Monday, February 4, 2013

Biggest Loser - Weeks 4 & 5

Sorry I missed last week's link up.  I blame it on the plague that struck our household.  It's nothing major, just one thing after another.  Gabe and I started the week with strep, then Wednesday Ben comes home not feeling well and Thursday Garrett starts getting sick with a flu-like virus or the crud (as we call it in the South).  Anyway, things seem to be slowly returning to normal.  Well, as normal as things are around our house.

My treadmill died, and Ben is trying to figure out how to fix it.  Who knows when that will happen.  So, I've been trying to do some things at work to get some exercise without actually having to go to the gym with the UMPTEEN million people that go there.  I think I may have mentioned my aversion to sweating like a pig and puking and/passing out in public.  Well, as you may know I started walking the stairs in the building where my office is located.  The first time I walked the stairs, I walked up all eleven flights.  However, my legs were so weak, that I was afraid to try and walk back down the stairs.  I took the elevator down instead.  Thursday, January 24th, (see how I remember the exact date?  I could almost tell you the time as well) I walked up AND down the stairs.  ALL.ELEVEN.FLIGHTS.   Friday afternoon I started getting sore.  O.M.G!!  By Saturday, I could barely walk.  Sunday was the same as Saturday.  Monday I was improving and by Tuesday morning, I would only stiffen up when I sat for any length of time.  Since I was home with a sick little boy and sick myself, let me tell you, there was lots of sitting/lying around.  I have NEVER done something that's made me sore for 4 COMPLETE days.  Of course, my husband said, "You're not as young as you used to be."  I almost hit him.

I have to admit, my diet wasn't the best while I was off with the boys.  Oh, and let's not forget the Super Bowl yesterday.  I think I ate quite a bit of guacamole and tortilla chips, and drank a few winearitas.... 

Previous week:      -3.6

Week 4 & 5:          -1.0

TOTAL LOSS:      -4.6.

I'm not happy with the results so far, but considering I've done basically NOTHING, what can I expect.  I was actually a little surprised this morning when the scale showed a loss.  I do plan on walking the stairs again this week, maybe up and down just a few flights this time possibly every other day.  Thankfully, I left most of my homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies that I made for the Super Bowl party at our friends' house.  Unfortunately, they did make me bring some home.  UGH!  Those chocolate chip cookies are so good, but I will stay away from them.

This week's goals are to make sure I'm drinking enough water, continue to watch and log my meals and GET.SOME.DANG.EXERCISE!! I'm really hoping to get back on track.

I hope the other ladies in the link up are doing better than me.  Cause ya'll, I'm........

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