Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
As I mentioned Wednesday, I had both hands in braces earlier in the week due to carpal tunnel issues.  Thursday was the 1st day I've gone without wearing any brace at all.  It was also the first day I've worn a regular shoe, and not my surgical boot, to work (remember the broken toe?).  Yay!  Gosh I sound pathetic, don't I?
--- 2 ---
There are a few things I've been working on lately. 

--- 3 ---

The Air Show at the Little Rock Air Force Base is this weekend.  Although we don't live in Jacksonville, where the base is located, we are relatively close to the flight pattern.  The Blue Angels have been in town, and have been practicing in the mornings.  Early.

If you've never been to the Air Show, you need to go.  Gates open at 8:30, and admission is free.  Lanes into the base will be backed up so plan ahead, and get there early to avoid long waits.  I must admit, even though I live close, I haven't been since the late 80s.  The main thing I remember about my last Air Show was being on the tarmack with my friends, many of whom were members of the military, with our arms around each other, tears streaming, singing along to Lee Greenwood's live performance of God Bless the USA.  Moving stuff, I tell ya! 

--- 4 ---
My son's team is playing baseball again this weekend.  It's sad, but all of the teams our age run from us.  They tell the various Tournament Directors, if the Elite plays in the tournaments, they won't.  So, we're forced to play in the 10 year old division.  Don't get me wrong, we can hang with the 10 year old teams.  The 10 year olds beat us in our last tournament, but they had to put in their ace pitchers to do it.  Yes, the Elite are a good team, but we're not invincible.  We can be beaten.  So, I'd like to ask these other teams:  Why do you assume you won't beat us?  Why do you run?  Why won't you even try?  How are you ever going to improve if you don't challenge yourselves?  What are you teaching your boys when you run from a challenge?  Sure, we all like to win, we like the nice shiny trophies on the shelf.  However, if we don't challenge ourselves, we won't improve and then those wins and trophies will soon be fewer and farther between.  Remember, the difference between you and us is how hard we work for what we want.  Comfort breeds complacency and mediocracy.
As one of our Elite moms said, "we'll be pulling on our big boy pants again this weekend."  Maybe you should try a pair on for a change.   Just sayin'.
--- 5 ---
This week the temps have been back in the upper 90s and low 100s.  Although I'm not ready to see summer go, I'm looking forward to some cooler temps - no colder than lows of 60s though.  At least this weekend it's supposed to drop back down to highs of 80s.  So, it won't be so hot for the boys when they're playing baseball.  Yay!
--- 6 ---
Weather?  Really??  Can you tell I'm running out of material?  I'll stop now.
--- 7 ---
Have a great weekend!

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