Monday, January 14, 2013

Biggest Loser - Week 2

I'm experiencing a great deal of joint pain which has made it difficult to do many things, including exercise.  I occasionally have joint pain, but I usually don't have this many issues at the same time.  My husband says it's payback.  So, I thought I'd give you a snippet of our recent conversation.  Let me set the scene:  At church there is a young man who has long dark brown hair that covers his face almost completely.  He also walks without moving his arms.  I have commented in the past that I can't believe he wears his hair hanging over his face like that, surely it's got to bother him, how can he see?  I also commented that I thought it was odd that he walked without moving his arms at all.  I never said anything particularly ugly, or so I thought.  Well, last Monday I started having joint pain in my left hand.  It soon spread to my left shoulder, and I was unable to lift my left arm.  This happens occasionally, and it usually only lasts 24 hours. This time it's lingering.  Wednesday afternoon, my right shoulder started hurting as well.  The following text conversation took place with my husband:

Me:  My other shoulder is doing the same thing now.  Soon I won't be able to raise either arm!
Ben:  That's for making fun of the boy at church.
Me:  Who?  The sheep dog?
Ben:  There you go again.....

I'm going to Hell, aren't I?

Anyway, despite the joint pains, my sons and I attempted to do a boot camp-style workout one night..  Obviously, there were some things I couldn't do because of the joint issues - push ups and plank just to name a few. 
My husband is supposed to be dieting as well.  In fact, the doctor told him he wanted him to lose ## by a certain date.  So, Ben says he's been dieting since January 1st.  However, on January 1st, we had Mexican food for lunch.  We then went to my grandmothers, and for dinner had fried pork chops, fried potatoes, black eyed peas, etc., which he followed up with a BIG dessert plate.  On the 3rd he tells me he's already lost 7 pounds.  Huh??  Then the other night, I eat a salad for dinner.  Hubby fixes and eats cheese dip.  CHEESE DIP!  A little later, I eat a low fat yogurt for a snack, Ben grabs the boys' bag of Skittles candy.  I kindly remind him that he's supposed to be dieting as well.  His response?  "What?  I've already lost more than 10 pounds."  What??  The other day he couldn't even eat dinner because he had a HUMONGOUS Ultimate Cheeseburger for lunch, which is a huge beef patty topped with chopped pork BBQ AND bacon!!  (BTW, the brown thing under the cheese in the picture is the meat patty, NOT the bottom portion of the bun.)
I'm eating salads and yogurt and hadn't even lost even 1/2 a pound.  He's eating like that and has already lost more than 10 pounds.  I call BS!  I friend said her husband "could exhale and lose 7 pounds or tell her that he has cut his calories to 1,000 per meal."  She told him that if she could guarantee a female judge and jury, she'd kill him because she knows no female judge and jury would convict her.  I completely agree!

I've been starving myself, crippling myself with a boot camp work out and sliced the side of my tongue with some foreign object found in my Healthy Choice meal, yet Ben is the one that loses the weight.  Figures, doesn't it.

A facebook friend posted this, and I thought it was appropriate, so I had to re-post it.  LOL!  Well, skinny girls need to look out now, because it's time to start taking care of myself again.  RIGHT??

Okay, I guess it's time to get down to business:

Weight loss this week:  -2.4 pounds.

Considering I didn't really work out this past week, I'm okay with a loss of 2.4 pounds.  Do I wish it was more?  Sure, but I know I'm likely to keep it off if I lose a pound or two a week.  Besides, I KNOW that I have to exercise to really lose.  My goal this week is to work out more often.  The joint pains seem to have subsided for the most part, so hopefully the boys and I can work out at least 3 nights this week.

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