Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

Hello, my name is Francie, and I'm addicted to shoes and purses.  At least, that's what my hubby says.  He's probably right.  I know most women have a thing for purses and shoes, and I think I know why.  No matter how much weight you gain (or lose), shoes and purses still fit!!  Am I right?  I've featured shoes before, but I don't think I've ever really done anything on purses.  So, today is the day!

So let's get started.

The Couture Barbie Bag, and yes, you read that right - $625 USD.  If you pay $625 for this bag, you're either Paris Hilton or you have more money than sense.  Wait, those would be the same thing, right?

This was a lovely retro purse until the chicken feet were added.  Why??
The blue jean purse.  This is a perfectly acceptable purse to carry.  If you're 8.

My grandmother would love this purse.  She retired from the phone company back in the 80s. 
I've been known to carry a big "mom purse," but I think this is a little ridiculous.  When the purse handles are made using hula hoops, the bag is a little too big.  I guarantee that bag is empty or that scrawny girl wouldn't even be able to carry it.
Oh look!  A European Man Bag.  Whatever, dude!  It's a purse!!  Deal with it.  You don't want to admit you carry a purse?  Carry a backpack.  Problem solved.
The Dolce & Gabbana granny square purse.  Again, this is for the person who has more money than sense.  Not only is it ugly, it costs almost $3,000.   What genius stole their granny's afghan and thought it would make a good handbag?  Blech!!  Those afghans are only good for cuddling up on the couch on a cold winter day.  They're warm, but stylish?  Nope!!
The Kate Spade flamingo clutch.  I like a little whimsy, but really?  We're adults, right?  How about a cut little bow or maybe a little bling somewhere?  Why do we have to have animals or characters on our stuff to make it cute and whimsical?  UGH!

While I'm on Kate Spade - take a look at these two monstrosities!  A straw armadillo bag AND a bag made with AstroTurf or maybe indoor/outdoor carpeting.  Who knows!  Both ugly!!  I generally like Kate Spade bags, but these three?  Uh uh!

Wait!  Here's another gem from Kate Spade.  The Under the Sea change purse.  Whatever happened to the classic small leather change purse?  For example:
It's simple, elegant and will go with any handbag you choose to carry. 
Betsy Johnson's Loco bag.  What is wrong with women now a days?  Are we all still 10??  Tell me this is one of those fashion pieces created for the runway that no one actually ever buys.  Please, tell me....
This clutch is actually quite nice until you close it and Aaaaah!!  It looks like it's being eaten by a dehydrated alligator.  Think this was made by some swamp people?  "Choot 'em, Liz'beth!  Choot 'em!"  Knock the gator head and arms off, and I'd carry this.

A holiday bag.  Yay..... Holiday sweaters are a no no, and so are holiday purses.  Want to carry something different to a holiday party?  Try a nice clutch in a red or black velvet.  Not "holiday" enough for you?  How about this?
For Pete's sake, don't carry a bag that looks like you dismembered and stuffed Santa!!

Again, want to be known as the crazy cat lady?  Carry this purse.
Although this bag does not compare to any of the previous bags, I think there comes a point when you need to just stop and say less is more.  Mary Frances has some beautiful bags, most of which are entirely too embellished to really be used, in my opinion, but beautiful nontheless.  Take a look at the shoulder strap (is it a shoulder strap or wrist strap?  I can't really tell.)  Beads are sewn into the strap which means those beads will bite into either your wrist or shoulder.  Lovely, but not practical.  Take the beads off the strap and weave in some satin or silk ribbon.  Just my two cents.
I'm all for recycling and re-purposing, but..... I really don't think I could carry an inside-out soccer ball for a purse.  Just sayin'.
How about a treat for the real girly girl (not me)?  A cupcake bag.  This might actually look okay with the right evening gown, but this obviously isn't something you'd carry every day.

The Judith Leiber Juliet Dachshund clutch.  I love my dachshund just as much as the next doxie owner.  However, I would not carry a dachshund purse ESPECIALLY one that retails for over $6,000!  Yikes!

Modalu Pippa Grab Bag in Toffee

This is actually my kind of bag.  I would love to have one of these - a Modalu Pippa Grab Bag.  It was named after a famous royal relative who seems to own this bag in virtually every color.  This bag or a Michael Kors Hamilton would be AWESOME!!  (Hint Hint!)

Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel in the color Luggage

Okay, I realize my handbag preferences are a little boring compared to the other choices I posted, but I can live with that.  Quite frankly I don't have the budget for either of my choices, but a girl can dream, can't she?  What's the saying:  "Champagne taste on a beer budget?"  Yup - that's me.  (That Pippa is reaaaaaalllly calling my name.)

That's it for today folks.    Happy Hump Day, ya'll!!