Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Well, this past weekend the Elite played in the Fall Nationals in Southhaven, MS.  In looking at the teams in the tournament, there wasn't a team there that should beat us.  Saturday, the boys went 3-0 in pool play.  We won our pool and earned one of 4 slots in the Championship bracket.  All was going well.  Then came Sunday, and the rain.  I have no idea what happened to our boys.  Did we take the opposing team for granted?  Maybe, but that doesn't account for the kind of errors made.  I've never seen these boys play so badly.  I think the rain played a major roll, but whatever the reason, we lost Sunday and placed 3rd in the Fall Nationals.

These boys are very good little ball players, and because they are so talented, I think we often forget they're only 9.  Actually only a few of the boys are 9, most of them are still 8 years old.  It's rare that you see a team of 8 year olds who can play better than most 10 year old teams.  These boys can and do on a regular basis.  But, again, they're just little boys.  They're going to make mistakes.

They had a fabulous 2012 season; placing 1st in the State of AR and 2nd in the Nation overall in our division despite being forced to play in a higher age bracket, and, lest ye forget - THEY WON THEIR WORLD SERIES, BABY!!!  Now at the beginning of the 2013 season, we placed 3rd in Fall Nationals.  I see wonderful things ahead for this team.  Win or lose, I'm so very proud of these boys.
Baseball is now over for us until January, and off-season training begins.  As crazy busy as we are because of baseball, we're lost without it, and we're missing our Elite family a little already.  Besides, what will we do with all of the free time?
--- 2 ---
Oh, yea.... basketball will start soon.  My youngest plays basketball as well as baseball.   Some of the coaches and league personnel have seen my oldest son play, and asked if he was going to sign up.  They said he's good.  Unfortunately, Garrett doesn't have any interest in playing.  I'm a little bummed about this.  I wish I could get him interested in some sport.  He used to play baseball, but decided this year that he didn't want to play anymore.  Maybe he'll find something he likes, track maybe?  He's fast.  I know, "leave it alone Mom."
--- 3 ---
The bad thing about travelling so much is that my house is a mess for several days after we returned.  I usually have a ton of laundry to do anyway, and travelling just seems to multiply that.  Add the rain from this past weekend, and there's even more I have to wash.  I also tend to over pack, and I think it was Wednesday when I was finally able to get everyone to unpack their bags (which were still sitting in the living room), put away their clean clothes and put the bags away.  It seems like I always have laundry sitting on the coach waiting to be put away.  I need a better system.  Better yet, I need my family to pick up after themselves or I need a live in housekeeper.  I think the chances of either happening are pretty slim.
--- 4 ---
I may have mentioned that I took Miss Bitsy, the Diva Dog, to the vet last Friday.  At 16 weeks old, she now weighs almost 14 pounds and has possibly reached 1/2 of her adult size.  What??  She's supposed to be a Chi-Weenie - that's a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix.  My husband swears she's a pit bull, just because she chews on everything and has tiny piranha-like puppy teeth.  Oddly enough, a few days ago a utility worker knocked on our door, and Bitsy ran out to greet him.  He actually asked me if she was a pit puppy.  He said he used to raise pit bulls, and she looked like a pit puppy.  Gee, thanks.  NO!  She's not a pit!  She's a giant, mutant Chi-Weenie.  Although, when I asked the previous owner if Bitsy was part miniature dachshund or standard, she said "the one with the short legs."  Umm, yeah.  I'm serious.  So, who knows.  Any bets on how big she's going to get?   
--- 5 ---
I'm hoping to make some changes to the blog.  Since I'm basically computer illiterate, there may be some issues, so please bear with me.  If any of you would like to offer some free blog tech-support, I'd be very appreciative.  Thanks.
--- 6 ---
I'm so happy that it's Friday. Can I get an Amen?  I'm hoping to finish the hall bathroom and get my house back in some semblance of order.  We're also going to celebrate a few family birthdays this weekend.  It's the first time we've been able to get everyone together in ages, so we'll be celebrating my oldest son's August birthday along with 3 other family birthdays, including my sweet mama's birthday.  I plan on doing some baking for the birthday get together.  Temps are going to be colder this weekend, so maybe something pumpkin??   Mmmmmm.  I'll keep you posted.
--- 7 ---
I know I've shared this before, but it so totally matches my mood right now...  It's Finally Friday!!  Enjoy!

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