Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Oh my goodness!  I am so glad it's finally Friday.  It's been an eventful week, and I need my weekend to get here PDQ!
--- 2 ---
Saturday we drove an hour from home to check out a leather sofa that I found for sale online.  When I spoke to the lady on the phone, she said her husband had purchased the sofa to put in a cabin in Montana, but he died before that happened.  I thought, "yeah, right."  I just knew it would be like the car salesman that tells you the car only had one owner who happened to be an elderly widow who only drove the car to church on Sundays.  So, I tried not to get my hopes up.  Well.... it was beautiful, and we brought it home that day.  Saturday was a misty day, but we were prepared with numerous blankets and tarps.  We managed to avoid the rain until we were 1/4 mile from home, then the bottom fell out, as we say here in the South.  Although the sofa was covered with tarps, etc., Ben didn't want to leave it on the trailer out in the rain.  He wanted to at least get it up onto our covered deck.  So, he and I tried to wrestle that thing onto the deck but since we removed the feet, I couldn't get my fingers under the couch, and it was difficult to get a good grip with the tarps.  Thankfully, my husband's twin happened to drive by and saw us struggling (by us, I mean me), and he stopped to help Ben.  Bless his heart!  He got totally soaked, and fell trying to back up the steps onto the deck.  the couch fell on him of course.  See?  No good deed goes unpunished.  He said he limped for two days after that.  Thank you, Bennett!!   
--- 3 ---
One day earlier in the week, I forgot which day, my youngest son went on a field trip to a crystal mine (is mine the right word?  Maybe field?) about an hour from home.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go, but the mother of one of his friends was able to go.  She sent me several great pictures, and she also took Gabe home after school so he and her son could play.  When I stopped to pick him up, she went to her car to get the backpack Gabe took on the trip, and she could barely lift the thing.  Apparently he found so many great crystals that he wanted to keep, his backpack weighed about 40 pounds.  UGH!  Now he's begging me to wash them in the bathtub.  Ummm... no.  I think we'll wash those outside, thank you.  I told him he could put them in a flower bed.
--- 4 ---
We found out Wednesday that one of our Elite players quit.  The little boy didn't want to quit, but his dad made the decision.  The player is a sweet, talented little boy that we all really care about, but his dad has some issues.  Several of our boys, mine included, have played on a team with this little boy since they were seven years old, and we have had issues with this same parent before.  In fact, twice before, but the coaches wanted to give him one more chance.....  We will all miss that sweet little boy, and his older brother, but daddy?....   As my great grandma would say, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.  And that's all I got to say 'bout dat. (Said in my most Forrest Gump-like voice possible.)
--- 5 ---
Yesterday, at the end of the day, the downtown high-rise building I manage  had a fire alarm.  Even though I like to visit with big, hunky firemen it had been a really long day, and I was ready to go home.  But, since we had no idea what was going on, it's always best to have the fire department check it out. 

Thankfully it was the end of the day, and a vast majority of the building was empty.  I still had to tell the remaining employees a minimum of 537 times, "No! You cannot come back in yet.  I know it's almost time to go home, but we have to wait until we have an all-clear."  I felt like I was stuck in a grown-up version of "are we there yet??"  I was ready to go home too people.

--- 6 ---
Did I mention I'm sooooo ready for the weekend?
--- 7 ---
Please remember to keep the same sweet young lady and her family in your prayers!

Thank you, and have a blessed weekend.

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