Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

If you're a regular reader, then you know I'm participating in a Biggest Loser Challenge.  I can actually start the WTHW post by saying that I got on the scale this morning, and WTH??!!  Why am I losing the same 2 pounds over and over again?  Well, with today being Ash Wednesday, that means a day of fast, so hopefully it will help me bypass those pesky 2 pounds.  (Not that jumpstarting a diet is the purpose of Ash Wednesday....)  Eh hmmm.... Moving along.
Okay, folks - I came across this on a blog that I read on occasion.  This toothpaste costs $100, and let me tell you something:  If you're spending $100 on a tube of toothpaste, you have more money than sense.  Just sayin'.

I thought I would continue with Men's fashion this week, and this t-shirt struck me as something odd for men's fashion. Then after I thought about it, I suppose there is a certain group of men who might wear a t-shirt like this, but I know my hubby wouldn't be caught dead wearing a t-shirt with another man's face on it. I also saw Zack Efron, Kenye, Justin Beiber, etc.

The cheddar sweater vest.  Really, that's what it's named.  I don't recall ever seeing a man wear a sweater vest without a shirt under it.  Maybe I have seen it before, but just blocked it out.  It's not a very attractive look in my opinion.  One of the least appealing things to me is seeing a man's pit hair.  Guh ross!!

We've talked before about some of the gosh-awful fashion that you see on the runway.  This particular outfit was from the 2012 men's fashion week.  I really have no idea what to say about this except that he looks like the victim of a frat party gone oh so wrong.  He's wearing a lamp shade for Pete's sake!

Another disaster from that same fashion week - The Chester Cheeto/Tilda Swinson wannabe.
Oh, look!  Frat party victim number 2.  There must be quite a few shadeless lamps in that house!  Is he wearing garters on his socks??

A neckwarmer with a mustache on it.  Now, why would a man (or anyone for that matter) wear an item of clothing with a mustache on it?  Is this for those who can't grow their own mustaches?  I really don't understand this whole hipster/mustache craze - it just seems really silly to me.
Does anyone else think they stencilled this jacket?  For real??
Remember what I've said about upcycled?  Yeah - don't!  Especially not for $110.
Yes, these are men's shoes.  I SWEAR!  I know, ugly right?  Are guys supposed to wear the shape-up like shoes?  I know Joe Montana endorses something similar, but come on!!  He gets paid to do so!  I actually know one man who wears those type of shoes, and ya'll he looks like the biggest goober walking around in those things.  So, I just wondered what the general concensus was on whether they should wear them or not?
These should probably be worn with the jeans from last week that had the stars on them.  Then you have a whole theme going.  Yeah.... NO!  OMG!
Oh look, Jenni, it's the dreads dude again.  Okay, I may catch some flack for this, but men should not wear skinny jean like this.  They just shouldn't.  It looks like he's wearing jeggings.  Good thing he's wearing a longer jacket that covers.... well, you know.
It's Doogie Howser incognito!

Is he part of a Broadway show or something?  It's quite Cabaret-esque.

Pfffft!!  Bwuaaahaaa!  OMG!  You're joking right?

After this collection of crap, I think we need a little visual palate cleanser......  

 Now that's how you do it, boys!  And ladies...  you're welcome.