Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

12 years ago today, we were blessed with a precious, beautiful little boy who is growing into a fine young man.  He's very smart and talented, caring and kind.  He's brought us so much joy, and I have to admit, he certainly keeps us on our toes.  Happy birthday, Garrett!!  We love you, buddy!

--- 2 ---
My prayers go out to everyone in the path of Hurricane Isaac.  I know, all too well, what they're going through.  I lived in South Miami in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew pummelled the area.  In fact, it's hard to believe that it's been 20 years.  August 24th, 1992.  A day I will certainly never forget. 

I've said this prayer many times this past week, "Lord, lay Your hands gently upon us.  Let their touch render Your peace.  Let them bring forgiveness and healing."
--- 3 ---
Week 2 of school is now complete.  Yet, we still have parents that can't figure out how to negotiate the car rider lane.  Seriously??  Here's a clue - follow the other 45 cars in front of you!  UGH!
--- 4 ---

The bathroom redo continues.  How is this possible with such a tiny room?  Well, it's snowballing.  You know how that happens.  Once the color is up, you don't like the finish of the fixtures or the color of the cabinetry or the window treatments, etc.  Well, those are the things I'm working on now.  I don't really have a before pictures other than the one of Garrett painting which shows the old wall color called Southern Pecan.  The existing fixtures are brushed nickel with gold accents.  I will either paint or replace those fixtures.  The current bath vanity golden oak, and it's about to get a make over as well.  Maybe I can show some before pictures of those things.....  I'll keep you posted.
--- 5 ---
I found a new blog, and ya'll this women is ah-mazing.  Thanks to her I've added about 20 more things to my To-Do List.  Even Ben seems quite interested in some of the projects she's done, especially if it's going to save him money.  When you get the chance, go visit Kristi at I Should be Mopping the Floor.
--- 6 ---

Bitsy, the Diva dog, had a vet check up this morning before work.  This puppy has doubled her weight since her last visit a month ago.  She's now 8 pounds.  I thought chi-weenies were little.  HA!  Ben jokes that she's pitbull because she always chomps down on his hand with those needle-like and won't let go.  I doubt she's pitbull, but who knows.  I adopted her from an individual who said she was a chi-weenie, but when I asked if the dachshund daddy was standard or miniature, she said, "The one with the short legs."  I kid you not, folks.  That is a direct quote!  So, who knows what Bitsy's parentage may really be.  The vet is estimating that she may end up being twice the size she is now. 

She was a little nervous about being at the vet's office this morning, so she crawled up and put her head on my shoulder like a baby.  Once she did that, she settled down just fine.  I sat holding her like this for about 10 minutes until the vet arrived.  She's really a sweet girl, when she wants to be.
--- 7 ---
Labor Day weekend is here!  I need a holiday (read:  time off), but I'm a little sad to see this one.  To me, this particular holiday has always meant that summer is officially over.  I'm not ready for that yet.  This year has absolutely flown by, and I want summer to hang around just a little longer. 

I hope you all have a very happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What the Heck Wednesday

I don't have much time today, so let's just jump right into it.  Shall we?

When you think of breakfast, do shoes automatically come to mind?  No?  Oatmeal and raisin ballet flats.  Why?

I'm not sure why this is called Riot Lady dress.  This reminds me of one of those old house dresses my great grandmother used to wear over her normal clothes when she was doing things like plucking chickens.

Paisley paradise pants?  Now I might wear these as jammies.  MIGHT, I said.  But I definitely would not wear them outside.  Ever!  Now that I think about it, I probably wouldn't even wear them as jammies.

This hat brings to mind the maenad in True Blood.  Crazy stuff.

Why is there a zipper running to her arm pits?  Is there a reason for this?  I'd be too afraid of a wardrobe malfunction. 

Okay, this certainly eliminates the worry about a wardrobe malfunction because you're putting 'em out there for all the world to see.  In a PLASTIC dress nonetheless.  What are those, air vents to help alleviate all that sweat I know is accumulating under that plastic??  Tell me you're not supposed to actually allow your bare breasts to protrude?  Really??

Latex wedding dress.... At least you don't have to worry about spilling wine on your wedding dress at the reception..... What is with all the latex stuff I'm seeing??  Why??

Kimono dress, this is a costume, right?  No....  Once you've reached an age with double digits, I think you're too old for a hair bow that stinking large.  I'm loving the knee socks and flip flops.  I wouldn't be able to handle the flip flops with socks.  UGH!  Is this Hirajuku? 

Acid Tongue Angel Flats - These shoes scare me.  They remind me of some sort of freaky caterpillar.  I don't understand the obsession with spikes lately, especially spikes of this size.

I really like the colors of this afghan cardigan, but really?  She looks like she just rolled off the couch and wrapped the blanket around her.  Is it possible to make a structured afghan cardigan? 

What the heck is this?  The latest in redneck gladiator fashion?  Seriously, I'd look like I got into a fight with Edward Scissorhands just trying to put that darned skirt on.

