Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What the Heck Wednesday

I had a good time researching last week's WTHW post, so I thought I'd stick with the theme of unusual gifts.  Let's see what was discovered this week.

Batman money clip - I know a certain fan who might actually like this gift.
A foldable white board which folds up small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.  What happened to using a notepad and pencil??
Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock - Bazinga!  'Nuff said.
Pizza Pi cutter - for the math geek that has everything!
Cool Shots Ice shot glasses - now this is a great idea.  Not that I do shots anymore eh hm... well, very often, but it sure makes clean up following a party a whole lot easier.  Oh, the site where I found these would like to remind every to drink responsibly.  "Don't drink and perform Calculus. Remember, friends don't let friends derive drunk."

Gorilla torch - this is a pretty hand little thing, right here.  For example, when Ben is working under the sink on the plumbing, he can take those little Octo legs, wrap them around a pipe and he'll be able to see perfectly and I won't have to stand a hold a flashlight.  It's a WIN/WIN!  Shhh.... don't say anything, but someone may actually get this gift.
Do you remember Jolt Cola or maybe you're a caffeine freak?  Then you'll love Jolt gum.  Low on energy or lost your focus in the afternoon?  Instead of grabbing that high-calorie candy bar or one of those energy drinks, pop in a piece of gum.  Forget to take your ADD/ADHD meds but need to focus?  Yup - I know from personal experience this stuff works! 

*I'm not a Doctor, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  Seriously, in no way am I encouraging anyone to use this product as a substitute for any medication you have been given.  You should always follow your doctors instructions.
A bacon-scented air freshener - this is a great idea only if it smells like freshly-cooked bacon.  If it smells like the musty bacon smell you encounter later in the evening when returning home after cooking bacon that morning I'll pass. 
For those bluetooth users who don't feel dorky enough walking around looking like they're talking to themselves, I introduce the Bluetooth Handset Gloves.  Now walk around listening to your thumb and talking into your pinkie and see how many creeps on the street think you're saying, "Call me."  For goodness sake, whatever you do, don't make eye contact with anyone while using this thing!
The portable blood test kit is the perfect gift for the discriminating dater.  When looking for a potential life partner, you certainly want to make sure they have a compatible blood type.  You know - just in case.  Here's just the thing you need.  Now no more time wasted on dates, test their blood and eliminate the incompatibles right away.  LOL!

The OCD Chef's Cutting Board - hey, they say " good knife skills require precision cuts."  Now you can make sure your knife cuts are all EXACTLY.THE.SAME. SIZE.
Okay for the twisted souls out there - Unicorn Meat.  It's not actually meat.  Really??  No, it's the cut up pieces of a stuffed unicorn sealed into a can.  So, no, it's not edible unless you belong on the show My Strange Addiction.

Hello Kitty inspired whisker dress - now we've talked about Hello Kitty or even animal-themed clothing before but according to the website, this is "perfect to go with just a pair of black leggings and you're pretty much ready and cute as a cat."  Bwwwaaaaahaahaaaa!  Okay.
If I were one to go all out decorating for Halloween, this would be AWESOME!! 
For some reason, I always seem to end with something that freaks me out. So I present to you the Tentacle Ear Wrap.  Aaaaaah!! 

Well, another fun WTHW!  At least, I had fun.  I hope you did too!  Remember, if you find anything you think belongs on WTHW, please send me the link. 

We're less than 3 weeks from Christmas?  Are you ready?  I know I'm not, and I'll be approaching full
panic mode soon.  In the meantime, Happy Hump Day, ya'll!