Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

My foot is hurting, so my theme today is shoes.  I've been wearing flats too often when I should be wearing my Danskos or my tennis shoes.  What can I say?  Getting old isn't for sissies!

Let's take a look at what I found.

Okay, I wish I could find another view of these shoes.  I'm really curious about the swirl on top.  It almost looks like a snake preparing to strike.  How does your foot go in that?  Is the sole made out of a a spatula?

Speaking of spatulas, here's another pair

I think these shoes look more like high-heeled swim fins than spatulas.

I'm always fussing at my sons to tie their shoes.  Here's one solution to the problem.  If they don't keep their shoes tied, everyone will see their ermmm........ business.  Nothing fixes a problem with a pre-teen faster than the possibility of being embarrassed.   Bwaaahaaaahaaa!

Hey Chad!  Instead of an inversion table, get a pair of these shoes!  Christy and the boys can hang you in garage for a few hours each night or longer, depending on your behavior.  HA!
These are just scary.  Really??  What is with the deadly-looking talon thingy that appears to be stabbing the instep?  Why are these even considered shoes anyway?  They look more like a torture device to me.

For the sports-minded woman - high heeled cleats.  As if regular cleats aren't uncomfortable enough....  If you've never worn a pair of cleats, trust me, they hurt your feet.

Sticking with the sports theme - baseball shoes!!  I'd never wear these, but I have to admit, they're kinda cute.
Oh my goodness!!  Is that a ginormous blister or where these shoes made for the Elephant Man?  Seriously?  What the heck??

These are called the screwed up shoe.  But.... this gives me an idea.  Attach a scrub brush to the bottom, and it would make scrubbing the floor so much easier.
I've heard it said that commuters should never ever wear tennis shoes with their business attire - even if you have to walk 20 blocks.  Well, here you go!  You can wear your foot-saving tennies while still having the appearance of pumps while you're hoofing it to and from the train station.

Speaking of hoofing it.....
I truly hope these boots are part of a costume.  I know several people that act like a horse's behind, but I wouldn't suggest they stick with the horse theme.

Okay, I actually think these are interesting.  I like the architectural aspect of them. 
I don't think this designer put forth any effort at all.  They glued either a piece of wood or antler onto the sole, then instead of creating a vamp, they just layered the leather.  Either that or the women's feet are so rank, they're peeling the leather right off these shoes..... You decide.
The perfect shoe for the formal occasion..... Tuxedo shoes.  Actually the shirt collar is what throws me.  If they redid that somehow these might work.  But as is?  Ummmm..... no. 

Many of these shoes were found on  These were actually some of the tamer shoes I found.  For more freaky footwear, visit their website.

I guess that's it for today folks.

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!