Friday, November 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
This past Sunday at strength and agility training, we took pictures of the baseball team.  The head coach also presented the boys with their World Series Rings.  These rings are AWESOME!  They are some serious bling, and the boys are so proud.  They have every right to be proud, they worked hard for these rings.  They fought adversity all year long and came out on top.  These boys are very talented, but more importantly they have strength of character and heart.

--- 2 ---
Monday night I met some friends at a place called Painting with a Twist.  This is a great place!  For my local folks, if you haven't been, I suggest you get a group of friends together, make a reservation and go!  The cost was $35 per person, and you bring your own beverage and snacks.  Yes, you can bring alcohol.  In fact, if you're a perfectionist or have OCD tendencies, I suggest you bring some alcohol.  LOL!  The host of the party will select a painting that you will attempt to replicate.  You are provided with all of the necessary materials, there is an instructor on-hand to walk you through the painting, and you get to keep your finished product.  Our party host, Kelly, chose a Christmas-theme painting.  The original painting is on the left.  My interpretation is on the right.
The instructor encouraged us to change it up some, so mine is a little different.  The photo of my painting is cropped or you would be able to see that my tree actually has roots, but instead this photo makes it look like it's on a pedestal.  Also, I couldn't really decide whether those little dots were snowflakes or stars, so I ran out of time.  I was leaning toward making them stars, but looking at it now, if they're stars, some are entirely too low.  So, I think I'll get some more acrylic paint and fill in the section that's lacking and consider them snowflakes.  Either way, I think it turned out okay for my first time painting something besides a wall. 
--- 3 ---
Is the time change affecting (effecting?) anyone else?  Monday when I picked Gabe up from after-school care, he started crying almost immediately.  He said he had a bad day at school, and I wouldn't let him shoot his compound bow without his daddy, and the worst thing of all??  I had chicken and dumplings in the crock pot for dinner.  Oh my goodness.  This child had a melt down.  Once we got home, he cried for a solid 30 minutes.  When he finally emerged from his room, he clung to me and begged me not to go to the Painting with a Twist party.  He was pitiful, but I know he was just tired.  He finally agreed to let me go, but I had to send him frequent updates throughout the whole 2-1/2 hours I would be gone.  I'm serious.  He had to have his dad's phone in his hand before I could walk out the door.  I got the sweetest texts from him while I was gone.  Here is our exchange:

Me:      "Here's the painting we're supposed to copy." (I sent a pic of the original)
Gabe:   "That looks cool.  Good luck.  If it's hard, don't give up."
Me:      "Here's what I have so far."  (I sent an updated picture)
Gabe:   "That's really good.  Keep going!" hour later....
Gabe:   "What have you done now?"
Me:      ..........No response - I didn't hear the phone.  I was probably drying my painting.
Gabe:   "MAMA!!"
Me:      (I sent an updated picture.)
Gabe:   "Wow!  That's awesome!  I miss you.  We are about to go to bed.  Hurry up so I can see you before I go to bed. I love you!  Good night!  I really really miss you!  Are you done?"
Me:      "I'm done."
Gabe:   "Yaaaaaaaaay!  Good job, Now hurry up so I can see you before I go to bed."
Gabe:   "Are you coming home now?"
Me:      "We're almost done."  I think we were taking a group photo, then I practically sprinted out of there. 

I was home 20 minutes later, and I went into his room to see him. He was already asleep, so I brushed his hair off his forehead, gave him a kiss and said goodnight.  He heard me and threw his arm around my neck for a huge hug.  Moments like that almost make you forget about the earlier meltdown.  Almost.

So, Kelly and Jamie, since I haven't had a chance to tell you the reason I left so quickly, now you know.  Sorry, I didn't offer to stay and help clean up. 
--- 4 ---
I'm sorry I didn't get WTHW up this week. The election threw me off schedule, and I'm still trying to catch up.  Gabe watched the results with us because he had to work on an Alpha project.  As part of his project he had to fill in a United States map as each state's results were announced.  Eventually Gabe and I went to bed, and left the map with Ben.  It was a long night.

--- 5 ---
Ya'll, I saw this on Dwija's blog the other day, and I just had to share.  It really lifted my spirits.  I needed this reminder, and what a creative way to get the message to the younger folks.
--- 6 ---
This afternoon I start my allergy shots.  I'm a little apprehensive.  I've done the therapy before, but I have never given myself shots.  I'm sure I can do it, but still.....   
--- 7 ---
I posted this Quick Take last week, but I think it needs repeating:

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Having survived Hurricane Andrew myself, I can truly empathize.  Following Hurricane Andrew, I remember the Red Cross driving through our demolished neighborhoods offering food, water and basic supplies.  They are truly a God-send in times of crisis such as this.  So, I've made a donation to the Red Cross.  If you are able, please make a donation as well.  Monetary donations may be made here.  Large or small, whatever you can.  Please. If you're unable to make a monetary donation, please remember the Red Cross always needs donations of blood as well.  Thank you.
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