Thursday, January 31, 2013


Sorry I've been MIA this week.  I've been home with a sick little boy who also shared "the love" with mommy.  Good times!

I'm hoping to be able to post a 7 Quick Takes tomorrow.  Until then....

Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Gabe is having issues with his contacts.  Last Saturday prior to his basketball game, it was his idea to work on getting his contacts in.  However, he just sat there and stared at the contact on his finger and never really tried to get the contact in his eye.  He got frustrated, I got frustrated and now I think we're back to square one.  He said he doesn't care if he gets his Oakley sunglasses or not.  Oh well.... However, I am absolutely adamant that he will NOT wear his regular glasses for sports.  He will either wear those contacts or he will wear Rec Specs.  I'm tired of him breaking glasses every few weeks.

He really wants to pitch, and has been working with a pitching coach.  The coach says he does really well, when he can see.  He was throwing really great, then starting throwing wild.   The coach looked at him and the whole right lens of his Rec Specs were fogged up.  He took the Rec Specs off and starting pitching well again.  Now Gabe thinks he can pitch without any vision correction - WRONG!  He might be able to throw to a fuzzy catcher's mitt, but if someone hits a ball right back at him, he wouldn't be able to see it quick enough.  No sir!  He's wearing either Rec Specs or his contacts.  Period. 
--- 2 ---
The team had their first outdoor practice on Sunday, and they looked pretty darned good considering it was the first practice of the season - much better than they did at the first practice last year.  Our first tournament is coming up soon, and we're excited.
--- 3 ---
The Blogger Biggest Loser challenge is well.... a challenge.  I'm so busy that I often not able to fit in a work out.  Okay, let me be honest.  What I should really say is that once I get home from this practice or that lesson, and feed the kids and myself, get them off to bed, etc., I'm usually just too dang tired.  Not to mention, there's probably a couch full of clean laundry that hubby hasn't put away or dishes in the sink that need to be done, etc.  I know it's just excuses, but if I don't do it, it doesn't get done.  So, what do you do? 

I have discovered that walking up 11 flights of stairs doesn't necessarily make you sore, but coming back down them does.  YIKES!
--- 4 ---
I know this is world-changing stuff here, but a friend posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter's hair after using curl formers.  Oh my.... she had awesome little ringlets.  Have any of you tried them?  If so, where you please with your results.  I have very fine hair that's straight as a board.  I've used hot rollers, and the curl falls almost as soon as I take my hair down.  Curling iron?  Yeah, pretty much the same results as hot rollers.  I'd love to have some curl, it has just never worked out for me.  So, when I saw the pictures of her daughter's hair, I was really excited.  I'm really interested in trying these curlers, but they are quite pricey.  So, I'd like to get your input if any of you have tried them. For those of you unfamiliar with them, check out the link below.

--- 5 ---
The Big Buck Classic is this weekend.  The Easton Elite will be there selling raffle tickets for a Remington Versa Max 12-Gauge shotgun as well as tickets for a BONUS RAFFLE for a Remington AR-15 Rifle. Tickets are $5 each for the shotgun. However, for $20 you get 5 tickets for the shotgun and 2 BONUS tickets for the rifle. Bonus tickets are not sold individually, and only available with purchase of $20 or more in raffle tickets.  If you're interested in purchasing tickets from me directly send me an e-mail.  Purchases from me can be made with cash or with a credit card through Paypal OR stop by and see us or another team member at Big Buck Classic!  We'll be located in the Hall of Industry.  Also, please remember that if you're interested in sponsoring the team, sponsors will also receive raffle tickets equal to their sponsorship.
--- 6 ---
My prayers are with everyone headed to the March for Life.  I understand that EWTN will have live
coverage here (scroll down and click on the Watch Live link on the right).
--- 7 ---
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

My goodness what a week so far, and it's only Wednesday!   As many of you know, I'm participating in a Blogger Biggest Loser challenge, and now some of my pants are starting to get a little loose.  So, I was checking into altering my pants, and look at what I stumbled across.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Biggest Loser - Week 3

Sorry, I'm late with this post.  I was off work yesterday, and you know how that goes; my day never goes as planned. 

