Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Yes, I've been a slacker blogger, my whole one reader was disappointed, I'm sure.  Hi!  Aunt Charlie!  Muah!  I'll try to do better I promise.
--- 2 ---
I can't believe today is the last day of November.  NOVEMBER! Where on earth has this year gone?  I know they say the older you get, the faster the years pass, but we must be hitting warp speed now.  It's crazy.
--- 3 ---
Are youall ready for Christmas?   I've already gotten a few gifts, but I plan on scaling back this year.  Sorry kids!  I hope Santa cuts back some as well.  I'm sure the economy has hurt him as well.
--- 4 ---
If you're looking for some unusual gifts, check back here each Wednesay for What the Heck Wednesday (WTHW).  This week I featured some unusual gifts, and if you missed it you can read it here.  I rather enjoyed researching this post, so I think I'll continue with this topic until Christmas.  I'm always looking for material for WTHW, so if you happen to see an unusual item you think should be featured, please email me your submission.
--- 5 ---
I'm managing the allergy shots fairly well, I think, EXCEPT I've been sicker lately.  I had an allerg-related migraine Tuesday and stayed home from work.  Of course, I knew I might feel worse for a bit.  They warned me this would probably happen, but by the 3rd or 4th week, I should start feeling better. 

I actually take 2 shots 3 times a week.  Airborne allergens are injected into my left arm, and molds (including cat, dog, etc.) are injected into the right arm.  They separate them so if I have a reaction, they know whether it was to an airborne or a mold.  I'm right-handed, so giving myself a shot into my right arm with my left hand is quite awkward, but I'm getting better at it.  Thankfully, Ben isn't too squeamish when it comes to needles, and he can help me sometimes.  I think he may secretly enjoy causing me a little pain every once in a while.  LOL!
--- 6 ---
Gabe's basketball team has their first game tomorrow.  I'm a little apprehensive.  They've played 2 scrimmage games against a team we thought was pretty good, and his team won both times.  Maybe the team is better than we think.  One of the dad's actually referred to it as "controlled chaos."  That's pretty accurate, I guess.  Gabe moved up into the 4th & 5th grade league, so being a 4th grader, he's now one of the smaller kids on the team.  He doesn't care, he's so competitive and aggressive.  That means I've got to convince Gabe to wear his rec specs and hopefully his mouthpiece too.  Wish me luck.   
--- 7 ---
I guess that's all for today, folks.  This was a riveting post, I know.  I'm sorry.  But hey!  TGIF!!  Cue George Jones.... "Finally Friday, free again....."
Have a great weekend everyone!
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