Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Wow!  Am I glad this week is almost over.  This has been one doozy of a week.  I took our son to the doctor last Monday because he was complaining of a recurring headache.  We didn't get to see our regular pediatrician as she was not in the office.  However, we saw another pediatrician in the same clinic.  He said that he thought Gabe was just having stress headaches caused by sleeping wrong or playing on the computer/game system, etc.  The sleeping wrong, I can totally buy because that child sleeps in some of the strangest positions.  Well, this past weekend, he started complaining of a sore throat and eventually starting running a fever.  

So, exactly one week later, we went back to the doctor.  This time we saw our regular pediatrician, and she immediately diagnosed what I suspected - strep.

Because of all the traveling with Gabe's baseball team, I don't have much vacation time left.  So, Ben agreed to take 1/2 day off on Monday to take Gabriel to the doctor, and then brought him to my office around 1p.m.  Gabe was going to hang out with me at my office for the remainder of the day.  Unfortunately, they forgot Gabe's sore throat lozenges, so he and I walked across the street to a pharmacy on the lower level of the office building next door.  On our way back to my office, Gabe accidentally ran a revolving door over my pinky toe.  O.M.G!  I think I may have blacked out for just a second because I really don't remember what happened.  I don't think I said any bad words, but I can't recall.  I know as soon as we got back to my office, I handed him his PSV game system to play while I propped my foot up and inspected the damage.  There really wasn't anything visible, it was a little red, and you could see where the door scraped across the cuticle and top of my nail, but that's about it.  When I got home I buddy taped the toe and took lots of Tylenol.  By the end of the day, my toe was blue and purple.
--- 2 ---
Tuesday, I stayed home with Gabe since strep is contagious.  I felt fairly confident that my toe was probably broken.  I didn't think they did much more than buddy tape broken toes, but I decided to call the doctor just to see if there was possibly something else I needed to do.  He asked that I come in because depending on how it was broken, they might need to reset it.  Thank Goodness they didn't need to reset it, because I cannot begin to imagine how painful that would have been.  But, yes, my toe is fractured on the side of the toe right up around where the nail cuticle is.  So, I'm now in a walking boot.  Yay!!

Tuesday was also the Elite's first practice for fall ball.  Unfortunately, Gabe missed it because of the strep.

--- 3 ---
Wednesday we had some major storms blow through between 5 and 6:30p.m.  Wednesday is also the night of Gabe's lesson with his trainer.  About 15 minutes into his lesson, the power starts flickering on and off.  Eventually we lost power completely, so we packed up and left. 

At 6p.m. the phone calls started.  I think I've mentioned that one of the buildings that I manage is a high-rise office building in the downtown area.  Apparently, with those storms were some straight-line winds that ripped off a large section of the rubber membrane on my building roof, a rooftop air conditioning unit was just tossed aside and slammed into a cell tower on the top of the building, and about 3,000+ sq feet of the penthouse was flooded due to the roof damage. 

See what I mean about this being a bad week?
--- 4 ---
Thursday, I decided I should just duck and cover until the weekend arrives.  Other than learning that Bitsy, our new chi-weenie, has tape worms, Thursday was consumed by cleanup and repairs, meetings with contractors and insurance adjusters, etc.

We were supposed to finish up Gabe's lesson with his trainer, but our signals were confused and the trainer and I thought the lesson was at different times.  Oh well....
--- 5 ---
This morning, I took Bitsy to be weighed and treated for worms before work.  Now, I'm praying the remainder of the day will be uneventful.  Please, Lord?!
--- 6 ---
TGIF!  Come on 5p.m.!!
--- 7 ---
Needless to say, my hall bathroom did not get painted nor primed.  I'll try again this weekend.  Wish me luck.

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