Thursday, February 28, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday.... on Thursday

Sorry, I'm late getting this posted. It's been really chaotic this week, and I haven't had much free time. As I mentioned Monday in my Biggest Loser link up, the Elite played baseball all weekend. That means I have a ton of laundry, housework, etc., that I'm trying to finish. Gabe has a Science Fair project due Monday, and master procrastinators that we are, we have now entered panic mode trying to get it completed before we leave town Friday. PLUS, we're trying to make sure we're all prepared to play baseball in arctic temps this coming weekend. Busy, I tell you!

The kids at Gabe's school are doing fun things all week: Monday was bring your favorite stuffed animal, Tuesday was crazy sock day, Wednesday was dress as your favorite book character, etc. Because Gabe has obviously learned a little too well, and can now be considered an apprentice procrastinator, he dressed as Harry Potter Wednesday morning. When he was little, he dressed in the entire Harry Potter get up for Halloween, and he was cute as can be. What do you think?
This picture was taken in 2007 at my grandmother's house on Halloween. He was 4. He has a cowlick in the perfect place for the scar, unfortunately, you can't see it in this picture. However, now that he's older, no robe, no tie.... just jeans, a tee and a scar drawn on his forehead. I suppose even Harry Potter grew up, huh?

Well, let's get the show on the road.

Pssst.... Honey, your sweater is coming unraveled!

This is called the Vacation Time Dress. Is it really necessary to wear a tent when you're on vacation? Or maybe you need the tent dress after scarfing down so much food while on vacation? Wait! Maybe the tent IS the vacation! I think a couple of people can actually fit in there.

This is really confusing. There is just so much wrong with this, my head is spinning.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I actually owned and wore something similar to this back in the 80s. Today you can see something much like this worn on those Amish reality shows.

Rapunzel, you MUST remember to move your braids out of the way when you knit!

Okay, folks - we've talked about themed clothing before. Just don't! Golf tee buttons too? UGH! There's no helping some people. Sadly, I just had a vision (nightmare) of someone wearing this sweater with plaid pants in the same colors. Aaaaah! To me, golf is becoming synonymous with bad clothing.

Why do people insist on adding fringe and appliques to a perfectly normal garment then try to sell it for an insane price, calling it upcycled?? This cardigan, other than being a blah color, was just fine before they touched it, now.....
Okay, these boots scare me! They look like they were made for an alien. Can you put your foot in either way? Why would you do that? Yikes!! Let's move on....
I must be feeling fat today, because I keep pulling up these shapeless dresses for some reason. Oh, and this little lovely is wool! Shapeless and itchy! Yay! You might as well be wearing a burlap sack. I think vertical stripes have the slimming effect if the item has some shape to begin with. Just sayin'.
This is touted as a one-of-a-kind dress - thank goodness.
This is a Liz Claiborne jumpsuit. Why a grown woman would want to wear a jumpsuit, I'll never know. Maybe they feel the need to practice their skills as a contortionist? I'm sorry, but I think once you're out of diapers and training pants, jumpsuits should no longer be a part of your wardrobe. This particular jumpsuit actually looks like pajamas because of the ugly fabric.

Could these shorts be any uglier? I suppose if you added some fringe....

A Steve Austin tube top - a must have for the redneck fashionista. Why? 'Cause Stone Cold said so!! Come on - ya'll didn't see that coming??

Obviously, their idea of spoiled and mine are two totally different things. This poor girl apparently said, "No honey I'm fine, just get me a t-shirt." HA!

Well, I'm going to stop here today. I have so much to do before this weekend, it's not funny. Remember, if you see anything out there that you think should be included in a WTHW post, please send it in.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Biggest Loser - Week 8

I don't like weighing on Mondays.  This week's loss is small, but I know exactly why:  it's baseball season, and I have zero will power.  For those that don't know, my youngest is on a travelling baseball team.  This team is a hand-picked team of very talented 9 year olds.  In fact, they are the 2012 8AAA USSSA Undefeated World Champions.  Proud momma here, can you tell?  Anyway, they played ball this weekend, and we ate late following our last game each night.  We were all frozen and hungry, so what did I gravitate toward?  Yup - comfort food.  Saturday night was a Philly Cheesesteak at 11p.m.  Last night was oatmeal at 10p.m.  So, here's the result:

Previous week:  -8.2

Week 7:            -.20

TOTAL LOSS:  -8.4.
It was a loss, but still....  It's frustrating.  I wish I had some will power. 

