Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

What the Heck???  I've actually said that several times this past week.  As I mentioned in Friday's quick takes, Gabe and I were sick last week.  I thought he and I both had a stomach virus because we had the same symptoms and no fever.  However, on Wednesday morning when he mentioned his throat had started hurting, a quick trip to his doctor determined that he had an ear infection, a sinus infection and strep.  What the heck??  How could this child be so sick and not complain any more than he did?

Well.... more than a week ago while playing baseball, Gabe started limping.  He was thrown out on the base, and he limped back to the dugout.  A dear friend and fellow Elite parent checked on him, and he appeared fine.  The limping only lasted a short time although at one point later that day or the next, Gabe did say he though he may have rolled his ankle a little.  He wasn't limping or complaining of pain, so we really thought nothing of it.  This weekend, Saturday as a matter of fact, Gabe ran to catch a fly ball, caught it, stumbled and fell.  Later that same day I happened to notice a large bruise on Gabe's left ankle similar to one I had when I screwed up my ankle years ago.  But his bruise was obviously not a "fresh" bruise.  That night he mentioned his right leg hurt.  We iced it, but saw no bruising, etc.  My husband suspected he may have pulled a muscle when he fell.  Sunday Gabe played ball all day.  Sunday night just prior to the championship game, the coach came to me and said that Gabe was limping pretty badly.

Monday morning, he woke up and was really grouchy and complaining that both of his legs hurt.  It's benchmark exam time at school, so what do I do?  I called the doctor's office and luckily, they had only one appointment available at the end of his school day.  I'LL TAKE IT!!  Upon check in, the nurse took us straight to xray, and they xrayed the ankle that is bruised.

When the doctor examined him, he said both of his ankles hurt and his left leg.  What the heck?  He was complaining that his right leg hurt, that's the leg we iced. He said, "Well, that leg was hurting."  According to the xray, he chipped a bone in his left ankle and strained it - probably last weekend.  That's why the bruising is not fresh.  He also sprained his right ankle and pulled the muscle in his left thigh.  He probably did that when he stumbled and fell.  She suspected the right leg was sore because he had been favoring that left ankle and made it worse when he fell, but there was no muscle pull in that leg.  WHAT THE HECK??  How can our child be that banged up, and us not know it?? Why wasn't he limping or complaining more?  This boy is apparently a beast that is practically oblivious to pain, either that or ALL of us missed it.  How is that possible?
AR Easton Elite 9 Major

Oh, by the way.... they won their tournament.  Although Gabe had been crushing the ball most of the weekend, he didn't hit very well in the championship game.  I truly can't believe he did as well as he did this past weekend considering how banged up he was.  Bless his heart.... Sometimes these kids are just too dang tough for their own good.

Well.... that's just a few of the what the heck moments I've had this past week.  What about you?  Have you had any moments lately that just made you scratch your head, and say, "What the heck????"

Let's see if we can find any head scratchers with regard to fashion.

The shoes are the made-to-order Cloud & Rainbow shoes made by Thea Cadabra in 1979.  These look like they should be worn by Mother Nature, not me.  Waaaay too much going on here.  Plus, I think you all know how I feel about themed clothing items, right?  Riiiight??

I have to admit that her low-heeled designs are much more to my liking.  See what you think.  Two of my favorite colors:  red, and turquoise.

This is a felted wool wrap/scarf for $325.  I'm sorry but it looks like this lady is being eaten by a creature from an old Star Trek episode.  (I'm showing my age, I know.)
Is this club wear?  Notice the fingerless, full length gloves?  I'm guessing it's a Pebbles Halloween costume.  You know how all of the women's Halloween costumes these days are trashy...
Another example of what's being called Hobo Chic.  This girl needs a sandwich and a hairbrush.  Just sayin'.

Pink studded denim shorts.  Ummmm.... first of all these shorts are waaaay too short, they're basically panties!  Secondly, it seems like those studs would make sitting just a little uncomfortable.

Ummm..... yeah.  I dunno.....

Let's see, I'd really like to wear a skirt today, but I need the ease and coverage of pants, I know.... I'll just strap a piece of fabric across my hips OVER my pants.  Problem solved!  I guess this is similar to when we were little girls and our moms put shorts on us under our cute little dresses.

This is a $237 bridal shrug.  I don't think I know a bride that wants to look like she's shedding her skin at her wedding.  Blech!

A reshapable top.  This top has convenient little velcro dots all over it so you can reshape it as you so desire.  This fine garment can be yours for a mere $122. 

I think it's time for me to get some new glasses.  I don't really like to wear my glasses, but during allergy season, I wear them much more often.  So, when I do wear them, I want to at least be flattering.  I think I'd really like to get some Warby Parkers.  Have any of you ever tried them?  If so, please share your experience.  Well, thinking about eye wear made me curious what there might be out there on one of my favorite sources for WTHW, and I was not disappointed.  Let's take a look at just a few of the eye wear items I found.
$240 futuristic or steampunk eye wear.  I guess the snazzy beanie comes with this?  I know I'd end up staring at that huge nose piece, and these glasses would make me go cross-eyed.
Someone please confiscate this person's glue gun.  STAT!
 Another glue gun tragedy!

And yet another......  People, put down the glue gun and back away slowly, and no one will get hurt.

Uh oh.... Speaking of glasses, I hope my youngest remembered to wear his today.  He's been wearing his contacts so much, I completely forgot that he took his contacts out Monday and has been wearing his glasses.  This week is benchmark exams at school, and he'll need those glasses.  I can't remember if he had his glasses on when I dropped him off at school.  YIKES!

Well, I suppose this is it for today, folks!

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!!