A necktie skirt. Now, while I agree that neckties are often made of nice material that should be recycled in some way, this skirt just isn't it.  It looks like a tree skirt!  Ha!  In fact, notice the Christmas tie?  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ruffles, ruffles everywhere.....  Ever heard the saying less is more?

I'm sure I've already stated many times before that themed shoes for adults are not acceptable anytime.  EVER!

Trashglam zebra bleached dragon denim. Two words..... Trash CAN.

Okay, that's it for today folks.

Happy hump day, ya'll.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Easy Peach Crumble

Over at Confessions of a Semi-Domesticated Mama, she posted a recipe for peach crumble, you can find it here.  Now, I'm not typically one for making pies, I'm more of a brownie person, but this recipe was so easy, and I knew it was something Ben would like, so I thought I'd try it.  In fact, I may or may not have used this recipe to bribe my hubby. 

Here are the cast of characters, so to speak.

Approximately 24 oz. of canned peaches.
1 yellow cake mix
1 cup of brown sugar
1 stick of butter
*Cinnamon & white sugar - optional
  1. Pour peaches and juice into 13x9 baking dish
  2. Cut the peaches into bite size pieces
  3. Sprinkle the dry cake mix over the top of the peaches.
  4. Slice the butter into small pats and layer on top of the cake mix.
  5. Sprinkle the brown sugar over the top of the butter
  6. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes
*I sprinkled a little cinnamon and sugar over the peaches before I added the cake mix.

We had baseball practice that night, so by the time Gabe & I got home from practice, had dinner, etc., it was almost 10pm when I took it this out of the oven.  It smelled fabulous!  But, since it was so late, I only had a small taste as soon as it came of the oven, and it was yummy.  This recipe was a hit with Ben, especially when it's hot with some vanilla ice cream on top.

I told you it was easy, right? I'm not naming any names, but I think even someone who has set their kitchen on fire 3 times in one year, can handle this one - with some supervision, of course.

Sorry, I didn't get better pictures than I did or even one of the completed dish, but I dished up a big bowl for Ben while it was hot and then I remembered I needed a picture.  Ooops!  Let me just say, I was a tired momma, and ready to get some shut eye.

I hope you enjoy this! 

Stayed tuned, I hope to post more recipes soon.

Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

It's been a busy week. 
For those of you that don't know, I'm now on Twitter, and I have no idea what I'm doing. So follow me @Fescovedo, and watch me make a fool of myself. It should be fun.
--- 1 ---
This past weekend, some of the Easton Elite worked at our local Gander Mountain Sporting Goods to raise money for our team.   Gabe and one of his best buds were hamming it up for the camera.  We did quite well afterall, who could resist those sweet faces?
--- 2 ---
Monday, August 20th, my boys started back to school. I had to beg & plead to be allowed to take this picture.  Can you tell by their blinding smiles how thrilled they were to comply? I think I should have put their grade on their notes as well, huh? DUH!
--- 3 ---
Monday afternoon Gabe had a consultation at the eye doctor's office to work on getting his contacts in and out. I was so proud of him, it didn't take him long at all to figure it out. He wore them to baseball practice that night, and said that he really liked them for baseball. He got them out Monday night, but has had trouble getting them back in since. He loses patience too easily. He asks me to help since I've been wearing contacts for decades. However, if I tell him what I think is happening, he argues with me. So, apparently "help" means sit quietly and watch. I guess we'll see how this goes. Hopefully, he'll figure it out. 
--- 4 ---
Tuesday, Gabe and I did a little science experiment using our microwave. This is what we did.
--- 5 ---
We're making progress painting our hall bathroom. When I say "we," obviously I mean primarily ME. The boys will help me for all of about 10 minutes, then they're bored. So, between my broken pinkie toe and torn rotator cuff, the painting has been slow going. (Wow! Garrett really should have brushed his hair).
--- 6 ---
Potty training the little diva dog has had its ups and downs. I'll brag that she's doing so well, then the next day I'll find little puddles all over the house. Patience, I know. Unfortunately, those of you that know me well, know I have very little patience. Good thing she's so stinking cute!
--- 7 ---
The remainder of the week has been relatively uneventful. Thank goodness. I definitely need some down time for a bit. I have a couch loaded down with clean laundry, and apparently, I'm the only one that can put it away.  Lucky me.

We're playing in our first Fall baseball tournament this weekend. We've had to change our plans because the tournament director made the mistake of listing the teams too early. When the other 9 year old teams saw we were in the tournament, they called the director and pulled out of the tournament because they don't want to play us. HA! You can run, but you can't hide..... So, this weekend we're playing in the 10 year old division in a different tournament. At least we're closer to home.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weird Science

Tuesday night, Gabe and I were at a local dollar store when he saw this crystal growing kit.  It was one of those things with two small rocks and a package of what looked to be purple sand.  You mix the sand stuff with hot water and pour it over the small rocks, and crystals are supposed to develop and grow. Well, the image of the crystals on the package reminded me of an experiment I found here.  This experiment is very simple and only requires a bar of Ivory soap and a microwave.  Easy enough.

