Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
In case you haven't heard..... the Easton Elite 8AAA WON THE WORLD SERIES!!  Yay!  A fellow team mom posted a picture on facebook the other day, and it's so cool.... I thought I'd share.

--- 2 ---
We counted, and the Easton Elite 8AAA have played 65 games this season.  That's a whole lot of baseball people.  You wonder why we call each other family?  When you spend that much time together, you either blow up or get close.  Wednesday, July 4th, officially ended the 2012 season for us, so what on earth do we do with all of our time now?  The withdrawals have already started.  Friday, the 6th, the texts started, and plans were set in motion to get together Saturday, July 7th.  The 7th just so happened to be my baby boy's 9th birthday as well.  So, we had a birthday/cookout/swim/UFC watch party, and we had a great time with our Elite family as usual.  Happy birthday, Gabe!

Actually, We have several July birthdays in our Elite family - Jason, the head coach, and Ty our short stop as well as Ty's twin sister Taylor.    If I missed anyone else, I apologize.  Hope you all had a great birthday, and hope to see you soon!  Sounds like we need another party!!  Oh, and my birthday is in July as well.  =)
--- 3 ---

Jennifer at Conversion Diary shared this video a week or so ago, and I just heard it myself.  I get chill bumps.  I really like this song anyway, but this acapella version...... Amazing! 
--- 4 ---
I started a new feature this week - What the Heck Wednesday.  I received several positive comments about this post, but I'm wondering - should I make it a regular weekly feature?  Do I have enough readers that even care?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  **crickets**  Okay, I guess that answers that.
--- 5 ---
Speaking of readers - May I direct your attention to the right-hand side bar?  You'll notice under the About Me there is now a button that says Follow by Email.  If you'd like, you can become a follower of my blog by entering your e-mail address then pressing Submit.  As a follower you'll automatically receive any new blog posts via e-mail.  I know you can't wait.  Right?  RIGHT??!!
--- 6 ---
So, I've had back issues all week and haven't been able to do much. Thankfully, despite spending hours stooped over working on the team banner and a week in a strange hotel bed, my back decided to seize up two days after returning home. Go figure. I really am thankful that I didn't start having problems while we were in Dallas, because that would have been awful. I'm hoping the worst is behind me, and I'm on the mend. I'm sure Ben and the boys are hoping I'm on the mend as well.   LOL!
--- 7 ---
Cheer Perfection - did anyone see this show? I had planned to watch it, but my back was hurting, so I went to bed early and completely missed it. I know at least one person on that show and the preview was not flattering to her at all. What is your take on the show? Do you have children in the Cheer Time program or know anyone that does? The radio this morning said that our home town is now being referred to as SherWEIRD because of this show. Really? I guess I'll try and catch the rerun because we don't have a DVR. What?!! Did I hear you gasp? Yup - no DVR. I know, I know....
Well, it's getting late, my back is tightening up and I have a bucket of margaritas in the freezer calling my name. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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