Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Biggest Loser - Week 3

Sorry, I'm late with this post.  I was off work yesterday, and you know how that goes; my day never goes as planned. 

With regard to the weight loss, I'm falling into an old trap - that would be weighing myself each and every stinking day.  I should know better, but I want instant gratification, you know?  There will be fluctuations, and if I check my weight each day, it's just going to cause that emotional roller coaster.  Don't do it, woman!  Yet, I can't help myself.  I was so thrilled when I weighed on the 17th and learned that I had reached a loss of 5+ pounds.  However, that was one of those nasty fluctuations I mentioned, and I'm now up 1.8 pounds again.  But I know why..... PMS.  It's such a nasty thing, and can cause me to gain 5 pounds or more of bloat.  UGH!  So, I'm now back to less than 5 pounds lost. 

So, my goals this week:

Goal 1:  Only weigh on Monday mornings!  PERIOD!!
Goal 2:  Work out more.
Goal 3:  Get more veggies into my diet.  Blech!  Veggies are gross, but I know I need to eat better plus, more importantly, I need to set that example for my boys.

Please ignore Garrett's fuzzy pool head
You know it's really hard to find a picture of these two together where they're not mugging, messy or both.  This picture was taken this past summer; hence, the pool hair and amazing tans.

Last Week's Loss:  -2.4
This Week's Loss:  -1.2


I didn't work out as much as I'd hoped.  However, one day at work I did walk the stairs - all 11 flights.  Oh my goodness!  By the time I reached the top, I was fairly certain I was going to die.  At the very least, I didn't think I'd be able to walk for the next few days.  I know I should have walked back down those same 11 flights; unfortunately, by the time I reached the 11th floor my legs were total jello.  So, I rode the elevator back down to my office on the 1st floor.  At least that's some exercise and some serious cardio for sure.  It only took me 10 minutes, so I think I may try to walk those stairs each work day.  Maybe after a few times I won't have to stop and rest on each landing starting around floor #5.   LOL!  Oh, Hubby finally moved all the stuff he had piled around and under my tread mill, so I can now get to it as well.  So, no more excuses.

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