Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Off-season means D1 again for Gabe.  Strength and agility training.  Yeah, boy!  He quickly remembered that wall sits suck, and your arms actually can feel like they're going to fall off.  Bless his heart.  Gabe said that by this Sunday, all of the boys are supposed to be able to do a wall sit for 2 minutes.  That's a long time, but he's been working on it.  When he does them properly 30 to 45 seconds is about all he can manage.  Who am I kidding, it's about all I can handle too!  Obviously, in the picture above, he wasn't doing them properly, but he was suffering nonetheless.

Pushing the crate doesn't seem as difficult as it was last year.
--- 2 ---
Monday was a check up with the orthodontist for Garrett.  Although Garrett has lost 4 teeth recently, it wasn't enough.  Apparently he had a total of 12 baby teeth that he needed to lose, so now we have 8 to go.  Wow!  That's a whole lot of teeth.  We go back in 6 months for another evaluation.

So, in celebration of no braces, Monday night the boys and I made pumpkin spice rice crispy treats.  I know you must be kicking yourself if you missed that, so you can read about here.  Believe it or not, Garrett actually wanted braces, so I guess I'm celebrating not having to spend that money yet.
--- 3 ---
So, I'm thinking of getting a 2nd job. Anyone have any suggestions?  Obviously, I would have to work nights and weekends.  Are there any stores that pay better or have better employee discounts than others?  Kohls, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Academy Sports, Walmart?  We spend quite a bit at Walmart, so I'm sure the 10% discount would be helpful.  Do they get 10% on groceries as well or just non-food purchases?  I'll have to check on that.  Kohls and WalMart are probably the closest to home besides restaurants.  I'm not real sure I want to wait tables though.  I'm open to suggestions, part-time job offers and gifts of money.  LOL!
--- 4 --- 
I don't like fall.  I know, I know.  Crazy right?  I tend to get the "blahs" in the fall and winter months.  I think that's what I'm going through now.  Yesterday I was having a pity party - nothing seems to be going right, money is tight, my home is always in chaos, I'm taken for granted, etc.  I know it's just a phase, and this too shall pass.  I say to myself, "suck it up, Buttercup."  I'm a working mom, and I feel sure we all feel this way at one time or another.  But I'm tired.

Yesterday, I almost burst into tears at work when my youngest called to remind me of his Fall Carnival at school.  I was actually hoping he had forgotten about it.  I had a nagging headache all day and was still in full pity party mode, so I told I told him we'd talk about it later.  Once I picked up both boys, they both began to hound me about the carnival, so I told them they would have to convince their dad to take them, and they would have to use their own money.  Yup - Mom of the Year, right here, folks.  Ben grudgingly took them, and although my headache was still hanging on, I took the opportunity to change the sheets on our bed, sweep and vacuum, do three loads of laundry, etc.  I don't think I even sat down the entire 2-1/2 hours they were gone. 

The boys walked in shortly after 8p.m. just bubbling with excitement and burdened with their haul.  My oldest walked up and shoved a pan of cupcakes in my face and proudly announced, "See what I won for you mom?"  Yup - See what I mean?  Mom of the Year, I tell ya.  The rest of the evening was spent snuggling with the boys and talking about their night.
--- 5 --- 
I'm hoping to get quite a few things accomplished this weekend.  I want to clean out my closet and take what I can to Goodwill.  I was hoping to have a yard sale some time soon, but it doesn't look like that will happen.  So, I have a TON of stuff that I needs to go away.  Exciting stuff I know... 
--- 6 ---
I read Jennifer's Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary, and she mentioned a book that she recommended some time ago entitled Organizing Solutions for People with ADD.  This reminded me that after reading her recommendation, I bought the book.  Now, where is it??  Welcome to my world.
--- 7 ---

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