With regard to the weight loss, I'm falling into an old trap - that would be weighing myself each and every stinking day.  I should know better, but I want instant gratification, you know?  There will be fluctuations, and if I check my weight each day, it's just going to cause that emotional roller coaster.  Don't do it, woman!  Yet, I can't help myself.  I was so thrilled when I weighed on the 17th and learned that I had reached a loss of 5+ pounds.  However, that was one of those nasty fluctuations I mentioned, and I'm now up 1.8 pounds again.  But I know why..... PMS.  It's such a nasty thing, and can cause me to gain 5 pounds or more of bloat.  UGH!  So, I'm now back to less than 5 pounds lost. 

So, my goals this week:

Goal 1:  Only weigh on Monday mornings!  PERIOD!!
Goal 2:  Work out more.
Goal 3:  Get more veggies into my diet.  Blech!  Veggies are gross, but I know I need to eat better plus, more importantly, I need to set that example for my boys.

Please ignore Garrett's fuzzy pool head
You know it's really hard to find a picture of these two together where they're not mugging, messy or both.  This picture was taken this past summer; hence, the pool hair and amazing tans.

Last Week's Loss:  -2.4
This Week's Loss:  -1.2


I didn't work out as much as I'd hoped.  However, one day at work I did walk the stairs - all 11 flights.  Oh my goodness!  By the time I reached the top, I was fairly certain I was going to die.  At the very least, I didn't think I'd be able to walk for the next few days.  I know I should have walked back down those same 11 flights; unfortunately, by the time I reached the 11th floor my legs were total jello.  So, I rode the elevator back down to my office on the 1st floor.  At least that's some exercise and some serious cardio for sure.  It only took me 10 minutes, so I think I may try to walk those stairs each work day.  Maybe after a few times I won't have to stop and rest on each landing starting around floor #5.   LOL!  Oh, Hubby finally moved all the stuff he had piled around and under my tread mill, so I can now get to it as well.  So, no more excuses.

I'm linking up at The Java Mama.

Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
So, I had a moment I'm not so proud of this past weekend.  Yeah, I know - only one?  Pffft!!  Saturday during Gabe's basketball game, I'd had enough.  As a former athlete and highly competitive person, his games have become torturous to watch.  There are some really good players on this team, but..... We have one kid whose parents are so frustrated that they don't even bother to bring him to practice anymore.  Yet, when he shows up on game day, he plays.  I get it, he's good (read: big - we call him Baby Shaq), but still... what does that teach the boy?  In my world, if you don't bother to come to practice, then I can't be bothered to let you play - your behind will sit the bench.  (Obviously, there are exceptions.)  Besides, when he does play, he hasn't really been of much benefit because he's not playing to his ability.  Actually, I don't think any of the boys are playing to their ability anymore.  Anyway.... I digress.  My proud moment?  I was so frustrated Saturday, that I stood up, declared that basketball sucked and I couldn't wait for baseball, and I walked away to try and calm down.  Granted I muttered it under my breath, but I know my husband heard it, so I'm sure a few others did as well.  Mom of the year, right here, folks!
--- 2 ---
Last week at Gabe's basketball practice, he broke his glasses AGAIN.  We've now had to order 3 new pairs of glasses and have super glued 2 of them umpteen times.  I fussed at him and told him to wear his Rec specs, or we would leave practice.  He doesn't like wearing the Rec Specs because they fog up.  Unfortunately, the cheap anti-fog spray we have doesn't work, and I haven't spent much time searching for a different one.

