Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Wow!  Another crazy week, and am I glad it's over!
--- 2 ---
I had my 2nd and 3rd allergy shots this week.  Last Friday, the nurse gave me my shot.  On Monday and Wednesday when I went back, I did my own shots, under her supervision of course.  Wednesday, after a brief quiz, they turned me loose, and I will do my own shots at home now.
--- 3 ---
Well, it appears my baby girl is growing up too fast.  We discovered this past Saturday that little Bitsy has come in heat.  Oh, the joy.  Ben went Saturday morning and bought some pull ups.  Don't laugh, it's what the vet tech told us she used.  Well, that didn't work.  Saturday afternoon I went to Petsmart to get doggy diapers.  Yup - seriously.  They worked so much better than the pull ups did.  She prances around in those diapers, it's pretty funny. 

Oh the joys of raising furry children.  I've only had one other female dog, but I was a teen, and of course my parents dealt with all that stuff.  So, now... well it's trial by fire.  We will get her through this, and we will take her to see the vet very soon.
--- 4 ---
I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week.  This year has just flown by way too quickly.  Is anyone else freaking out??
--- 5 ---
Gabe's basketball team has practice on Thursdays.  There are two teams that practice at the same time, and we each practice on 1/2 of the court.  So, we don't get any practice on our fast breaks.  However, when I got there early yesterday, the other team was already there and was running up and down the full court practicing.  They waiting until official practice start time, then allowed our team on the court.  Which meant that none of our boys were able to warm up prior to practice.  Obvously as we sit there and watch practice, we watch the other team as well.  And they're good.  Really good. 

Last night we practiced for a bit, then the coaches got together and decided to have a quick scrimmage.  Wow!  Our team did well.  In fact, ALOT better than I thought they would.  I think the final score when we finished the scrimmage was 10 or 12 us, 4 them.  My oldest says our team scored 20, but I don't know for sure.  I do know the other team only scored 2 goals.  So, I'm a little more optimistic about this season now.

Gabe moved up in the league so he's now in the 4th & 5th grade group.  Since he's a 4th grader, he's one of the smaller kids on the team.  Still he's aggressive and he gets in there for those rebounds, so I'm going to have to make sure he wears his mouthpiece.  We just spent a fortune fixing his teeth after he got two knocked out in baseball.  I'd hate for anything else to happen.  Thankfully today I signed up for accident insurance with my friendly AFLAC rep just in case something does happen.  HA!
--- 6 ---
Speaking of teeth.  The other night Bitsy was chewing on something, so Ben stuck his finger in her mouth to try and fish out what she was chewing on to make sure it wasn't anything that could hurt her.  Gabe often comes home with pea gravel in his shoes and we find that stuff everywhere.  Ben thought what he fished out of Bitsy's mouth was pea gravel.  But when he dropped it into my hand, I looked a little closer and noticed that it was actually one of her teeth.

I called the boys into the living room to show them what we found.  They thought it was really cool, and didn't know that puppies lost their teeth just like kids do.  The next thing I know, Gabe is at the dining room table working diligently.  When he finished, he handed me this:

It says: Dear Tooth Fairy, I have a question.  This is not about my teeth.  It's about my dog, Bitsy.  She lost a tooth or a fang, and I was wondering if you give dog bones to dogs that lose teeth?  Write back with an answer.  Love, Gabe. 

Isn't my baby boy the sweetest thing?

I wasn't sure if the Tooth Fairy would respond, because well, she's screwed up a little at our house lately.  I think Garrett has lost so many teeth lately (10 teeth in the last 6 months), that the Tooth Fairy is just BROKE. But, she did respond afterall.  Here's what she left:

It says:  Dear Gabriel, Your letter was so sweet, I just had to respond.  I don't usually visit when animals lose teeth.  All of the little boys and girls keep me so busy, I just don't know how I'd manage visiting all of the animals too.  BUT, since you're so sweet and always so concerned about others, I'll leave a treat for your dog, just this once.  I'll even leave her tooth for you to keep.  Remember to take care of your teeth, wear your mouthpiece and I'll visit again soon.  Be good!  TF.  P.S., I hope you don't mind but I had to get
a piece of paper out of your backpack.
--- 7 ---
I don't know about you, but TGIF!!  I'm going out with some of my girls tomorrow, and I can't wait.  I don't see these ladies often enough.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. 

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