Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What the Heck Wednesday

Sorry - I 'm late getting this posted.  It's been a week from... well, let's just say it's been a rough one so far, and it's only Wednesday. 

I think we've all been a little obsessed with the Olympics (well, everyone but me.)  I may be the only person that lost interest mid-way through the 1st week.  Since the Olympics are coming to a close, I thought we'd show our true colors.  Yup, that's right.  We're going to look at patriotic clothing.

Surprisingly, it took me a while to find some little gems.  What initially popped up during my search was mostly clothing for children, and quite honestly, a great deal of it was absolutely precious!  So, it really took some time to come up with some items I thought you'd enjoy.

Let me just say that I'm not a big fan of wearing a US flag.  I just find it a tad disrespectful.  I believe there are ways to show your patriotism without plastering a flag all over your body.  Now, that being said, I suppose I should provide some examples of what I might wear.  Here you go: 

I love this outfit, and I'd wear it with some cute, but simple, flats.
 I see this classic shirt dress with a navy colored clutch bag.

Cute, right?  Add some red flats.  Yes, I wear flats quite often.  I'm old and have issues with my feet.  You younger girls will have problems too, eventually, if you continue to wear sky-high stilettos.  Trust me.

Now, let's take a look at some things that are a little more... ??  Let's just take a look.  Shall we?
Pets.  Really?? Folks, your pets don't have to be dressed up for every single holiday.  Why are you torturing this poor animal?  We only dress our dog up in his football jersey for special Razorback games.  LOL!

A light-up patriotic dog dress.  Okay, if you have to light up your dog to keep up with it, maybe you should just use a leash.  Just sayin'.


These pants were actually described as "all time greatest pair of pants."   I think these pants were stolen from the circus guy who walks on stilts.  Isn't the circus referred to as the greatest show on earth?  Well, they're missing their "greatest pants."

When you have to pull the stars and bars out of your crack... totally inappropriate.

Themed sweater vests are never fashionable.  NEVER!
Men's patriotic pants.  Oh my.... these are so sad.  I see Mr. Roper from Three's Company.  Anyone else having flashbacks now?
Denim bib overall jumper dress.  There are so many things wrong with this, I don't even know where to begin. It's hard to see, but the print on the skirt says, "Go Vote."  I vote that this jumper dress should be banned!
This shirt reminds me of those green stamp books my mother and grandmother used to have.  I remember sticking stamp after stamp into those darned books.  When the pages were filled up, they looked really similar to this, except green of course.
Patriotic decoupage denim.  Doesn't decoupage involve using something akin to glue?  Seems like that would make these jeans really stiff and uncomfortable in addition to ugly.
Notice how the stars are strategically placed on this oversized sweater?  Now that's classy.
Men's rash guard shirt.  This gives me the hives just looking at it.
Can you believe Christmas is only a little over 4 months away?  This skirt reminds me of a Christmas tree skirt that a family member uses. 
Obama??  Oh NO!  Did you notice this is a scrub shirt?

Okay, people.  I think I've done enough damage for today.  So, I'll leave you with a few more examples of what is patriotic appropriate.  Yes, I just made that up.

This is super cute.  Add a cute cardigan or maybe a denim jacket and some pretty flats or sandals, and you're set.

Take the eyelet off this, and you've got a really cute gingham dress.
What a cutie patootie! Right?   
I have to admit, I am a little excited about watching the Olympics tonight.  Women's beach volleyball - USA going for gold against USA.  What an amazing thing.  I'm pulling for Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings to take the gold.  This may be their last year together, and I'd like to see them finish at the top of their game.  Go USA!

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!