During fall baseball, we got Gabe a pair of contacts.  He did fairly well with them for a day or so.  Then one afternoon he had problems getting one of the lenses in, he got frustrated and gave up, and hasn't tried them since.  After breaking his glasses again last week, arguing about wearing the Rec Specs and thinking about the upcoming baseball season, I basically told Gabe he needed to learn to wear his contacts for sports, or he wouldn't play anymore.  I really don't think Ben and I could find the heart to pull him out of baseball because he loves it so much, and he's talented.  But, I didn't want him calling our bluff either, so I called and made an appointment with the eye doctor for them to work with him.  He really didn't want to go to the appointment.  So, I thought I'd sweeten the deal for him, so to speak.  Yes, I offered my child a bribe - whatever works!  He has been begging us for a pair of Oakley sunglasses, but I refuse to buy him prescription sunglasses.  On our way to the eye doctor, I told him that if he'll work with his contacts without attitude, once he's able to get them in and out on his own for 2 straight weeks, I'll buy him a pair of Oakleys.  Let me tell you, his attitude changed immediately.  He's been working with his contacts, he still has some problems, and will often ask me to put them in for him, but he's decided he really likes them.  He likes being able to see when he wakes up.  He had both a baseball and basketball practice this week wearing his contacts, and he was so happy that he didn't have to worry with his with his glasses.  I think he's sold.
--- 3 ---
Winter weather in Central Arkansas causes mass panic, even more so after the massive snow storm we had right after Christmas.  Tuesday it started sleeting, and oh my..... You would think it was the end of the world.  I had several people tell me that I'd better head home.  Why?  Why leave now so that I can sit in traffic going absolutely nowhere?  Let all the people that are panicking get out of the way.  Despite the urging from others, I stayed at work, and when I did leave, there was no traffic.  I made it home in 20 minutes, just like usual.  The roads weren't even slick, at least not where I was.  The only place I slid was at the base of my driveway.  Folks need to chill!
--- 4 ---
Is anyone else concerned about the stomach bug and flu that are going around?  Although I often joke that a good stomach bug sure would kick start the weight loss, I seriously don't want that stuff!  I've tried to explain to my boys some of the places where they can pick up germs (pretty much everywhere) without scaring them to death.  I've reminded not to touch their face and to be sure to use the hand sanitizer at school, especially before they eat.  Then, Gabe tells me that his teacher won't let them use hand sanitizer because she doesn't like the smell.  Excuse me??  Well, good thing I have about a dozen of those pocket-sized hand sanitizers in all kinds of lovely fragrances.  I've made sure that both of my boys have one in their pockets when they leave for school each day.  A few days ago I asked Gabe if he got in trouble for using it, and he said, "No, she doesn't even know I have it."  There you go!  To use a Southern colloquialism, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
--- 5 ---
Prior to basketball practice last night, the Director of the program pulled me aside.  He whispered that Gabe made the All Star basketball team.  Great job, Gabe. I know this season has been tough.  We're proud of you son. 
--- 6 ---
Gabe has his first baseball practice outdoors this weekend.  I can't wait!  Not only do we miss the game, but we miss spending time with our Elite family.
By the way, the AR Easton Elite is now seeking sponsors for the 2013 season.  If you're interested, please contact me via email for more details.   Sponsors may also have the chance to win a shotgun and/or rifle that we are currently raffling.  Again, contact me directly for more details.

This team is the 2012 8AAA Undefeated World Series Champions, and sponsorships helped make that possible for this talented group of boys. 

--- 7 ---
I haven't shared this in a while.  Thank goodness it's finally Friday!  Enjoy!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

If you've been keeping up with the blog, then you know that I'm linking up each Monday with The Java Mama for a Blogger Biggest Loser contest.  This has made me think about work out gear.  I think we all want to look cute at the gym, am I right, ladies?  I thought I'd see what kind of ugly work out gear I could find.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find much.  I can tell you that I've seen way too many pictures of Kim Kardashian in various types of see-through bottoms.  Kim, dear, when you've got a booty so big that you've stretched the  fabric to the point it's now see-through - WEAR UNDERWEAR FOR PETE'S SAKE!!  A big booty means a crack the size of the Grand Canyon.  Aaaah!!  Anyway, I'll spare you those photos, and I will just stick with my regular fare with some work out gear thrown in.   Besides, if you're like me, it really doesn't matter what I wear to the gym.  By the time I'm done working out, my hair is dripping with sweat and plastered to my head, my clothes are sopping wet, and I smell like a water buffalo. 