This weekend we played close to home, so there was no hotel stay involved.  This coming weekend we're on the road, so I'll definitely need to be much more conscious of what I'm eating.  Eating out every meal is certainly not good when you're trying to diet.  I'll need to make smarter food choices.  I know I will have some help available, I just have to ask.

One of our coaches wives, is a fitness instructor.  In fact, she's the facility coordinator at our local D1.  A few years ago some of us team moms participated in three 6-week private bootcamp sessions with her, and let me tell you.....   WOW!  I lost 12 inches in the first session.  We worked our butts off, literally.  But it was AWESOME!!  We worked out 6 days a week - a couple of days with her, and she gave us homework to do on the nights we weren't with her.  I still have those homework assignments she gave us, and I do them on occasion.  Unfortunately, "on occasion" doesn't get it.  If you're trying to get back in shape and have a D1 facility near you, do it!!  I can't recommend it highly enough.  I loved it, and wish I could do it again.  (Although I have to admit, I hate burpees.  If you don't know what that is, google it.)  Check this out......
By the way, this is what my son's baseball team does in the off-season to help stay in shape and improve their strength and agility. 
Oh, yeah.... they played baseball this weekend.
My baby boy is kneeling on the far right.  These amazing boys are an inspiration to me, you know why?  They don't give up!  It's tough to beat a team who refuses to give up.  They get discouraged, sure, but they fight back and keep fighting.  That's how I've got to be on this weight loss journey.  I can't give up, I have to keep fighting, and eventually I will overcome!

I'm linking up at The Java Mama.  I just realized that I've failed to add the link on my previous updates.  My apologies to our lovely hostess, and I will remedy this pronto!

Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
I'm not sure I have 7 Quick Takes today, we'll see.....
--- 2 ---
Saturday I was busy, busy, busy.... cleaning, making a new batch of laundry detergent and trying out a recipe for a homemade bleach gel that a blogger friend posted.  With her permission, I hope to share that with you some time next week.  So, stay tuned....
--- 3 ---
I finally managed to get rid of those pesky 2 pounds that I've been losing over and over again in my Blogger Biggest Loser challenge.  I'm really not sure how it happened especially since I ate Mexican food the night before I weighed.  But, yay!!  It's depressing to know that according to the doctor's scale, I'm still 4 pounds heavier than I thought.  UGH!!  Apparently, my Biggest Loser brand scale isn't that accurate after all.  I need to see if there is a way to calibrate it. 

Oh, speaking about losing weight, why is it that when I diet, my shoes and my bras are the first things that start fitting more loosely?  Really?  That's just not fair.

--- 4 ---
I don't know if you remember, but we had a huge snow storm that hit Christmas night.  We lost power at our home, and we were without power for several days.  Monday we had a thunder storm, and we lost power Monday evening as soon as we got home.  Immediately my boys wanted to know if they needed to bring in fire wood and bring their bedding into the living room OR would they need to pack bags so we could go stay with family.  I kept trying to assure them that this was nothing like the Christmas snow storm, and that power should be restored fairly soon, but they remained really skeptical until power came back on about 30 minutes later.

