Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What the Heck Wednesday

Wow!  Another crazy week... Monday the 20th, the kiddos started back to school.  So, we're trying to find our way back into that old familiar groove.  Since, it's back-to-school week, I thought I might revisit some of the fashion from my school days.  Besides, aren't the 80s back in or are they already out again.  I can't keep up...

In the 80s, the philosophy of the time was basically, the bigger the better.  That applied to just about everything:  Hair, shoulder pads, earrings, color, you name it. 

First case in point:

Hair.  Take a look at the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker.  Big hair and a spiral perm.  Yes, I wore that same style once upon a time.  I think late 80s early 90s to be exact.  The bigger the hair, the closer to God.  I think I might be personally responsible for a small hole in the ozone due to my mass consumption of AquaNet hairspray.

To go along with the big hair, you also had scrunchies and banana clips.  You could do a really high pony tail or a side pony.

Humongous shoulder pads.  As you can see, they add a nice, clean line.  However, when you have broad shoulders already, wearing these mongo shoulder pads made you look like a linebacker.   

Neon Clothing.  Oh my goodness!  How we loved the neon stuff!  From bracelets and sunglasses to actual clothing, we wore it all.  It was really cool under a black light at the skate rink.  I think I had the same shirt in two different colors of neon - green and yellow.  Our softball uniforms one year were even polyester dayglo orange.  Those uniforms did not breathe one bit and were extremely hot!  But hey, you couldn't lose us in a crowd.  We should have added some cammo to those uniforms because they were basically hunter's orange.  Yes, that bright!


Hammer pants aka harem pants.  I know I've blasted some vaguely similar pants in previous posts, but what we actually wore and called "hammer pants" were comfy!  I had, or should I say, I wore a pair of my cousins hammeresque (like that word?) pants one time, and they really were comfy.  Of course, I was slim and trim back then and wouldn't think of wearing something like that now.  BTW - anyone notice the ginormous shoulder pads that Hammer had in that yellow jacket? Yup - guys wore them too.

Now, the top photo here is the lovely Rachel Bilson wearing hammer pants reminiscent of what I actually wore back in the day.  Notice the difference?  The pants worn by Rachel Bilson actually have a crotch where it's supposed to be.

Stirrup pants - similar to today's leggings, except they have a fabric strip or stirrup that fit under your foot and holds the pant leg down, oh and the hideous pleated front on this pair.  Stirrup pants were typically worn with either a belted over-sized button down shirt or an oversized sweater.  Maybe even a Cosby sweater, remember those?  Stirrups could be worn with flats, heels or granny boots.  Granny boots were my personal fave.

Oh look!  It's a trifecta:  big hair, popped collars and acid/stone washed.  Acid wash and stone washed denim were all the rage.  No one really wore dark washed denim.  Don't ask me which is in this picture.  I don't remember.  Note the jeans were also very high waisted, typically.  They are the original "mom jean."  LOL!

Thanks to this walk down memory lane, I'm missing the 80s a little (not the fashion, but the memories made).  I'm going to go listen to my 80s rock on Pandora now.

Happy hump day, ya'll.