Speaking of working out, this will be a quick post because I got to get my sweat on!

Just what I need when I'm trying to exercise and lose weight - horizontal designs to accentuate just how stinking big my thighs really are.
Remember that neck brace I posted last week? Yeah.
I swear I don't purposely look for Hello Kitty crap items, they just pop up. I can't believe there is so much of this stuff out there, especially in ADULT sizes. Come on, ladies! Really??
Folks, never wear anything that's going to highlight your private parts, especially when you're going to be sweating. Just sayin'.

Congratulations on your sobriety!  That's great, but why do you feel the need to have it written across your backside?  Is that a message to the men at the bar, "I'm sober, so don't waste your time?"

I suppose this post could have actually been titled, Ugly Scarves. What the heck? Let me introduce you to the "cone of shame" human edition.
High waisted boot cut trousers. Hmmm.... I really don't see anything flattering about these trousers at all, nor do I see the boot cut. They look more like the old peg-leg pants that I ran from in high school. If it's going to be a slim fit at the ankle, the whole darned thing should be slim fit in my opinion or you end up looking like a purple q-tip. Unless of course that's the look you're going for, then carry on.
The scarf and head band are a yucky color, yes, but what really caught my attention was the display dummy.   It reminds me of this:

This lovely is on "Christmas Clearance" for $60.   The only thing that comes to mind is a Beta Fish, for some reason.
Another ugly scarf, or whatever you call this thing. I have no idea who would wear this, but if you ever need to dress up as Queen Elizabeth I, this would definitely work.
Well, this just makes me chuckle, so I thought I'd share.

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Biggest Loser - Week 2

I'm experiencing a great deal of joint pain which has made it difficult to do many things, including exercise.  I occasionally have joint pain, but I usually don't have this many issues at the same time.  My husband says it's payback.  So, I thought I'd give you a snippet of our recent conversation.  Let me set the scene:  At church there is a young man who has long dark brown hair that covers his face almost completely.  He also walks without moving his arms.  I have commented in the past that I can't believe he wears his hair hanging over his face like that, surely it's got to bother him, how can he see?  I also commented that I thought it was odd that he walked without moving his arms at all.  I never said anything particularly ugly, or so I thought.  Well, last Monday I started having joint pain in my left hand.  It soon spread to my left shoulder, and I was unable to lift my left arm.  This happens occasionally, and it usually only lasts 24 hours. This time it's lingering.  Wednesday afternoon, my right shoulder started hurting as well.  The following text conversation took place with my husband:

Me:  My other shoulder is doing the same thing now.  Soon I won't be able to raise either arm!
Ben:  That's for making fun of the boy at church.
Me:  Who?  The sheep dog?
Ben:  There you go again.....

I'm going to Hell, aren't I?