What we are going to do is turn a bar of soap into foam.  Now, what defines a foam?  A foam is any material, liquid or solid, that traps a gas inside a cell-like structure.  Some examples of foam are whipped cream, shaving cream and Styrofoam.  This experiment will demonstrate closed-cell foam formation, physical change and Charles' Law (No Charles, not you.  I'm referring to Jacques Charles, and yes, I had to google it.) 

What I've read about this indicates this will only work with Ivory soap because other soaps don't contain as much whipped air as Ivory.  I have not yet tested this with other soaps, but that's on my to do list.  So, get a bar of Ivory and cut it into sections.  I cut mine into quarters, but you may want to go smaller depending on the size of your microwave.  Don't use an entire bar of soap as you may end up with a huge mess on your hands.  You've been warned.

Depending on the power of your microwave, the soap will reach its maximum volume within 1 to 2 minutes.  We microwaved ours for 1 minute, and it worked great.  It won't matter if you microwave the soap longer than necessary, nothing will happen once it has reached its full size.  My microwave smelled really clean for hours, though.  Yay!
How does it work?  There are two processes that occur during this experiment.  First, is heating the soap, which softens it. Second, you are heating the air and water in the soap causing the water to evaporate and the air to expand.  The expanding gases push on the softened soap turning the soap to foam.  Microwaving the soap causes a physical change, but there is no chemical reaction.

Charles Law states that the volume of a gas increases with its temperature.  This law is demonstrated when the micro waves heat the soap causing water and air molecules to move faster and farther away from each other which results in the soap foam. 

Allow the soap to cool for a minute or two before touching it.  The soap will feel flaky and brittle, but it's still soap.  You can wet it, and it will lather the same as before.  Now those of you that know my sons won't be surprised by this, but Garrett was really skeptical about using the foam.  He circled around it, checking it out but wouldn't touch it.  Gabe, the fearless, thought it was "way cool," broke off a piece and washed his hands.  When Garrett realized Gabe's hands had no obvious issues after using the soap, he reluctantly decided to try it.  HA!  Boys!

This is a simple project to try, that I thought I'd share.  Thanks to Making Memories One Fun Thing After Another for the idea to try this after reading about her kiddos trying it.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What the Heck Wednesday

Wow!  Another crazy week... Monday the 20th, the kiddos started back to school.  So, we're trying to find our way back into that old familiar groove.  Since, it's back-to-school week, I thought I might revisit some of the fashion from my school days.  Besides, aren't the 80s back in or are they already out again.  I can't keep up...

In the 80s, the philosophy of the time was basically, the bigger the better.  That applied to just about everything:  Hair, shoulder pads, earrings, color, you name it. 

First case in point:

Hair.  Take a look at the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker.  Big hair and a spiral perm.  Yes, I wore that same style once upon a time.  I think late 80s early 90s to be exact.  The bigger the hair, the closer to God.  I think I might be personally responsible for a small hole in the ozone due to my mass consumption of AquaNet hairspray.

To go along with the big hair, you also had scrunchies and banana clips.  You could do a really high pony tail or a side pony.

Humongous shoulder pads.  As you can see, they add a nice, clean line.  However, when you have broad shoulders already, wearing these mongo shoulder pads made you look like a linebacker.   

Neon Clothing.  Oh my goodness!  How we loved the neon stuff!  From bracelets and sunglasses to actual clothing, we wore it all.  It was really cool under a black light at the skate rink.  I think I had the same shirt in two different colors of neon - green and yellow.  Our softball uniforms one year were even polyester dayglo orange.  Those uniforms did not breathe one bit and were extremely hot!  But hey, you couldn't lose us in a crowd.  We should have added some cammo to those uniforms because they were basically hunter's orange.  Yes, that bright!


Hammer pants aka harem pants.  I know I've blasted some vaguely similar pants in previous posts, but what we actually wore and called "hammer pants" were comfy!  I had, or should I say, I wore a pair of my cousins hammeresque (like that word?) pants one time, and they really were comfy.  Of course, I was slim and trim back then and wouldn't think of wearing something like that now.  BTW - anyone notice the ginormous shoulder pads that Hammer had in that yellow jacket? Yup - guys wore them too.

Now, the top photo here is the lovely Rachel Bilson wearing hammer pants reminiscent of what I actually wore back in the day.  Notice the difference?  The pants worn by Rachel Bilson actually have a crotch where it's supposed to be.

Stirrup pants - similar to today's leggings, except they have a fabric strip or stirrup that fit under your foot and holds the pant leg down, oh and the hideous pleated front on this pair.  Stirrup pants were typically worn with either a belted over-sized button down shirt or an oversized sweater.  Maybe even a Cosby sweater, remember those?  Stirrups could be worn with flats, heels or granny boots.  Granny boots were my personal fave.

Oh look!  It's a trifecta:  big hair, popped collars and acid/stone washed.  Acid wash and stone washed denim were all the rage.  No one really wore dark washed denim.  Don't ask me which is in this picture.  I don't remember.  Note the jeans were also very high waisted, typically.  They are the original "mom jean."  LOL!

Thanks to this walk down memory lane, I'm missing the 80s a little (not the fashion, but the memories made).  I'm going to go listen to my 80s rock on Pandora now.

Happy hump day, ya'll.