Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What the Heck Wednesday

It's been cold here lately.  I'm sure many of you live in areas where there has already been cold temps for some time now.  I live in the South.  Our weather is schizo.  One day there's a high of 85, the next it's only 50.  It's gotten so cold recently, that I'm already sleeping in sweat pants because I refuse to turn my heat on in October.  I REFUSE!  I hate the cold winter months, but I love fall fashion.   Maybe some day we'll talk about some acceptable fashion on WTHW.  In the meantime......  

Now with colder temps, you start seeing more large sweaters with leggings.  If you're going to wear leggings as pants, they should be worn with a top long enough to cover certain areas, if you know what I mean.  Patterned leggings can be cute; however, avoid any patterned leggings with a large design on your crotch or where the pattern appears to create an arrow right at your lady bits. 

Oxblood is a popular color this fall, and a shirt dress is always a classic.  However, when you can't bend over without flashing everyone, it's NOT a shirt dress, it's a SHIRT!  Just sayin'.

Now this is just scary!  Again, I thought it was a costume, but nooooo.  People actually wear this stuff??  Seriously??

This is a wool "octo" skirt.  How is the wool supposed to keep you warm when you've ripped it to shreds?  Why would you do this?  This skirt actually reminds me, I need to wash my car.

These boots are just crazy.  I wish I could have copied the front view, because from the front, they look like hooves.
Hiker boots with a twist.  That's a twisted ankle, I'm sure.

I have to admit that I actually like this maxi.  My main complaint about this is that she's not wearing a bra, and you can see her ummm.....nipples.  Being the southern girl I am, we were taught that no self-respecting girl goes braless in public, nor does she wear a thin skirt or dress without a slip if there's even a remote chance the skirt might be see-through.

I know color-blocking is all the rage now, but I'm not sure how anyone would think this is flattering.  It looks like someone cut a head hole into a table cloth.

A flask garter, now that could come in handy, except the flask is sold separately.  Why would anyone need this?  Really?  I can pretty much guarantee, that if it's cold enough for me to need a flask, I won't be wearing a skirt.
I, umm..... ehhh.  Nevermind.  ***Face in palm***
This looks like someone just wrapped a sheet around themselves.  Not flattering at all.  I really I hope I have better friends than these folks do.  Surely my friends would say, "Ummmm... NO!  This really doesn't do anything for you.  You should probably try something else."  I know at least one of my friends would say, "What the Hell is that?"  LOL!

I know corsets are supposed to cinch in your waist and give you a more defined waist; however, when it pushes the fat up and out elsewhere, it defeats the purpose.  Well, unless of course, your intention was to create back boobs.  
Now, what I've shown you today wasn't too traumatic.  Scratch that!  I think the image of those pantyhose is burned into my retina.  So, I feel the need to cleanse the optic pallet so to speak.  So feast your eyes on these lovelies.  I really, really want these!

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!