Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

Although the title says "homemade bathroom cleaner," I've used this around the house, particularly on my stove after cooking something greasy like bacon, it cuts the grease really well.  Believe it or not, this cleaner has also removed rust stains from my fiberglass shower walls from a shaving cream can that sat on the shelf just a little too long.  I wish I had taken before and after pictures for you, but I forgot.  Sorry.

This recipe is so simple:

3/4 cup of Dawn dish washing liquid
1 cup of white vinegar.

You'll also need the following:

A clean spray bottle
a 4-cup glass measuring cup
a funnel

I use a 4-cup glass measuring cup and measure out my white vinegar.  Next you'll want to microwave the vinegar for 1 to 2 minutes, until it's hot but not quite boiling.  Finally add the dish washing liquid, and stir until the two liquids are combined well. The hot vinegar makes it much easier to combine the two liquids.

Using a funnel, carefully pour the hot liquid into the clean spray bottle.  That's it! 

If you prefer, you can actually heat the vinegar in the spray bottle, and add the dish washing liquid straight into the bottle.  I just find it easier to measure it all in one cup.  Using the glass measuring cup also helps me to ensure that the liquids are combined well.

I use Dawn with bleach because I often use the dish washing liquid (among other things) to help clean white baseball pants.  Other recipes I've seen call for equal parts Dawn original dish washing liquid and vinegar.  However, I found that if I use 1 full cup of dish washing liquid, I often get a layer of soap on the shower wall that can be time consuming to rinse away.  If you store the solution, I would recommend that you reheat and shake the cleaning solution some before using it again.

I haven't tried to store this solution for an extended period. Since it's so easy to make, I simply make enough for a week or so.  However, white vinegar supposedly has anti-bacterial properties, so I would guess that as long as you don't add any type of bacteria from water, etc., it should store for a decent period of time.   Give it a try and let me know what you think.

I found this bathroom cleaner recipe at I Should be Mopping and have adapted it to suit my own preferences.