Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Wednesday night, I made the first batch of dough for my special chocolate chip cookies using my new KitchenAid mixer.  It took a fraction of the time it normally does, and not once did I have to ask Ben to help me stir.  The dough is now resting safely in the fridge until Saturday.

I need a bigger house!  I'd love to have that bad-boy mixer on the counter standing at the ready anytime the urge might strike to use it.  Sadly, I don't have enough counter space, so I will have to haul that heavy thing out of storage any time I need it.  I'd love to have one of those fancy schmancy kitchens where the KitchenAid has its own cabinet.  You know, you open the cabinet door, slide the shelf out which holds the mixer and use it right where it sits.

This isn't quite what I was talking about, but would certainly work.  I'd just have to find somewhere else to store my pots and pans.  HA!
--- 2 ---
Bitsy is already doing so much better with regard to the impetigo.  The rash she had on her belly is clearing up nicely, and she rarely scratches now.  She's also doing well with the potty training. 

In typical baby fashion, right now she sleeps, eats, poops and plays just a few minutes before sleeping some more.  When she's awake and playing, she's usually a blur of activity, so it's been pretty difficult to get a decent picture.  I'll keep trying though now that I have a new fangled camera. 
--- 3 ---
Speaking of the camera, Ben pulled the new camera out last night and said, "Boy.. this has got too many buttons for me."  LOL!  So, I showed him the 3 buttons he needs to know: on/off, zoom and the picture-taking button.  What is that button called anyway?  (We sound like we stepped right out of a Beverly Hillbillies episode, don't we?)
--- 4 ---
It's so hot here.  As Southerners, we're used to hot weather.  We can take the heat, it's the humidity that makes it unbearable.  Our yard, or should I say our hay field, only has one strip of green grass.  Guess where it is?  Yup - over the septic tank lines.
--- 5 ---
I hate shopping ya'll.  Stop laughing!  I'm serious.  I don't like to shop.  Yet, the new school year is just around the corner.  Although I'll be glad when school starts again, and we're back to a more regular routine, I dread back to school shopping.  I've gotten most of the school supplies, but the clothes....   My boys are so darned picky about what they want, yet they don't want to shop with me.  How can you be so picky when you wear uniforms for pete's sake?!!  
--- 6 ---
Some time ago Jennifer at Conversion Diary posted this video.  I've never personally been to Whole Foods, but thought some of you could relate.    Another reason I hate to shop...
--- 7 ---
I don't know about you, but I sure am glad it's finally Friday.  So, on that note.... enjoy!

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