Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

If you've been keeping up with the blog, then you know that I'm linking up each Monday with The Java Mama for a Blogger Biggest Loser contest.  This has made me think about work out gear.  I think we all want to look cute at the gym, am I right, ladies?  I thought I'd see what kind of ugly work out gear I could find.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find much.  I can tell you that I've seen way too many pictures of Kim Kardashian in various types of see-through bottoms.  Kim, dear, when you've got a booty so big that you've stretched the  fabric to the point it's now see-through - WEAR UNDERWEAR FOR PETE'S SAKE!!  A big booty means a crack the size of the Grand Canyon.  Aaaah!!  Anyway, I'll spare you those photos, and I will just stick with my regular fare with some work out gear thrown in.   Besides, if you're like me, it really doesn't matter what I wear to the gym.  By the time I'm done working out, my hair is dripping with sweat and plastered to my head, my clothes are sopping wet, and I smell like a water buffalo. 

Speaking of working out, this will be a quick post because I got to get my sweat on!

Just what I need when I'm trying to exercise and lose weight - horizontal designs to accentuate just how stinking big my thighs really are.
Remember that neck brace I posted last week? Yeah.
I swear I don't purposely look for Hello Kitty crap items, they just pop up. I can't believe there is so much of this stuff out there, especially in ADULT sizes. Come on, ladies! Really??
Folks, never wear anything that's going to highlight your private parts, especially when you're going to be sweating. Just sayin'.

Congratulations on your sobriety!  That's great, but why do you feel the need to have it written across your backside?  Is that a message to the men at the bar, "I'm sober, so don't waste your time?"

I suppose this post could have actually been titled, Ugly Scarves. What the heck? Let me introduce you to the "cone of shame" human edition.
High waisted boot cut trousers. Hmmm.... I really don't see anything flattering about these trousers at all, nor do I see the boot cut. They look more like the old peg-leg pants that I ran from in high school. If it's going to be a slim fit at the ankle, the whole darned thing should be slim fit in my opinion or you end up looking like a purple q-tip. Unless of course that's the look you're going for, then carry on.
The scarf and head band are a yucky color, yes, but what really caught my attention was the display dummy.   It reminds me of this:

This lovely is on "Christmas Clearance" for $60.   The only thing that comes to mind is a Beta Fish, for some reason.
Another ugly scarf, or whatever you call this thing. I have no idea who would wear this, but if you ever need to dress up as Queen Elizabeth I, this would definitely work.
Well, this just makes me chuckle, so I thought I'd share.

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!