Thursday, December 13, 2012

Glass Christmas Trees

I originally found this project in Mop it Up Mondays over at I Should be Mopping.  It was posted by Alderberry Hill, and you can find her tutorial here.  I loved the stacked look of the trees she created, but I was unable to find tree forms like that in my area. 
Instead I bought regular cone-shaped forms in various sizes, and I set my youngest to work painting them.  Since the forms were white, I could have just used them as they were; however, I love color, and thought I would create trees that were color coordinated with my home decor.  I have reds, turqoise, greens and golds in my home.  Yeah - I told you I like color. 

Remember the kitchen curtains I made?  Please ignore the ugly cabinets, redoing those is definitely on my project wish list.
Gabe painted this form almost a lime green, but the color doesn't show well here.  Once, your forms are painted and dry, plug in your glue gun.  My glue gun disappeared, and I resorted to using my husband's glue gun, which is a high-heat gun and basically turned the glue into molten lava!  Oh my goodness, I still have blisters on my fingers, I'm not kidding.  So, please whatever you do, be careful with your glue guns.  I learned my lesson and put bandaids on the fingers I had burned already for fear that I'd burn them again.

I purchased 3 bags of iridescent clear flat round marbles or floral beads at my local HobLob, and after covering 4 forms of various sizes, I have about 1/2 a bag of marbles left over.  Using the hot glue gun, glue the marbles onto the form, starting with the bottom row and working around.  On the next row, I staggered the first marble over the space between two of the marbles below so that hopefully the marbles wouldn't end up in a vertical row.  You will occasionally see some marbles that are lined up because the marbles are not all the same size nor are they perfectly round, but you should not line them up intentionally.  Because of the irregular shape of the marbles, there were also a few places where the space between marbles was a little larger than I wanted.  After making the first two trees, I finally decided on the next two trees, I would fill in some of those larger spaces with hot glue, and now the spaces aren't quite so noticeable.  I think I'll go back and do that with the red and green trees as well.  In the meantime, here are the completed red and green trees, large gaps and all.
The red and green trees were actually completed in one evening.  However, I ran out of glue sticks while working on the turquoise trees.  They have been completed since this picture was taken, and I think they're actually my favorite ones.

This project was super easy despite my awful hot glue burns. I'm not really a crafty person, but I think there may be hope for me yet - at least I keep trying.

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