Winters here are... well, honestly bi-polar describes our winters pretty accurately.  One day the temperature will be almost 70, and the next day we may have sleet and freezing rain.  But, that's a normal winter for us. (It's no wonder that we're sick off and on all winter.)  Because of the swinging temperatures and the fact that forecasters rarely get the winter weather forecasts right, panic tends to set in around here if winter weather is mentioned.  Seriously, there's a mad dash for bread and milk.  Some even stock up like they're doomsday preppers.  It's insane.  I wonder if folks up North do that as well.  Surely not.
--- 5 ---
I love my boys, I really do!  However, I'm really tired of having an almost-10 year old get in my bed every single night - Mama needs some sleep!!  Have any of you had this problem?  If so, how did you finally put an end to it? We have threatened to start locking our door at night, but that really seems heartless.  Besides, what if one of the boys really does need us for something??  I've thought about changing his bed to see if that would help.  He's got a day bed which is difficult to make, so he/we rarely makes it.  Therefore, his blankets often end up in the floor in the middle of the night.  Maybe if I change him to a regular twin bed....?  My oldest has bunk beds, and I'm sure you all know bunk beds are pain to make as well.  So... I've thought about taking Garrett's bunk beds apart and giving Gabe one of those beds.  I'm certainly open to suggestions.
--- 6 ---
Gabe's school is having a shoe drive to benefit the Shoeman Water Project.  If you're unfamiliar with this project, it's where shoes are collected, exported and sold to local street vendors in places such as Kenya, Haiti and South American.  Those shoes can then be purchased by locals for cents on the dollar.  Funds generated from exporting those shoes are used to provide well drilling rigs, water purification systems, repairs for hand pumps and health and hygiene training.  What a great project for our youngsters!  I know Gabe is really excited about this drive, and has spoken repeatedly about what our donations will provide.  However, I often wonder if he really understands what he's doing or if he's just doing it for the prize.  I think with this drive, he may actually get it because I haven't heard any mention of a prize for meeting their goal. 

This drive actually comes at a really good time for me, as I'm doing a 40 bags in 40 days Lenten challenge.  Last night, I started pulling shoes out of the closet. 
Eh hmmm.....   Apparently, someone has a slight shoe problem.  This is actually a picture of what I'm keeping, for now at least.  I did manage to select about 20 pairs of shoes to donate to the school drive, and a few others that I plan to list on eBay.  Even Ben managed to kick in a few pairs of his shoes.  So, I consider it a win/win - Gabe is contributing to the Shoeman Water Project to help provide shoes and clean water to people in Kenya, and I got rid of a few more bags for my Lenten challenge.  
--- 7 ---
TGIF!!  I hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend!   

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

As part of my 40 bags in 40 days Lenten challenge, I cleaned out my kitchen gadget drawer.  I found several odd things I'm sure my grandmother has given me over the years.  One such item was a pickle grabber.  Do I really need a pickle grabber?  No.  A knife or a fork would serve the purpose just as well, and I already have those items on hand.  Why do some people feel the need to have so many specialty items?  It's ridiculous!
This pickle grabber made me wonder what other crazy kitchen gadgets are out there. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Biggest Loser - Week 7

I'm actually a little surprised at the results when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Especially considering we met some friends for Mexican food last night.  It's difficult to turn down Mexican food or the margaritas for that matter.  So, I figured the sheer salt content from last night's meal alone would totally mess with my weigh in.  But.....
 Previous week:  -4.8

Week 7:            -3.4

TOTAL LOSS:  -8.2.
I could say I ramped up the work outs, but I'd be lying.  I was more conscious about what I was eating over the weekend, but that was about it.  I know I tried to stay busy Saturday so I wouldn't snack.  I think I ended up eating breakfast Saturday, but it was a fairly large breakfast.  Lunch was only a couple of cookies my son & hubby made.  Dinner was only a couple of bites of mashed potatoes and meatloaf for dinner.  So, I ate total crap Saturday and Sunday, well.... Sunday I had breakfast, no lunch and then dinner was Mexican.  So, yeah crap again Sunday.  I think I've been fighting the same two pounds for a few weeks because of the whole hormonal thing.  I'm not sure why I finally made it past those pesky 2 pounds, but I'm glad it happened.

I took my baby boy to AR Children's Hospital this morning to participate in a brain function study.  It's a study for children around his age that are in the 95th percentile or higher when compared to their peers.  Today was the initial visit: weigh in, measuring, basic questions, etc.  Next we'll go back for an MRI.  I think one of things they're looking for is to see how his brain responds to foods.

He didn't want me to take his picture in the hospital gown and jammie pants so he covered his face.  But he was just so stinking cute.... how could I resist?

