Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
This has been a crazy week.  My boys start school on the 20th, so this week has been a whirlwind of last-minute prep.  We've also had baseball practice, we've been priming the hall bath and still trying to potty train the Diva dog.

--- 2 ---
Monday all of us had eye appointments.  I want to know how it's possible for me to be near sighted, but still needed glasses to read.  That's just so unfair!  Although Gabe's prescription didn't change, he picked out some stylish new frames.  Let's face it, his current pair have been through the wringer.  Nine-year-old boys aren't known to be careful with anything

We're trying to get Gabe set up with contacts.  Right now he's having issues putting them in.  But I know he'll eventually figure it out.  I know he's young, but I remember trying to play ball in glasses, and quite frankly, it sucked!  My glasses were constantly sliding down my sweaty nose, falling off, fogging up, etc.

--- 3 ---
Wednesday Gabe got his braces off and they did the mold for his retainer, and we picked up the retainer this morning.  The front tooth that was knocked out last year (and the reason for the braces in the 1st place) has discolored slightly since it's dead. But he still has a sweet little smile.  Thursday we picked up his new glasses. Look out ladies!!  This is one handsome little fella!  (Excuse the crappy cell phone pic!  My cell is all I had with me at the time.)

--- 4 ---
As I mentioned, we primed the hall bathroom, and last night I actually started painting it.  I let Ben pick out the wall paint, and well, he chose a color similar to a powder blue.  Hmmm.....  Not my choice of colors, but hey!  Compromise, right?  Now I have to figure out what color to the paint the vanity that is currently golden oak, and what do I want to do with the fixtures and hardware?  Decisions, decisions! 

--- 5 ---
The AR Easton Elite will be at Gander Mountain and Ft. Thompson Sporting Goods this Saturday and Sunday selling raffle tickets for a Summit Viper SD climber tree stand and a Bowtech Assassin Compound Bow.  Come by and see us and help support the AR Easton Elite, 2012 8U USSSA World Series Champions!
--- 6 ---
Even though this week was busy, I'm struggling for blog-worthy material.  I'm sure you could tell.  Sorry.   I'll stop now.
--- 7 ---
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