Anyway, despite the joint pains, my sons and I attempted to do a boot camp-style workout one night..  Obviously, there were some things I couldn't do because of the joint issues - push ups and plank just to name a few. 
My husband is supposed to be dieting as well.  In fact, the doctor told him he wanted him to lose ## by a certain date.  So, Ben says he's been dieting since January 1st.  However, on January 1st, we had Mexican food for lunch.  We then went to my grandmothers, and for dinner had fried pork chops, fried potatoes, black eyed peas, etc., which he followed up with a BIG dessert plate.  On the 3rd he tells me he's already lost 7 pounds.  Huh??  Then the other night, I eat a salad for dinner.  Hubby fixes and eats cheese dip.  CHEESE DIP!  A little later, I eat a low fat yogurt for a snack, Ben grabs the boys' bag of Skittles candy.  I kindly remind him that he's supposed to be dieting as well.  His response?  "What?  I've already lost more than 10 pounds."  What??  The other day he couldn't even eat dinner because he had a HUMONGOUS Ultimate Cheeseburger for lunch, which is a huge beef patty topped with chopped pork BBQ AND bacon!!  (BTW, the brown thing under the cheese in the picture is the meat patty, NOT the bottom portion of the bun.)
I'm eating salads and yogurt and hadn't even lost even 1/2 a pound.  He's eating like that and has already lost more than 10 pounds.  I call BS!  I friend said her husband "could exhale and lose 7 pounds or tell her that he has cut his calories to 1,000 per meal."  She told him that if she could guarantee a female judge and jury, she'd kill him because she knows no female judge and jury would convict her.  I completely agree!

I've been starving myself, crippling myself with a boot camp work out and sliced the side of my tongue with some foreign object found in my Healthy Choice meal, yet Ben is the one that loses the weight.  Figures, doesn't it.

A facebook friend posted this, and I thought it was appropriate, so I had to re-post it.  LOL!  Well, skinny girls need to look out now, because it's time to start taking care of myself again.  RIGHT??

Okay, I guess it's time to get down to business:

Weight loss this week:  -2.4 pounds.

Considering I didn't really work out this past week, I'm okay with a loss of 2.4 pounds.  Do I wish it was more?  Sure, but I know I'm likely to keep it off if I lose a pound or two a week.  Besides, I KNOW that I have to exercise to really lose.  My goal this week is to work out more often.  The joint pains seem to have subsided for the most part, so hopefully the boys and I can work out at least 3 nights this week.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
The basketball update?  Well, Gabe's team continues to lose.  This past Saturday, they only had 5 players show up, but they played better than they have in quite some time.  They lost to one of the top teams by only 2 points. Ya'll, I'm soooo ready for baseball.
--- 2 ---
Many of you know that I joined in a Blogger Biggest Loser contest.  I've been trying to follow the Weight Watchers Points Plus plan on my own.  I'm using a point calculator app on my iPhone.  However, having done Weight Watchers before, I was getting frustrated because I felt this app wasn't allowing me enough food points. This frustration continued for several days until I finally decided to poke around in the app, and I found that it had calculated my daily point allowance based on my weight the last time I used this app - apparently that was 20 pounds ago.  UGH!
--- 3 ---
During Christmas break, we allowed our 2 sons to pool some of the Christmas money together and purchase an Xbox.  Let me tell you, we should have done this much sooner.  Those boys have been voluntarily doing chores in order to earn play time on the Xbox.  Garrett has NEVER come into the kitchen and started unloading the dishwasher without being asked multiple times.  I realize that the newness will probably wear off soon enough, but until then, I'm really enjoying the benefits.
--- 4 ---
Why is it that both of my boys rarely ever behave at the same time?  Granted having the Xbox has helped, but since school has started back, Gabe has been a handful.  Garrett has been pretty consistent in his behaviour.  Other than trying to boss Gabe around, Garrett has been extremely helpful.  I'm not sure what's going on with Gabe.  I'm praying he's just trying to get back into the routine after the long Holiday break because he's starting to hop up and down on my last nerve!
--- 5 ---
Hubby is starting to get on my nerves too.  (Dieting is fun, isn't it?)  To Ben dieting means skipping his midnight snack or maybe just having a smaller midnight snack.  After only 2 days, he'd already lost 7 pounds, or so he says.  The other evening, I ate salad for dinner while he fixed and ate cheese dip!  Then, later I'm eating a low fat yogurt for a snack, and he walks up and grabs the boys' bag of Skittles.  Since he's the one the doctor expects to lose a specific number by a certain date, I said, "Hey!  What are you doing, you're supposed to be dieting too, remember?"  (Just trying to be helpful, ya know?)  He says, "What?  I've already lost more than 10 pounds."  What??  How is that possible??  I don't even think I've lost 1/2 a pound.  I call BS!!
--- 6 ---
So, Thursday, I'm eating my Healthy Choice meat loaf dinner for lunch, and I felt something on the side of my tongue.  I thought it was just part of the corn kernel, so I moved it around and it scratched my tongue.  I used my finger to reach and in get it, and this is what I found.  It appeared to be a fairly thick piece of plastic, but it became more opaque as it dried, so I'm really not sure what it was.  I called ConAgra, and they asked for pictures as well as all kinds of information off the meal package so they could investigate.  Other than a scratch on the side of my tongue, a sore throat, and being a little lot cranky, I seem to be okay.  So, we'll see.  I'm sure I'll find a ton of coupons in my mailbox soon.