Another neat thing from this morning, see the pictures taped to the cabinet on the wall behind Gabe?  Those are photo Christmas cards from patients.  This was one of those cards:

Tibbett is my maiden name.  My paternal grandfather was raised by foster parents.  He knew his birth parents' names and that he had 3 brothers and possibly a sister.  But he never knew anything more about them.  I wonder if this family may be relatives?  Since, this was posted at the hospital, it's doubtful we'll be able to get any information on this family with HIPAA and all, but it's worth a shot.
Well, that's it for today.  I hope you have all done well and been able to meet your goals better than I have.  My goal for this week yet again is to get more exercise.  One week I will be able to say I met that goal.  I WILL!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

Okay, the update on Gabe's contacts saga:  He has pretty much given up on trying to put his contacts in himself, but... BUT, he now asks me to put them in for him.  I dreaded the idea of this since previous attempts have not ended well.  However, I agreed provided he would sit still and quiet like he did for Ms. Christy, do what I asked him to do and not argue.  He agreed, but I was sceptical.  He actually surprised me.  He sat as still as can be expected of a 9-year old boy, he did exactly what I asked him to do and his contacts were in, well in the blink of an eye.  Voila!  He's been wearing them to school, baseball practices, etc., and says he likes them better than his glasses.  I don't want to be the kind of mom that says, I told you so, but.....  I DID!  I so did! 

I'll continue to put his contacts in for a while, but I'm sure that soon he'll want to start doing it himself.  After all, he needs to learn to do it himself to get those Oakley sunglasses, and I noticed him eyeing those sunglasses again at the doctor's office the other day. 

--- 2 ---
Last Friday afternoon I had a luncheon meeting at my corporate office.  They brought in boxed lunches, and take a look at what I found in my box:

Thank goodness, they labeled this!  I would have had no idea.  LOL!

Then Monday we had a "team building" afternoon for my department.  We all went to the movies and out for dinner and drinks after.  The movie we chose to see was Identity Thief.  It has quite a bit of bad language, but it was a very funny movie.  Melissa McCarthy was hilarious, and Jason Bateman was great as the straight man for her comic genius.

--- 3 ---
Oh, remember me mentioning curlformers?  Well, I purchased some.  I think I even mentioned that I used them, I can't recall.  So, I thought I might show a Before and After in case anyone is interested.  I wanted curl, and I got it.  I had ringlets!  I slept in the curlformers, and it was much like sleeping in those old foam rollers.  If any of you remember those, then you know I'm using the word "sleep" loosely.  Anway, the curl lasted until I washed my hair the next day, and my hair usually will not hold curl.

Left:  An awesome (blurry) picture of my stick-straight hair.  Right:  Again, another blurry picture.  Sorry.  The picture on the right was taken immediately after taking the curlformers out of my hair.  I had not even tried to style it at this point.  So, if you're interested in spiral curls, this product worked well in my hard-to-curl hair.

--- 4 ---
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  We don't really do much for Valentine's Day around our house.  I cooked chicken spaghetti, one of my boys' favorites.  I got each of my boys a box of their favorite candy only to learn that my oldest has decided to give up candy for Lent.  Bummer...  Sorry, buddy, but I'm proud of you for giving up something I know will be a challenge for you.  I know it seems like a fuss at you a great deal, but I really am proud of the amazing young man you are becoming.

Sorry about the squinty-eyed picture, but this is one of the best ones I could find on my phone (my good camera battery is dead at the moment).  Handsome, though, right?

--- 5 ---
Today is day 3 of 40 Bags in 40 Days, and it's going well so far.  In looking at some of the stuff over the past few days, I'm wondering why it was kept it in the first place.  I also learned that apparently I buy those big birthday number candles and NEVER use them.

I'm ashamed to post this picture, but this is a small cabinet that sits just inside our front door.  OUR FRONT DOOR!!  This is what people see as soon as they walk into our home.  I know, I KNOW!  But, Ben doesn't get it.  This is all his crap stuff.  He walks in the door and empties his pants pockets right here.  It's basically his catchall place or rather one of them.  As you can see, there are 4 small drawers, and they are the first things I cleaned out for my 1st bag.  I'm hoping he'll start putting all of this errr stuff in those drawers.  Better yet!  Do something else with it!  I have no idea how to stop him from dumping here unless I completely remove the cabinet, but I'm certainly open to suggestions.  Oh, since I've shown you this embarrassing picture, let me just tell you that every horizontal surface in our home would look like this if I didn't constantly clean.   It's exhausting! 

Trust me, Ben is not the only clutter culprit.  But since this is one of my biggest pet peeves, I'm picking on him today.  Sorry, honey.

