Thursday, August 16, 2012

What the Heck Wednesday.... on Thursday

Sorry I'm so late with this post.  It's been a busy week with eye appointments for all 4 of us, orthodontist appointments, baseball practice, priming the hall bathroom for new paint, and trying to potty train the little diva dog.  I'm one tired Momma.  I actually did try to post this yesterday, but all of my research mysteriously disappeared.  Bummer.

Many of you know that I'm currently wearing a surgical shoe due to a recent injury in which a certain child of mine (Gabriel) rolled a revolving door over my pinkie toe and broke it.  Early last week I was actually in a large walking boot since I already owned one from a previous injury. (I told ya'll getting old is not for sissies!)  However, after lugging that 20 pound monster (okay 10) around for a week, I decided the surgical shoe the doctor recommended might not be so bad.  So, this is what I've been styling since last Friday.  Sexy, I know....

Now since I've been stuck in a walking boot/surgical shoe for 2 weeks now, pretty much all I can think about are shoes.  So, let's revisit shoes, shall we?

Does anyone else have images of Johnny Depp's mad hatter dancing around wearing these purple boots?   

Not only are these cow-hide clogs hideous, what on earth makes one think that holey nylons would be attractive.  If these shoes were some sort of goth monstrosity with spikes and chains and other such nonsense, then the shredded hosiery would be more appropriate.

I saw another pair of shoes where the shoes weren't too awful, but the bare-legged model definitely needed a shave.  Now, I would think that if you're going to be a bare-legged model, you might want to make sure you're not sportin' a pelt.  Just sayin' (Unless of course you're a hemp wearing, crunchy type, in which case, carry on.)

Jelly shoes... didn't we cover those in a previous post?  Standing in a mud puddle created by my own sweat and blisters from Hell.... 'nuff said.
For some reason, these clogs remind me of Mr. Tumnus from the Narnia movies.

I love a good PB&J.... but it belong on my plate, not on my feet.  Folks, these shoes are sized for a woman!  a size 10, nonetheless.  Why oh why would a grown woman wear these?  Or kitty shoes, panda shoes, Minnie mouse shoes or PB&J shoes??  Character shoes are for CHILDREN!!  Yes, that includes Zombie or superhero shoes too.  You're grown!  Deal with it!  Black & white converse with a suit?  Ok.  Yoda on your shoes?  NO!

BF Goodrich shoes?  They should stick to making tires.

Now these shoes appear to be a bit schizoid.  What's with all the feathers and foolishness?  Are they boots, shoes, sandles, what??  I'm so confused.  Whatever they are, they're ugly.

The description on these shoes cracks me up.  "Women's shabby studded shoes wedge Parisian french country Paris couture English fabric rose french market."  Wow....  Think English might not be their first language? Maybe they were just trying to include every word they thought someone might include in their search for "fancy shoes."  LOL!  Are those gold-toned thumb tacks on there?

Nothing says sexy like crystal hearts, chains and spikes. Woo hoo!

Sorry, folks.  That's all I've got today.  I told ya, I'm one tired Momma.  Hopefully, I'll get Friday's Quick Takes up some time Friday.