--- 7 ---
Please keep Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary and her family in your prayers.  She is home from the hospital now, but is still being treated for blood clots in both lungs.  The medicine she has been given cost a little more than $4,000 for a 30-day supply.  Yikes!  I can't even imagine.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

I've had a rough couple of days folks.  I know, it's always something with me, isn't it?  I'll have to fill you in another time, but don't be alarmed.  It's nothing major.

Since I have started trying to work out again, I thought this was appropriate for this week - a knitted yoga top.  Ummm.... why is it necessary to have two patches on your boobies?  Is it me or does it look like she's wearing an owl?
Large statement necklaces are all the rage now, and I love a good one.  This one?  Well, it just reminds me too much of this.

Now I understand that the new fashion animal du jour is the fox. I don't understand this.
A fox is cute enough, but when you have trends like this, the best rule of thumb in my opinion is to incorporate it using very small accent pieces.  The giant fox face on the sweater is just as bad as a Hello Kitty print as far as I'm concerned.  The only thing I like in this storyboard is the hand bag.  It's fairly cute, don't you think?  I wouldn't spend my money on it, but if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to include some fox in my wardrobe, this hand bag is the route I would go. 

If the sweater weren't bad enough......

I just don't have enough time to go into what's wrong with these pants. It's quicker to discuss what's right - NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!
This reminds me of a cozy my grandmother always had covering her dish washing liquid bottle.
These Bird Bird looking pumps remind me of a beloved pair of house slippers I used to have. A word of advice though.... if your feet tend to sweat, big fuzzy slippers probably aren't the best choice. Just sayin'.

This jacket is a throw back to the 80s. The problem with this besides the massive shoulders? It reminds me of this....
I think I've mentioned this before.... Grace Jones scares me!

Okay, I have to say.... Nicki Minaj is usually a hot mess, but I seriously want this jacket!
This lady looks like she could be a cast member in Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds.

Speaking of birds, has anyone else seen robins yet? A few days ago, there were about 6 robins in my back yard. I was so excited when I saw them. If I remember correctly, my great grandmother once told me those robins are a sign that Spring is almost here. I can't wait. I'm so sick of the cold weather. I don't do well in the cold. I try my best to hibernate until Spring. (Hence my need to link up with Java Mama for the The Biggest Loser contest.  Follow along each Monday, and see how I'm doing, cheer me on, etc.  Goodness knows, I need all the support I can get because I have no willpower.  ZERO!!)

Another sign that Spring will soon be here? Baseball! Yes! Practices have already begun which means my schedule is about to get even more crazy.  But that's okay - that's the kind of crazy I like.

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Biggest Loser - Week 1

Okay, folks - I'll be linking up with Becky at The Java Mama each Monday until March as a participant in the Biggest Loser.  In typical procrastinator fashion, I'm already under the gun on this.  One participant has already lost more than 8 lbs this 1st week.  Me, well, I haven't even gotten on the scale, but I have a very good idea what the scale will show.  I know it's a HUGE number that I just don't want to see right now.

