Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Have you ever seen one of those TV shows about dumb criminals?  Well, I have a story for you.  A local bank downtown was robbed Wednesday morning.  A man tried to cash a check on his own account; however, the account had been closed.  When the teller advised him the account had been closed, he told her he had a gun and also had a bomb strapped to himself.  The teller gave him "an undisclosed amount of money" and the robber fled.  Okay, think about this for a minute, I'll wait......  Do you see the problem?  A little later officers visited the address on his bank account and were able to apprehend the criminal.
--- 2 ---
We finally got some rain late Wednesday night or was it early Thursday morning?  Whatever.  It did cool things off a few degrees, but it's still hot.  This weekend it appears we may have a cold front coming through - the temperature Sunday is forecasted to be only 97 degrees.  Buuurrrr.
--- 3 ---
Thursday morning Ben commented that he thought we might have a "visitor."  "Visitor" is code for a mouse.  A MOUSE!!  I hate those disgusting little crumb snatchers.  So, of course, I started tearing the kitchen apart.  And, yes... we have a mouse.  I did not lay eyes upon said mouse, but I saw the little presents that he left.  Lucky for el raton, I only had two sticky traps in the house or I would have papered the whole dang place.  Stay away from my KitchenAid Mickey, 'cause you will die.  I don't play!

Oh, for anyone who feels compelled to leave a comment about animal rights.... don't.  Be warned that if you leave any kind of message berating me for plotting the death of this flea-bitten vermin, I will pack up this nasty little rodent, and I will drop it off at your house while you're sleeping.  Oh, YES I WILL.  So just don't go there.

--- 4 ---
Bitsy, our new puppy, is such a sweet little girl.  Her skin condition is practically gone, and she gained a whole pound her first week with us.  I think the first week's potty training progress was just a teaser.  Now, at the end of week 2, we take her outside and she'll play and play and play.  As soon as we bring her back inside, she'll go potty on the carpet.  A few days ago, I even caught her inside Travis' kennel about to pee on his bedding.  He must've made her mad.
--- 5 ---
School starts in 2 weeks.  I can't believe it!  I still have not been able to get my sons to try on their school uniforms from last year so I can assess what I might need to buy.  I've threatened to make them wear their jammies to school if they don't try on those uniforms.  They seem unphased.  I think they're calling my bluff.

I feel sure I'll need to buy new uniforms.  I just bought Garrett, my oldest, new tennis shoes about a month ago.  I bought them a 1/2 size too big, or so I thought.  He's already complaining they hurt his toes.  How is it even possible for a boy's foot to grow a whole size in one month?
--- 6 ---
Speaking of new uniforms, is it just me or do the mens synchonized divers seem to be flirting with a wardrobe malfunction?  I swear, they're just one sneeze away from exposing the royal jewels.  Would wearing a pair of trunks that sit just a little higher on the hip really affect your aerodynamics all that much?
--- 7 ---
I'm hoping to paint my hall bathroom this weekend (or at least prime it).  Wish me luck.

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