Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scarf Organizer

I recently saw a scarf organizer made by The Crafty Scientist on a weekly link up that I follow, and thought it was an awesome idea.  I usually keep my scrarves in a basket that I kept in a drawer.  However, due to some furniture swapping we just did to give our youngest more drawer space, I ended up with a smaller, yet beautiful antique dresser from my grandmother's house.  Since it's smaller, I no longer have the room to put my scarves in a drawer.  This scarf organizer was easy, and only required things I already had on-hand.  That's a win/win, in my opinion!

Items needed:

A sturdy clothes hanger
12 round shower curtain rings
yard or thread
hot glue gun

I have a couple of wooden suit hangers that I don't like.  They just take up too much space in the closet, but they're certainly sturdy.  So, I decided to use one of them.  I also had a set of inexpensive round shower curtain rings in the linen closet.

I started by snapping all of the shower curtain rings closed.  Then I cut strips of yarn into approximately 6-inch pieces.  My suit hanger has a slight bow to it, so I needed to decide which side of the hanger would be the back.  I began by tying a knot in the yarn and wrapping around the opening of the ring.  Once the ring opening was covered, I began wrapping the yarn around the hanger to attach the ring to the hanger. I made sure that I stopped wrapping on the back side of the hanger, and then used my glue gun to secure the yarn in place.  Make sure you hold the yarn tightly until the glue has set, then cut off any excess yarn.  Finishing it all on the back side will ensure that the glue is not visible when you load your scarves.
Once I had attached all of the shower curtain rings to the hanger, I started a 2nd row and attached rings to the rings above.  Finally, after all the rings were attached, I began securing the rings to the ring beside it to give it more stability.  Again, remember to finish and glue on the back side.

There you go!  You're done!  Here's the final product with just a few of my scarves loaded.  I have many more to go, but as you can see, this organizer will hold quite a few scarves.

This was such as easy project, it was free to me since I had everything on hand, and it solved a storage problem I had.  I would rate this project as a HUGE success.

Thanks again to The Crafty Scientist for the idea.

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