I'm almost 47 years old, approximately 5'3", and have a large frame (according to my childhood doctor).  The older I get, the more difficult it is for me to lose weight.  I realize that I'll probably never weigh 100 pounds again, and that's not my goal.  More than anything, I want to be healthy and I want to set a good example for my sons.  So, I'll set realistic/achievable goals.
Although I have significantly more to lose, my initial goal is to lose 20 lbs.  Baby steps, right?  I have made some progress.  Over the weekend, I threw out the remaining sweets, I pulled out my boot camp binder and dusted it off, and I stocked up today on Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine frozen meals to take to work.  Today, I started logging everything I've eaten so far, using a handy-dandy iPhone app.  You know dieting would sure be easier if I liked veggies.  But, BLECH!

Well, I know that's not much info, but I swear I'll get on the scale some time this week.  For now, I'm trying to be more conscious of what's going in my mouth by logging everything I eat and drink and to MOVE MY BODY.  I have to exercise.  There's no question about this.  Gone are the days I remember so fondly when I could just cut back for a day or two and lose 10 pounds.  Ahh..... those were the days.  Can someone help me dig through my husband's home improvement project staging area to get to my treadmill?? 

I hope you'll cheer me on, and go visit Becky and the other ladies linking up at The Java Mama and offer them your encouragement as well.

Again, I'm linking up at The Java Mama.

Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday


My thoughts and prayers are going out to Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary, and her family.  Jennifer is currently hospitalized with bilateral pulmonary embolisms.  According to Hallie Lord, Jen and the baby are doing well and will send updates as soon as they can.
--- 1 ---
I hope you all had a fabulous start to the new year.  Try as I might, I didn't make it to midnight.  Nor did my baby boy.  In fact, around 10:30 when I stumbled to bed, I found Gabe already asleep in my spot.  So, I nudged him and whispered for him to scoot to the middle.  He mumbled, "I just can't make it, Momma.  I just can't stay awake any longer."  I smiled and whispered back, "Me neither, baby.  I'm coming to bed too."  I fell asleep with a sweet little hand stroking my face.
--- 2 ---
Our little girl, Bitsy, is growing up.  Eh hmmmm..... and we recently discovered that we needed to purchase some doggy diapers for her.  Very early New Year's morning, she hopped on the bed a few times and tried to give me kisses, but I shooed her away.  Gabe and I were the first to get out of bed, and when we walked to the back door to let Bitsy and Travis outside, we discovered that Bitsy had chewed through her diaper and pooped right by the back door.  Happy New Year!!  Bless her heart.  She tried to tell me that she needed to go outside.

I cleaned up the mess, we let them outside and then Gabe and I toasted the new year with some sparkling grape juice while Ben and Garrett slept.
--- 3 ---
We started our new year by going to church.  Then we went to my grandmother's where my mom and step dad were with our newest family member - a sweet little miniature dachshund puppy.  She's 3 months old and I'm guessing she weighs less than a pound.  She's absolutely precious.  My boys wanted to take her home, and frankly, so did I.  For some reason, blogger isn't letting me upload any photos, or trust me, I would have posted a picture or two.  I wish I had gotten a picture of my big hubby holding that sweet baby girl swaddled like a newborn in a pink blankie while she slept.
--- 4 ---
Baseball practice started this week.  Yay!  I know it seems like baseball is pretty much all we do, and for the most part it is.  Gabe plays basketball too, but that's just something to do until baseball starts again.  LOL!  It's a good thing that we love baseball so much.  We've been very fortunate that Gabe has been selected to play on great teams.  By "great" I mean not only is the team very talented, but everyone gets along well.  When you spend as much time together as we do, it's important that you all get along - especially the parents.  Having "good parents" is extremely important because the parents are usually the reason travelling teams break up. Thankfully we all get along wonderfully, in fact, we call each other our "Elite family."   
--- 5 ---
Next week is going to be tough, for the boys and me.  We've all been sleeping as late as possible, which usually means 7a.m. at the latest.  Next week that won't be possible.  We'll need to leave home at 7:30 to get Gabe to school in time.  So I think we'll all be a little "testy" for the first few days.  Getting back into a routine after the holidays is rough.  Then I think about the long stretch between New Year's Day and my next paid holiday off - Memorial Day.  UGH!  Thank goodness we'll have an out-of-town baseball tournament or two to break up that time.  I hope....
--- 6 ---
I think my oldest has officially gone from a picky eater to a teenage (pre-teen) boy who will eat anything.  He recently started making scrambled eggs using my chocolate caramel coffee creamer.  Oh my goodness.... it makes the most horrible looking, gray eggs.  Even though he doesn't like chocolate, he swears these eggs are good.  I'll take his word for it because I can't bring myself to try them.  Blech!!
--- 7 ---
When kids get a new game system, it's amazing what chores you can get them to do to earn play time.  Garrett has never, I repeat NEVER, come in the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher without being asked much less without any grumbling.  He's been doing this quite often lately since they got their Xbox.  I need to come up with some sort of official play time accrual system, though.  My making a mental note is, sadly, not quite as efficient as I'd like. 

