Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

I usually post about women's fashion so I thought I'd check out one of my WTHW sources so see what I could find for men.  Let me just say, I was speechless.  So.... Let me preface this post by saying that I don't understand the whole steam punk goth thing or even the hipster stuff.    Seems to me this whole hipster thing is just a bunch of kids playing opposite day - what used to be uncool, out of style or nerdy, is now cool.  Newsflash... you're doing nothing new!  We all rebelled at some point in our life and wore things like what the hipsters are wearing.  We called it, finding our own style, being an individual,etc. LOL!

By the way, my opinions are based what the men in my life, and pretty much every man I know, would wear or NOT.  Anyway, I've chosen some of the more tame/less offensive outfits I saw.  So, let's get started.
Nice looking guy.  Too bad he looks like he's wearing an armadillo hide.
Why would a man want to wear a shirt that gives the illusion he's wearing Madonna's pointy bra?
Men's chaps - please tell me this is a costume, because the men that I know who wear chaps would NEVER wear this.  This guy, although quite pleasing to the eyes, looks like he should be performing in The King & I.
Okay, here's some of that hipster stuff I was talking about.  Thank goodness they're trying to sell the pants, because the patterned shirt and polka dot tie are hideous.  The young man looks a little like Liev Shreiber look, and he just spoils it with this gosh awful outfit.

Hey, look!  My old co-ed softball jacket.  No seriously.  Although I wouldn't really consider this cool now, back in the day.....
Lapel accessories?  Really?  Why would I pay $15 for a feather?  A FEATHER!!  Jacket and shirt are quite questionable as well.
Okay, I know there's no way in you know where my husband would wear this.  Well, maybe if he were in survival mode and absolutely had to have a hat or die.....  It's an upcycled "gnome hat."  Upcycled should be your clue here. 
Dude, if you're going to model a sweater, I think you should actually put in on.  Otherwise, what's the point?  I understand, I wouldn't want to wear that either, but still... 
This jacket looks quite nice and preppy until.....
What the.....??!!
Men's bootcut jeans.  The only man I even imagine wearing these jeans would be Jimmy Hendrix....
This shirt is a shirt specifically designed for the disabled and provides "adjusted access."  Okay, that's fine, but don't the disabled deserve to look stylish as well?  Why do they have to look like they're wearing a modified hospital gown?
A "punk rockabilly" shirt with ruffles.....  Why am I imagining Sebastian Bach from Skidrow?  I'm sure the ruffles are more suited for Johann Sebastian Bach era.

Well, that's it for today folks.  My kids still have the crud, they're testy, I'm testy - good times, I tell ya!  If everyone is not well and in better moods soon, you may find me in the fetal position sucking on my thumb.  Either that or hiding in a closet with a straw stuck in a bottle of wine.

Happy Hump Day, ya'll.

**Disclaimer:  NO, I was not drinking while preparing this post.  Any typos or grammatical errors you may find are merely a result of being exhausted and totally NOT in the mood to proofread.  Sorry.**