Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
It's budget crunch time, and work has been a little hectic lately (mainly because of my propensity to procrastinate).  I have three of my own budgets to prepare, in addition to helping some others with their budgets.  As of Thursday, the budgets are DONE!  Do you hear me??  THEY.ARE.DONE!  Woo hoo! Happy Dance!
--- 2 ---
If you've been around me at all the last few weeks, read my facebook or twitter posts, etc., then you know I've been stricken with the plague.  Well... the doctor assured me it's not actually the plague, and I will live - there for a while, I had my doubts.  I got the "double barrel" shot treatment as he called it, meaning I got a shot of both antibiotic and steroids.  He seemed a little surprised that I actually requested the antibiotic shot rather than an oral med, but I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Let's get this show on the road to wellness! 
--- 3 ---
The diagnosis?  A sinus infection.  I suffer from terrible seasonal allergies.  (Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that I'm allergic to oak trees, and I live in a state completely covered with them??)  I was allergy tested back in the early 90s and had the shot therapy for a few years.  The doctor said he would like to have me retested.  He also stated that the clinic now has a new program for those with allergies, where they will teach us to give ourselves the allergy shots at home.  In the "olden days" when I was taking the shot therapy, I'd have to pay a co-pay each time I went for a shot.  In addition to the exorbitant cost, the doctor mentioned that they have issues with folks coming on a consistent basis for their shots, which really negates the treatment.  So, they've developed this at-home program.

I do have a concern about possibly having a reaction at home.  I had a reaction to an allergy shot once at the doctor's office, and if I remember correctly, it was not an increased dose, but that was 20+ years ago, so who knows for sure.  The doctor assured me that with the at-home program, you're started off with a lesser dose than you would have at the clinic.  Each time your dosage is increased, that shot would be given at the clinic in case of a reaction.  While I was typing this post, I received a call from the clinic and was able to ask a few more questions.  I was told that I would be taught how to recognize a reaction, what to do in the event of a reaction and I would also be given a prescription for an epi-pen to have on-hand just in case. 

If that's the case, I'm certainly interested, but will check into it further before I decide either way.  Have any of you ever participated in an at-home allergy therapy treatment?  If so, I'd love to hear about your experience.
--- 4 ---
This past weekend, my youngest son's baseball team, the AR Easton Elite, played in a Fall State Warm Up tournament.  As I've mentioned numerous times in the past, our 9AAA team is not allowed to play in our own age and division, because the other 9 year old teams don't want to play us.  Therefore, we have to play up in the 10 AA division.  This past weekend, we came in 2nd to a team called the Blaze who is ranked 10AA.  Now, rumor has it the Blaze has at least 5 or more major players on their team.  Since you don't have to post a team roster in the fall, and they're a new team, they've been allowed to remain in the 10AA division.  They are NOT a AA or even a AAA team, they are MAJOR team and should be ranked as such. 

The boys are being goofy.
This coming weekend, the Elite are headed to Southhaven, MS, to play in the Fall National tournament.  We are finally going to be able to play other 9AAA teams.  Thank goodness!  Wednesday, we had a practice game against a local team that was just bumped up to 9AAA, and honestly, we did not hit well.  Our boys are used to hitting against older boys, so when they face a slower pitcher, they struggle.  We still beat this team 9-1.  Will a season of playing up help us or hurt us at the Fall Nationals?  Time will tell.

In the meantime, keep all of these boys and their families in your prayers as they travel to and from their destination and play their little hearts out on the field.  I also pray that we, as adults, remember we are setting examples for our children and we must be mindful of our words and behaviour.  Our children are little sponges.  They are watching and listening, and they are soaking it all in.  Trust me, this is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  I'm not known to hold my tongue, and often I have no filters at all.  Not to mention, fighting this plague has made me quite irritable as well...  So, a prayer or two for me would be appreciated as well, please and thanks!
--- 5 ---
Thursday was my Friday, and it was a cuh-ray-zee day.  Trying to get lose ends tied up at work before I left, trying to make sure the house is picked up (and let's face it that's a never-ending battle), the laundry is done, shopping has been done for the trip, everyone is packed, etc.  See?  Cuh-ray-zee! 

As hectic as these trips are, we really enjoy spending time with our Elite family.  I always talk about what a fabulous group of boys they are, but the parents are just as awesome!  The apples don't fall far from the trees, right?  We have a few spats here and there, but what family doesn't?  We say our piece, we forgive, we move on.  Family.  Most of the boys consider themselves brothers, they love the younger siblings and the older siblings... well, they often have to photo bomb to be in the pictures.  LOL!  We celebrate victories and more.
--- 6 ---
I have to finish some last minute stuff before we head out the door.  Oh, and anyone thinking about breaking in while we're gone.  Fuhgetaboutit!  Our home is being watched by several brothers and brothers in law, who really love their fire arms and have been looking for some extra target practice.  I'm not joking.
--- 7 ---
TGIF, ya'll!!  Go Elite!  Go 77!  Let's roll.

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