Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
What a week!  Is it just my child, or have any of your kids been extremely moody this week?  My 12-year old has been relatively normal, but the 9 year old..... oh my goodness!!  He woke up this morning in yet another mood.  It took forever to get him out of bed, and at 7:15 he was still wearing his jammies, sitting at the kitchen table staring at his toast.  We needed to leave home by 7:30.  He had basically been stomping in my last nerve since the moment he woke up, so I admit my patience was pretty much gone by that time and I yelled at him to hurry up or he was going to get it.  He began crying and said, "I don't want to diiiieeeeee......"  What?!!? 
Why on earth would he say that??  He said he didn't get enough sleep.  Maybe he had some sort of dream that he didn't mention?  I think we need to have a chat tonight. 

Gabe did say that he couldn't sleep because his room was too bright.  Wednesday Ben hung a battery-powered Chinese lantern in Gabe's  room for a nightlight.  However, I have a little trouble with his story about not sleeping. If he wasn't able to sleep, I feel sure he would've come to our bed.  Gabe gets in our bed almost every night, and he always has an excuse.  For example, he said his bed is uncomfortable, so we swapped his mattress.  He's too cold, so I put another blanket on his bed.  It's too dark, so Ben hung the Chinese lantern.  Now..... of course, it's too bright.  He did stay in his bed all night last night, but if he's going to continue to wake up in these moods, I'm seriously considering letting him and his dad share the king-sized bed, and I'll move into Gabe's room.  UGH!! 
--- 2 ---
Straight Talk Update:  As I mentioned, I know several people that have cell service with Straight Talk, and they've said they love it, they're saving a ton of money compared to what they used to pay, etc.  (With Straight Talk, you can pay $45 a month and get unlimited talk time, text and data with no contracts.  There are also smaller plans which would have some limitations.)  So, I've been checking into it.  Well, trying to convert to Straight Talk has been a little taxing.  If I wanted to purchase a Straight Talk phone, I would have no issue at all - NONE.  The problem I have encountered is that I want to convert the two iPhones we currently have through AT&T.  This requires that I purchase AT&T compatible sim cards through Straight Talk.  However, they are currently unavailable through Straight Talk and their only authorized retailer, Wal*Mart.  I feel sure AT&T is causing problems for Straight Talk on those sim cards.  Now, a dear friend who happens to work for Straight Talk's parent company, has assured me I can purchase T-Mobile sim cards, and port our numbers to T-Mobile then set up service with Straight Talk.  However, when I try to purchase T-Mobile sim cards, I'm told our phones won't work in our zip code with those sim cards.  So....  I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase Straight Talk AT&T compatible sim cards through another online source who's NOT a Straight Talk authorized retailer, and paying a higher price than they were through Straight Talk.  I may live to regret that decision, but I'll be sure to update you when those sim cards arrive.

Now, AT&T does have the Go Phone program which is similar to Straight Talk; however, if you have an iPhone and want unlimited data, that Go Phone plan would cost you $65 per month versus Straight Talk's $45 per month.  Not really a savings on my phone.  However, that may still be an option for us if this Straight Talk doesn't work out.  AT&T Go Phone offers a few more less expensive plans than Straight Talk does, which would have limitations.  For my husband and son who rarely text or use data, I should be able to find a lesser plan that would work and might even offset the higher rate I would have to pay.  The way I look at it, any savings would be an improvement.
--- 4 ---
Gabe isn't playing baseball this weekend.  They needed a break.  So, this weekend will be spent catching up on house work and maybe more purging of JUNK.  I'd like to say we'll catch up on the lawn care as well, but it's supposed to rain most of the weekend, sooo.... bummer!
--- 5 ---
I've been stalking some furniture listed for sale online.  Unfortunately, it's like pulling teeth to get my husband to commit to anything, so one sofa & chair that were priced really well, slipped away.  I'm praying the remaining piece that I've been stalking is still available.  It's out in rural Arkansas, so I'm hoping.....  It's a new leather sofa with nail head trim.  Apparently, this lady's husband bought it for their cabin in Montana, but he passed away before taking it up there.  Sad, I know.  I just hope it's not like that episode of Andy Griffith when Barney buys his first car...  I do need some new living room furniture, and although this sofa technically isn't new, it would be new to me, right?

Here's what it looks like:

Nah!!  Just kidding!

This is what is really looks like:

At least it looks like the picture they posted online.  Pretty, huh?  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  If this sofa gets away from me, Ben may suffer the consequences......  Bwaaaahaaaaaa!
--- 6 ---
For the past several weeks, I've asked you to keep a special family in your prayers.  Although I don't want to reveal their names, I believe I can provide more information now.  This family has a young daughter who, only a few days after turning 13 years old, learned that she has cancer; Ewings Sarcoma to be specific.  They discovered this when their daughter suffered a stress fracture in track.  Because of the stress fracture, an appointment was made for her at AR Children's Hospital, and things progressed from there.  This past week she began her chemo treatments, and has a long, difficult road ahead.  So, please continue to keep this sweet young lady and her family in your prayers.  Also, if you're able, please visit the Arkansas Children's Hospital website, and make a donation here.

Thank you!
--- 7 ---

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