Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Sorry, I missed another WTHW post. I've spent a great deal of time this week trying to keep a certain 9 year old under control so that his ankles and leg will heal. That's been no easy task, I tell ya.  If I were a blogger worth my salt, I'd have all of these posts already prepared and scheduled (which I haven't figured out how to do yet, eh hemmmm...), but..... apparently, I'm a slacker. So, there you go! It is what it is. I'll try to do better.

--- 2 ---
Let's talk about cell phones.  I have one, my husband has one and my 12 year old has one he uses on occasion.  I'm paying entirely too much for cell phones, but both my husband and I need them for work, and Garrett.... well, it makes me feel better that he has one when we travel.  He and the older boys will often walk around the ball park and aren't always within sight.  So, for me it's a safety issue.

Our cellular service is with one of the big carriers and has been for decades, but now I'm seriously considering switching to Straight Talk.  It's $45 per month with no contract and unlimited talk, text and data.  Another plus is that we can convert the phones we already have.  I know several people that have made the switch, and they haven't had any problems whatsoever - a few of those people are even former employees of the big carrier.  However, I wanted to find out if any of you have tried Straight Talk.  If so, what are your thoughts?  Please share.  Thanks!

--- 3 ---
My Aunt has been in town from Florida for a week now.  Unfortunately, due to our schedule, we haven't been able to visit with her until Wednesday when we got together for my grandmother's 84th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Nanny!  We love you!  Lynn have a safe trip home, we love you too!  Oh, and congratulations on your new condo!  That's exciting!  I detest having to move though. 

--- 4 ---
Is anyone else ready for summer.  I'm ready for school to be over as well.  I'm certainly ready for the more relaxed schedule that comes with summer.  This time of year, my boys always seem to struggle.  They don't want to go to bed, they don't want to get up in the morning, they don't want to get dressed, they just don't want to.... anything.   PERIOD!  They've lost their focus on school and just want it to be over.  I understand that.    I truly believe that with the haze of the allergy season comes another type of brain fog.  After all, the term Spring Fever didn't just appear for no reason.

I pray that we can get through the next 30 or so days until school is out.

--- 5 ---
Our neighbors informed my husband this past weekend that their youngest son (they have 5) is getting married this weekend. Of course, they weren't inviting us, I think they just told him in the hopes that he would get the hint and MOW THE DANG YARD!! 
--- 6 ---
We're on the road this weekend, and hopefully Gabe's ankles and his thigh will be just fine.  We're putting ankle braces on him just to be safe.  As I've mentioned before, it's been really difficult to keep that boy from running and jumping for almost 2 weeks.  He was originally supposed to be restricted only for a week. However, we extended his activity restriction because he didn't follow doctor's orders very well at first.  Thankfully, he's only had to sit out one weekend of baseball, and he's excited about this weekend.  It looks like we'll finally play a team that appears to have been running from us so far this season.  We're 2 of the only 3 Major teams in the entire state, so it should be a good match up.  I hope our boys will play well this weekend.  If they relax and have fun, that shouldn't be a problem.  Go Elite!!  Sorry, couldn't resist.

Again, my well-armed in-laws will be watching our home while we're gone.  So, if you thought about running by our house to get a five-finger discount.... fuhgetaboutit!

--- 7 ---
As requested in previous weeks, please keep a family near and dear to me in your prayers while they navigate through some difficult times.  Also, please keep the Fulwiler family in your prayers.  Thank you!

I hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend!  TGIF!!

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