Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Again, another long week.  I really should start keeping a list of blogworthy items for my quick takes so you will have something remotely entertaining to read.  Because today??  Meh....
--- 2 ---
As I mentioned last week, I had an allergy test done, and it appears that perhaps I should live in a bubble.  The cost of immunotherapy is expensive, but I've decided to go ahead with the treatment.  I'm really hoping it will make me feel better overall. 

Wednesday I picked up my prescription of syringes and two Epipens.  I was trying to explain to my sons about the Epipen, and I'm a little concerned that they will be able to administer the Epipen should the need arise.  When asked, Garrett didn't respond and my Gabe changed the subject.  (Now that I think about it, I wonder if Ben would even be able to give me a shot, he's fairly squeamish.  Uh oh.... )  A little while later, Gabe and I were talking about something else, and he said, "Oh by the way, mom, if you need me to do the Epipen thing, I would do it for you." 

On the way home from trick or treating, my husband was teasing the boys about saving mom's life, and Gabe said, "you know, maybe we shouldn't be talking about this.  We don't want mom to get scared about taking her shots because hopefully they'll make her feel better."  That's my sweet boy.
--- 3 ---

Speaking of my sweet boy, this is what he decided to be for Halloween.  Not sure what it is, but it reminds me of those crazy little sand people in Star Wars. 

Garrett said he wasn't going to dress up, but at the last minute had a change of heart.  At 12, he's at the awkward age when dressing up isn't really cool.  But, hey!  FREE CANDY!  So he threw on a plaid shirt, grabbed a chopstick we painted black when Gabe was Harry Potter and has since been broken and decided he was Ron Weasley.  Well played Garrett. 

I remember one year I dressed up as Ellie Mae Clampett for the same exact reason.
--- 4 ---
My sweet octogenarian grandmother had one of those head shaking moments Wednesday.  It was one of those moments when we in the South would typically say "Bless her heart...."  My grandmother had a doctor's appointment Wednesday, and she went to the local clinic where a nice nun checked her in.  My grandmother was really baffled as to why a nun was working at a Baptist clinic.  She just couldn't figure it out.  Finally, she mustered up enough courage to ask someone why on earth a nun was working at a Baptists clinic.  She was told "it's Halloween, and that's her costume."
 --- 5 ---
Thursday Gabe had his first basketball practice, and Garrett's middle school band performed at the Senior football game. This band performance counts for a portion of his grade.  PLUS, it was Solemnity aka All Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation.  There are not enough hours in the day.

I'm not quite sure about Gabe's basketball team this year.  Granted that was their first practice, but their coach looks like he's 12 and reminds me of Shaggy. Who knows, maybe Shaggy can play some ball.  We'll see. 

Garrett's middle school band did well at the football game.  They sat in the stands and played with the high school band.  Of course, they didn't march.  This was actually the first football game I've been to in um, decades?   I was surprised to see how small the high school band is, and they did not have one single trumpet.  Garrett plays trumpet, and he's one of 13 or 14 trumpets in the 7th grade.One of the middle school band instructors also teaches the high school, and he had mentioned that the middle school band was bigger.  Man, he was not kidding.  

By the way, it just so happened that the football game last night was my husband's alma mater against my alma mater.  No rivalries in our house though.  I know my high school's football teams have always been, um.... not so good, and my husband's school teams have been state champs numerous times over the years.  We didn't even stay to see the end of the game, we were cold, tired and hungry.  I think I heard that the final score was his school 42, my school?  Well, I think they did score....  once.
--- 6 ---
On a serious note, my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Having survived Hurricane Andrew myself, I can truly empathize.  Following Hurricane Andrew, I remember the Red Cross driving through demolished neighborhoods offering food, water and basic supplies.  They are truly a God-send in times of crisis such as this.  So, I've made a donation to the Red Cross.  If you are able, please make a donation as well.  Monetary donations may be made here.  Large or small, whatever you can.  Please. Remember the Red Cross always needs donations of blood as well.  Thank you. 
--- 7 ---

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