Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
It's been a rough week.  Remember last week when I said I walked up and down 11 flights of stairs at work?  I think I even commented that it's not the up that makes you sore, it's the down.  Well, little did I know how sore I'd be.
--- 2 ---
Ben and Gabe worked the Big Buck Classic this past weekend to sell raffle tickets for the AR Easton Elite. Thank you to all our friends and family that stopped by to help out our team.
--- 3 ---
Monday Gabe woke up not feeling very well, but he had no fever.  I had to go to work so I sent him on to school.  With Gabe sometimes he'll often feel much better once he actually once he gets to school.  Amazing how that works, huh?  Well, except this time, it wasn't the case. So, I made him a Drs appointment for Tuesday.  He was diagnosed with strep.  Since I had many of the same symptoms, she treated me for strep as well.
--- 4 ---
Wednesday meant a day at home with Gabe.  Gabe began feeling better Wednesday morning.  He played Xbox for a while then we curled up on the couch and watched a movie.  His Dr. said that once he had 24 hours on antibiotics, he was no longer contagious so he wanted to go to basketball practice that night.  I still felt pretty crummy, so I was hoping that Ben would take Gabe to practice with the All Star team.  Yeah, no.  Ben walked in from work, changed into sweats and crawled in bed.  Bummer!  The All Stars were only going to have one practice before their game, and it was Wednesday night.  So, I drug myself to the shower and got ready for practice.
--- 5 ---
Thursday was back to school and work, but Thursday Garrett started coughing and complaining about his neck hurting.  Great..... I asked if he wanted me to make a Dr. appointment for him.  This is usually my judge of how bad they feel.  My boys love their pediatrician, and if they truly don't feel well, they have no qualms about going to the Dr.   His response was no.
--- 6 ---
This morning Garrett wakes up and comes and crawls in my bed coughing and hacking.  I asked if he was sure he didn't want me to call Dr. Jane.  He changed his mind and decided he needed to go see her after all.  Uh oh....  So, I called as soon as the office opened and made him appointment.  He hung out at work with me until time for his appointment.  She tested him for strep - negative.  Tested him for flu - negative.  However she said that he had flu-like symptoms so we should treat it as such.  Lots of rest and fluids.
--- 7 ---
The week ended with Gabe's All Star basketball game tonight.  It was a great game.  His team lost, but what a game!  I'm so proud of both teams.
Such an exciting, entertaining post I know.  Sorry.  But I'm thankful this week is over.  I hope next week things will be back on track and my entire household will be well.  Thanks to everyone for all of your well wishes.
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