Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Converting my iPhone from AT&T to Straight Talk has been a real pain in the backside.  Thankfully, I converted mine first before I converted anyone elses, so I can work out the bugs.  I've had issues sending/receiving MMS.  So, I'm not able to get the group messages sent to the team nor any pictures.  This has been a pain for me and the coaches as they have to make sure to send me my own private message about practice or game times, uniform choices, etc.  I think I might possibly have figured out how to fix this, and will hopefully have time to try to fix it soon.  I'm praying.....  I think if you have something other than an iPhone, you probably wouldn't have a problem converting your phone.  Obviously, if you purchase one of their phones....  no issues. 

On the plus side, the service has been great. 
In fact, at times, I've had a better signal through Straight Talk than I would have had otherwise.  There are some places the baseball team practices that basically gets no signal, yet I had service.  It was intermittent, but I had service when others did not.

If only I could get this MMS problem fixed, I'll be golden.
--- 2 ---
Ever since we got the new leather sofa, I've been able to keep the boys from trashing the living area.  For those who don't have boys, let me tell you they can take a space from neat and tidy to totally destroyed in about 2.2 seconds.  So, this is no little thing, especially considering Ben is just as messy as the boys are.  Now, if I could just convince someone to come get the old love seat out of middle of my living room, I'd be a happy woman - at least for a little while.
--- 3 ---
The day after we bought the new sofa, the TV in the family room died. So, we bought a new flat screen monster, which of course, does not fit in the entertainment center we have. So, for now it's sitting on top of the existing entertainment center until we can come up with something else. 

With the purchase of the new sofa and TV, I felt it was time to revamp the family room area.  I've made a few little changes here and there, and have some larger projects in mind..  I suppose I should have taken some before pictures, so I can eventually feature the redo here. **sigh**.  I always forget. Maybe I can scrounge up some "before" pictures somewhere.
--- 4 ---
Last week was horrible.  I came down with the worst case of strep I can ever recall, and just as I'm starting to feel like I might live, both of my boys come down with it.  My boys remind me of my younger brother and myself.  When we were younger, my brother and I both had chicken pox at the same time.  I was covered from head to toe, literally.  I even had pox between my toes.  I was completely miserable.  My brother had maybe a dozen spots.  TOTAL.  Gabriel ran fever, had a sort throat and headache, but he acted relative normal.  Poor Garrett....  He went through what I did.  His throat hurt so bad, his entire body ached, he alternated between sweating profusely and shivering, and he slept for almost 18 hours straight, moaning in his sleep.

Thankfully Ben was able to stay home with them Monday and took them to the doctor.  By the time I got home from work on Monday, I could tell that Garrett was already feeling better. 
--- 5 ---
This is a long holiday weekend.  Riverfest is an annual event in Central Arkansas which always been on Memorial weekend, at least for as long as I can recall.  There's always lots of great music, food and fun.  Oh, and of course, PRIMO people watching opporunities.  If you're in the Central Arkansas area, and have never been to Riverfest, check this out:
Riverfest 2013 – Arkansas's Largest Music Festival

 --- 6 ---
Speaking of Memorial Day, please remember what this holiday is all about - Honoring the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.    God Bless!

--- 7 ---

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