Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Tuesday was Ben and my 13th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe we've been married for 13 years.  Wow!  I've been so busy lately and haven't felt well because of this crud I'm fighting, I completely forgot it was our anniversary until I got up Tuesday morning and found a card from him leaning against the coffee pot.  I felt horrible.  Of course, I boo-hooed.

Later that night he informed me that the previous night I didn't let anyone sleep.  Apparently, my snoring kept everyone awake.  Ahh... the romance.
--- 2 ---
Tuesday was a memorable day for another reason.  My youngest wears a retainer due to an accident he had last year.  Anyway, he called me at 3:15 Tuesday afternoon and said "Momma, I just realized I threw my retainer in the trash at lunch."  Uh, oh..... his brand new retainer he's had a little more than a month.  He and I donned our nastiest clothes ever, rubber boots and rubber gloves and headed to the school in search of the retainer.  Luckily, the school had agreed not to throw all of the cafeteria trash in the dumpster, so at least we didn't have to do an actual dumpster dive.  After searching through 5 bags full of Frito chili pie and sweet corn, we found the retainer.  Needless to say, neither one of us was interested in having the taco salad I had planned for dinner that night.  UGH!
--- 3 ---
I'm so glad the new kitchen curtains are done.  Yes, BOTH of the windows have now been finished.  Yay!

Now on to the hall bathroom.  I was so pleased with the way the cafe curtains turned out in the kitchen, I'm going to do a set for the bathroom as well.  Our hall bath is so small and dark, we need more light, and I think cafe curtains will fill the bill nicely.  Ben doesn't think we need a valance in the bathroom, so I'm willing to try his way first.  We'll see.  Here's a sneak peak at the fabric.

We need to finish painting some shelving, touch up the trim and the paint the ceiling, and we'll finally be done with the bathroom.  In the future, I must remember that Ben is not allowed to cut in around the ceiling unless the ceilings are taped first.  Thankyouverymuch!
--- 4 ---
Sorry, I didn't get a WTHW post up again this week.  It's been a crazy week.  Hopefully next week we should be back on schedule.  I stress the word SHOULD.
--- 5 ---
The Elite are scheduled to play baseball this weekend.  Let's pray rain doesn't interfere again.  We really need to get some real play time in before heading to Fall Nationals.  At least at Fall Nationals, we'll be able to play in our own age group instead of having to play the 10-year-old teams.
--- 6 ---
TGIF!!  Am I right??  Have a great weekend everyone!  I hope all my Arkansas peeps are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we're having lately.
--- 7 ---
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