Do any of you allow your children to play Xbox live?  How do you control who they are playing online?  Garrett has a friend who has asked him if he has Xbox live, and I know they want to play each other, but I don't really know much anything about online gaming.  I don't really want to open Pandora's box, so to speak.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year.  I'll be honest, things have been so crazy over the last few weeks, I haven't had a chance to do much any research for this post.  I hope you'll bear with me.  Let's see what we can find.

The Foot Shoe - these are just creepy.  I suppose in an office where open-toed shoes are not allowed, wearing these would make a statement, huh?

Peplum is one trend that I really hope disappears in 2013.  Quite frankly it's only for toddlers and women who have absolutely no hips whatsoever.  I saw a photo of Kim Kardashian wearing a dress very similar to this, and man o' man!  It made her backside look 4-feet wide.  Sorry, Kim, but you really need some friends and family who will tell you the truth, girlfriend!

Speaking of Kim, when your dress is so tight I can see your belly button..... you need a bigger size.

Photo credit:  Greg DeGuire/WireImage
I love Hermione, I mean Emma Watson, but what on earth is the girl wearing and when did she start dating a Mariachi?
Extreme Nail Art - This is another trend I hope goes away.  Oh, and the duck feet nails.  Puhleeeze.  We've already talked about Hello Kitty and other characters ad naseum, so I won't repeat myself except to say DON'T! 

Ladies, take note - leggings should be never worn as pants.  NEVER!!  Would you wear just pantyhose and a shirt in public?  No?  Well, there's not much difference here.  Just don't.  I know, I don't wear pantyhose anymore either, but I think you get my point, right??

The Jeremy Scott Fringe Jean Shorts - These gosh-awful things cost $405.  $405!!  I can make you a pair of these for FREE.  Why on earth would anyone even wear these, much less pay such an insane amount for them?  Want to wear shorts yet hide your chubby thighs?  Wear a pair of Bermuda shorts!!  By the way, those shoes have to go as well.  UGH!  I recently had to wear a surgical shoe that looks just like those.  UGLY!

Tilda Swinson looks like she is being attached by spiders.  Aaaaaah!! 

Who on earth would wear these??  And WHY???
Maybe I'm behind the times, but isn't the purpose of a fashion show to showcase new designs coming out the following season(s)?  Every runway shot I've seen over the past several years has been of outfits so hideous, I don't know anyone who would wear them.  NO ONE!
This dress reminds me of some creepy alien life form.  And what is with the hips on this thing?
It looks like she's wearing a modified version of this hoop skirt.
Cute shoes, but ummm..... Honey?  Those belong on your feet.  Bless her heart.......

Well, I guess that's all for today, folks.

Happy Hump Day, ya'll.