Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
I hope you all had a blessed Easter.  We had rain off and on all weekend, so it made for a soggy egg hunt.  But, we got to spend a little time with some family we don't get to see very often.

The boys and I thought it would be nice to give our priest some homemade chocolate chip cookies for Easter.  Honestly, I have people ask me to bring these cookies to functions ALL.OF.THE.TIME.  On numerous occasions, I've actually seen people shoveling these cookies in their mouths.  So, I thought they were good.  Now....??  Meh.  Father posted a message saying, "Thanks for the super-awesome cookies....  Was that sea salt on top??!!"
I responded that yes, there was sea salt on top, and I hope I didn't get too much salt on some of the cookies.  Based on previous reactions to these cookies, I was fairly confident that I would receive a wholehearted exclamation that they truly were, in fact, SUPER AWESOME.  Instead?  He "liked" my response.  Uh oh.....  Now I feel the need to redeem myself.    

--- 2 ---
Sunday afternoon my youngest and I started feeling bad.  My stomach was bothering me, I felt feverish and just overall yucky.  Gabe, well.... said his tummy hurt too and he had a headache, but no fever.  So, I thought maybe we both had a stomach virus of sorts. 

Monday, both of us stayed home.  We rested and watched Wreck it Ralph.  I'm probably the only parent of boys that hasn't seen the movie.  It was actually a cute movie, and it had a good message.

--- 3 ---
Tuesday, Gabe was really no better and Garrett also started complaining of the same symptoms.  Tuesday the three of us hung out at home.  Still no one had fever.  We watched Wreck it Ralph again. 

--- 4 ---
Wednesday, Garrett was better and went to school.  Gabe said his tummy felt better, but his head hurt
He's talking to a baby in the waiting room.
worse, and now his throat hurt.  Uh oh... Still no fever, but I decided it was time to call the doctor.  No wonder my poor baby wasn't feeling well.  He had an ear infection, a sinus infection AND strep.  Bless his heart.  Of course, I felt guilty for waiting until Wednesday to take him to the doctor, but I don't want to be one of those parents that runs to the doctor at the first sign of a sniffle.

Bolstered by hugs and kisses (and a sucker) from the best doctor ever, (Hi, Dr. Jane!!) Gabe decided a new pair of Nike Elite socks would probably make him feel even better.  So, in an effort to make him happy and, let's be honest, ease my guilt, off to the mall we went.  Unfortunately, none of the stores had the color he wanted (pink).  I finally convinced him that we would probably be able to find the pink pair online.  So, he settled for lunch at Charley's Grilled Subs.  We then picked up his medicine, went home, and.....

we watched Wreck it Ralph.  Again.

--- 5 ---
Thursday, I'm feeling better or maybe I'm just a little stir crazy from staying home for 3 days.  Either way, Gabe is still not feeling too well, and now neither is Ben.  So, Ben decided to stay home with Gabe.  Guess what they did?  Yep, Wreck it Ralph!  We certainly got our money's worth on that 3-day rental, I tell ya!

I had a meeting Thursday morning, and as a fun exercise, we took a personality test based on the Meyer Briggs type indicators.  Have you ever taken one of those tests where they tell you that you are an S or maybe an M?  That's what this was.  Well guess what, I'm a major CM (watch it!!) with an S chaser.  Okay, what that means is that I'm an analytical driver with some expressive tendencies.  My zodiac sign is Leo, and I don't really hold much stock in all that astrology stuff, but I have to admit I was surprised at how closely the description of a Leo matched with the results of this test.  My top three personality styles were each within 1 point of each other, so that's why I said I'm a CMS, in that order.  They are described as follows:
  • C = Drivers - Drivers want results!   They love to run things and have the job done in their own way.  "I'll do it myself" is a frequent motto.  They can manage their time to the minute; they seem businesslike to some and to others they may appear to be threatening and unfeeling.  Drivers make sure the job is done.  They get impatient with long discussions about the "best way" or  "the way to please everybody."  They are confident in their ability, take risks, and push forward.
  • M = Analyticals - Analyticals are problem solvers.  They like to get all the data before making a decision.  Some say they are thorough, but others complain they are slow.  They have valuable conceptual skills, ask the difficult yet important questions and may seem aloof and cool.  They miss deadlines, but they will have reasons to support the delay.
  • S = Expressives - Expressives get involved with people in active, rapidly changing situations.  These people are seen as socially outgoing and friendly, imaginative and vigorous.  Because people react to behaviors as a result of their own value biases, some see the expressive style as dynamic and energetic while others perceive the same behavior as egotistical.  Expressives can get things going, but may sometimes settle for less than the best in order to get on to something else.  They lack a tolerance for details, are highly competitive, and may need to learn to work with others in a collaborative manner.
Okay, now anyone that knows me personally is probably sitting there saying, "Yep, uh huh, you got that right!"  What can I say?  Pretty accurate, wouldn't you say?  The only other personality style is a P, which is Amiable.  Pffft!  I totally scored really low on that one.  SURPRISE!!  Part of the description for a P is "These people try to minimize conflict and promote everyone's happiness."  Bwaaaahhaaa - Yeah, not me.  I'm not Miss Congeniality nor do I pretend to be.  Honestly, I think I used to have more "P tendencies," but the school of hard knocks just beat it right out of me.  I guess I should go ahead and include the P description for you as well.  So, here you go:
  • P = Amiables - Amiables value interpersonal relationships.  These people try to minimize conflict and promote everyone's happiness.  Some people see the amiable style as accommodating and friendly, while others describe it as wishy-washy and nice.  Amiables frequently find it difficult to say "no" and thus may be overcommitted.  They can be counted on to do what will please others.  They are people-oriented and non-aggressive.
The personality style descriptions are courtesy of  If you're interested in taking the test for yourself, you can do so here.

--- 6 ---
The rule in our house is:  No school, no baseball.   So, guess where Gabe went today?  Yes, SCHOOL!  For the 1st time this week.  Actually, I think that now after 2 full days of medicine, he's finally starting to feel better.  Thank goodness!

Okay, in all seriousness.....  just moments ago, I learned that a family near and dear to me is facing some very difficult times ahead.  May I please ask that you lift this family up in prayer?  Your prayers are very much appreciated.  Thank you!
--- 7 ---
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