--- 6 ---
Since my post is already quite photo-heavy today, I'm going to stick this picture in too because it just makes me smile.   Apparently even dogs are into photo-bombing!

--- 7 ---
I recently found out that Gabe's team, the AR Easton Elite, were bumped in class.  That means we are now 9 Major, baby!!   As in professional baseball, Major is the top level.  Unfortunately, we've already heard that teams are dropping out of tournaments because we're playing in them.  Really??  Again?  I really think that's unfair not only to us, but to those teams as well.  How do those coaches and parents expect their boys to improve if they don't challenge them?  Our boys are as good as they are because they are constantly challenged.  This same thing happened last year - we couldn't play teams in our own age division because a large majority of those teams whined said they would drop out of tournaments if they had to play us.  So, if our boys wanted to play baseball, they were forced to play up in the older divisions.  Guess what?  We're even better because of it.  You were scared to play us before?  LOL!  Get ready....

Elite baseball starts this weekend!!  Let's go boys!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

If you're a regular reader, then you know I'm participating in a Biggest Loser Challenge.  I can actually start the WTHW post by saying that I got on the scale this morning, and WTH??!!  Why am I losing the same 2 pounds over and over again?  Well, with today being Ash Wednesday, that means a day of fast, so hopefully it will help me bypass those pesky 2 pounds.  (Not that jumpstarting a diet is the purpose of Ash Wednesday....)  Eh hmmm.... Moving along.
Okay, folks - I came across this on a blog that I read on occasion.  This toothpaste costs $100, and let me tell you something:  If you're spending $100 on a tube of toothpaste, you have more money than sense.  Just sayin'.

I thought I would continue with Men's fashion this week, and this t-shirt struck me as something odd for men's fashion. Then after I thought about it, I suppose there is a certain group of men who might wear a t-shirt like this, but I know my hubby wouldn't be caught dead wearing a t-shirt with another man's face on it. I also saw Zack Efron, Kenye, Justin Beiber, etc.

The cheddar sweater vest.  Really, that's what it's named.  I don't recall ever seeing a man wear a sweater vest without a shirt under it.  Maybe I have seen it before, but just blocked it out.  It's not a very attractive look in my opinion.  One of the least appealing things to me is seeing a man's pit hair.  Guh ross!!

We've talked before about some of the gosh-awful fashion that you see on the runway.  This particular outfit was from the 2012 men's fashion week.  I really have no idea what to say about this except that he looks like the victim of a frat party gone oh so wrong.  He's wearing a lamp shade for Pete's sake!

Another disaster from that same fashion week - The Chester Cheeto/Tilda Swinson wannabe.
Oh, look!  Frat party victim number 2.  There must be quite a few shadeless lamps in that house!  Is he wearing garters on his socks??

A neckwarmer with a mustache on it.  Now, why would a man (or anyone for that matter) wear an item of clothing with a mustache on it?  Is this for those who can't grow their own mustaches?  I really don't understand this whole hipster/mustache craze - it just seems really silly to me.
Does anyone else think they stencilled this jacket?  For real??
Remember what I've said about upcycled?  Yeah - don't!  Especially not for $110.
Yes, these are men's shoes.  I SWEAR!  I know, ugly right?  Are guys supposed to wear the shape-up like shoes?  I know Joe Montana endorses something similar, but come on!!  He gets paid to do so!  I actually know one man who wears those type of shoes, and ya'll he looks like the biggest goober walking around in those things.  So, I just wondered what the general concensus was on whether they should wear them or not?
These should probably be worn with the jeans from last week that had the stars on them.  Then you have a whole theme going.  Yeah.... NO!  OMG!
Oh look, Jenni, it's the dreads dude again.  Okay, I may catch some flack for this, but men should not wear skinny jean like this.  They just shouldn't.  It looks like he's wearing jeggings.  Good thing he's wearing a longer jacket that covers.... well, you know.
It's Doogie Howser incognito!

Is he part of a Broadway show or something?  It's quite Cabaret-esque.

Pfffft!!  Bwuaaahaaa!  OMG!  You're joking right?

After this collection of crap, I think we need a little visual palate cleanser......  

 Now that's how you do it, boys!  And ladies...  you're welcome.