Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
I'm going to rant for just a minute.... Parents, please make sure your kids are ready to get out of the car before you even get in the drop off lane at school.  No combing the hair, no packing the backpack or signing last minute forms.  Don't even try to grab last minute hugs and kisses.  Tell them you love them, sure!  But move along.  I usually get my child to school 5 to 10 minutes before the bell rings.  We'd be there earlier, but I try to make sure we take care of all of our stuff at home.  Why should my child be late because you didn't handle your business?  Be considerate of others!  PLEASE!  Okay, that's my public service announcement for the day.  You're welcome.
--- 2 ---
I know I've been going on and on about Gabe and his glasses and contacts.  Well, his coaches are on my side now and are teasing him about wearing his contacts.  The other night at practice, his Rec Specs were so fogged up, I have no idea how he could see anything.  So, his coaches asked why he wasn't wearing his contacts.  Luckily, I had his contacts in my purse, and he allowed one of the other mothers to put the contacts in for him.  He asked me yesterday if Ms. Christy could put his contacts in for him before each practice and game.  Bless his heart....  I keep telling him that he needs to learn to do it himself, but he just gets so discouraged, he believes he'll never be able to do it.  At least we're making progress.   He may get those Oakleys after all.  I just have to be careful that I don't push too much. 
--- 3 ---
My oldest son has been sick for over a week now just feeling crummy, and he missed school last Friday.  He told me that he had a presentation due at the same time as his doctor's appointment.  So, I called the school , and I even spoke to that particular teacher specifically about that presentation. Well, fast forward through the weekend.  Monday, Garrett attempted to turn in the presentation and his teacher wouldn't accept it.  Tuesday, my son calls me from her class and informed me that he was getting a 0 on that 200 point assignment.  Wait!  What??  This totally contradicted what she told me on the phone Friday.  I then spoke with the teacher to make sure I understood what was happening.  I immediately called the school to talk to the new Vice Principal.  To date, I have not heard from her.  Yesterday, I called to talk to the Principal, who was named the 2012 Educator of the Year by the local Chamber of Commerce.  **SNORT**.  She might be a very nice lady.  I wouldn't know.  I've never seen her, and I still haven't heard from her either.  I really miss the former Vice Principal.  She was awesome!!  The current staff? Yeah, not so much.  I guess I'm going to have to go camp out in the office until I'm able to speak to the Principal.   I don't want to act like "that mom" but I so totally will if you try to screw with my kid.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those parents who believes my children can do no wrong.  If my boys screw up, they will have to deal with the consequences.  However, when my child does what his teacher said he could do, then is punished and bullied because she suddenly decides to change her mind?  Uh, that's not happening!

Whew!  Apparently, I'm in "one of those moods."
--- 4 ---
There are two basketball games left for Gabe's rec league team.  I.AM.SO.READY!  I cannot wait for this basketball season to end.  That sounds horrible doesn't it?

That reminds me, do any of you watch any of those shows like Dance Moms, Cheer Perfection, Toddlers & Tiaras?  What are your thoughts on these shows?  I can't bring myself to watch them.  I actually know someone on the Cheer Perfection show - it's filmed here locally.  I saw the preview and thought, wow...  However, other friends that also know her and have watched the show have said she's probably the most sane one on the show.  I'm sure many of these shows are edited for affect (effect?  I can never remember which.  LOL.)

Several of us have laughed at the idea of doing a reality show on travelling baseball teams.  I'm sure there are times when the coaches would have to turn off their mics.  TLC, are you listening??  Give us a call, let's chat.
--- 5 ---
I am so glad that it's Friday!  I think everyone in my house is finally on the mend.  EXCEPT, now the diva dog has decided to start doing her business inside again.  What is up with that??  She's been potty trained for months now, and all of the sudden she's going inside again.  I really think the issue is that no one is paying attention to her.  She won't bark, she just stands and stares at us.  If we're asleep, she'll jump on the bed and stare at us.  If we don't get up and let her out, we'll find a nice little surprise or two when we wake up.  Since we've all been stricken with the crud, none of us are too eager to get up in the mornings.  So....

On a side note:  I'll probably be in the market for a new area rug soon, and I'm looking for a screaming deal.  So, if you happen across one....
--- 6 ---
As you know, I have two boys.  My youngest is 9-1/2, and he has really been testing us lately.  His attitude is horrible, he talks to me like he hates me, etc.  I'm tired of it.  So, I'm wondering... is it his age? Is it a phase?  Is my kid just a complete brat?  What's going on?  Because....

Seriously.....  (Not that I would say WTF to my kids...  tempted though I might be.)

--- 7 ---
By the way, I saw this just a few days after one of my boys tripped in the hallway and rammed into the wall.  Sad, but true....  

TGIF, ya'll!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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