisha showed up at the dentist's office, walked in and started scrubbing up to help the dentist.  This is when I discovered that not only is she an awesome fitness trainer, she's also a part-time dental hygienist.  HA!  Good to know!

Just so you know.... the dentist did say that the best thing to do when you get a tooth knocked out is to put it right back in it's socket and get to a dentist.  The next best thing is what I did, put it in your mouth to keep the tooth at body temperature.  Don't scrub the tooth because you could remove essential cells/tissue, but you may rinse it ever so slightly to remove any debris.  So there you go!  I hope you never need to put that into practice, but remember it, just in case.

I never saw what happened.  As I mentioned, when I turned around my son was already down.  I was told that a line drive was hit up the middle.  My son who played 2nd base, and the short stop, both dove for the ball and collided.  I was told that Gabe caught the ball, but when they collided, he was knocked out, and the ball rolled out of his glove when he hit the ground.  Sadly, they lost the game, and placed 2nd in State.  Bless those boys' hearts.  They told us they tried to win the game for Gabe.  But it was our 4th game of the day in the blazing heat, and I think it kinda knocked the wind out of their sails when they saw Gabe leave the game like that.  They tried, but they just couldn't pull it out, and they were heart-broken.

Well, now it's one year later.  We've been to the dentist, the endodontist and the orthodontist.  We weren't able to save the tooth after all.  It's still in place, but the roots have died.  When he's older, Gabe will need to get an implant.  And one year later, I'm still working with the insurance company on this claim.  UGH!  I don't recall Gabe ever shedding a tear when he was injured, but I think I've shed a few in frustration.

Once again, it's time for the State tournament.  I'm praying the boys do well, and that no one will be injured.  Oh, I'm also praying that I'll soon be able to get everything resolved with the insurance company.