Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Gabe is having issues with his contacts.  Last Saturday prior to his basketball game, it was his idea to work on getting his contacts in.  However, he just sat there and stared at the contact on his finger and never really tried to get the contact in his eye.  He got frustrated, I got frustrated and now I think we're back to square one.  He said he doesn't care if he gets his Oakley sunglasses or not.  Oh well.... However, I am absolutely adamant that he will NOT wear his regular glasses for sports.  He will either wear those contacts or he will wear Rec Specs.  I'm tired of him breaking glasses every few weeks.

He really wants to pitch, and has been working with a pitching coach.  The coach says he does really well, when he can see.  He was throwing really great, then starting throwing wild.   The coach looked at him and the whole right lens of his Rec Specs were fogged up.  He took the Rec Specs off and starting pitching well again.  Now Gabe thinks he can pitch without any vision correction - WRONG!  He might be able to throw to a fuzzy catcher's mitt, but if someone hits a ball right back at him, he wouldn't be able to see it quick enough.  No sir!  He's wearing either Rec Specs or his contacts.  Period. 
--- 2 ---
The team had their first outdoor practice on Sunday, and they looked pretty darned good considering it was the first practice of the season - much better than they did at the first practice last year.  Our first tournament is coming up soon, and we're excited.
--- 3 ---
The Blogger Biggest Loser challenge is well.... a challenge.  I'm so busy that I often not able to fit in a work out.  Okay, let me be honest.  What I should really say is that once I get home from this practice or that lesson, and feed the kids and myself, get them off to bed, etc., I'm usually just too dang tired.  Not to mention, there's probably a couch full of clean laundry that hubby hasn't put away or dishes in the sink that need to be done, etc.  I know it's just excuses, but if I don't do it, it doesn't get done.  So, what do you do? 

I have discovered that walking up 11 flights of stairs doesn't necessarily make you sore, but coming back down them does.  YIKES!
--- 4 ---
I know this is world-changing stuff here, but a friend posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter's hair after using curl formers.  Oh my.... she had awesome little ringlets.  Have any of you tried them?  If so, where you please with your results.  I have very fine hair that's straight as a board.  I've used hot rollers, and the curl falls almost as soon as I take my hair down.  Curling iron?  Yeah, pretty much the same results as hot rollers.  I'd love to have some curl, it has just never worked out for me.  So, when I saw the pictures of her daughter's hair, I was really excited.  I'm really interested in trying these curlers, but they are quite pricey.  So, I'd like to get your input if any of you have tried them. For those of you unfamiliar with them, check out the link below.

--- 5 ---
The Big Buck Classic is this weekend.  The Easton Elite will be there selling raffle tickets for a Remington Versa Max 12-Gauge shotgun as well as tickets for a BONUS RAFFLE for a Remington AR-15 Rifle. Tickets are $5 each for the shotgun. However, for $20 you get 5 tickets for the shotgun and 2 BONUS tickets for the rifle. Bonus tickets are not sold individually, and only available with purchase of $20 or more in raffle tickets.  If you're interested in purchasing tickets from me directly send me an e-mail.  Purchases from me can be made with cash or with a credit card through Paypal OR stop by and see us or another team member at Big Buck Classic!  We'll be located in the Hall of Industry.  Also, please remember that if you're interested in sponsoring the team, sponsors will also receive raffle tickets equal to their sponsorship.
--- 6 ---
My prayers are with everyone headed to the March for Life.  I understand that EWTN will have live
coverage here (scroll down and click on the Watch Live link on the right).
--- 7 ---
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