Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
TGIF!  Oh my goodness.  This had to be one of the longest short weeks ever.  Ehhh-ver!!
--- 2 ---
The Memorial Day holiday weekend was our first weekend in a while without baseball.  Although we do miss playing and spending time with our Elite family, sometimes we need that time away.  My youngest went fishing with his grand dad for the first time ever, and Gabe had a great time.  I can't believe he's almost 10, and has never gone fishing.

We spent most of the weekend catching up on some things we've put on the back burner due to, well... NO TIME!  Saturday and Sunday Ben and boys did yard work while I worked inside doing laundry, etc.  
--- 3 ---
Saturday, I did work on a project.  The ancient TV in our family room died recently, and we replaced it with a larger flat screen.  Unfortunately, the flat screen didn't fit in the entertainment center we had.  So, I decided I would refinish a dresser my grandmother had in her garage.  Sadly, when we pulled the dresser out into the light of day, we discovered it wasn't real wood, and it was in sad shape - sections had gotten wet and had swollen, etc.

Since that dresser wouldn't work. I was stuck with a huge flat screen on top of an enormous entertainment center, and that was not an acceptable long-term solution. 

I have an old maple dresser in the garage that I intend to refinish, but it's just not wide enough for the TV.  Then I remembered that I have a pine sofa table in storage that matches our end tables.  It's similar to this table.
Although it's just wide enough for the TV, the obvious issue is storage.  Too bad, I sold some wicker storage cubes a few years ago.  They'd work perfectly under the table.  I'll figure something out.  We've got to have something for the xBox and the boys video games AND to help hide the cords.  I'm sure we'll eventually hang the TV on the wall, but that's a project for another time.
--- 4 ---
I received a call last week from the middle school to inform me that my son would be receiving one or more awards on May 28th, and the ceremony would start at 8:45.  So, organized super mom that I am, I take the boys to school Tuesday.  I stop at the middle school to pay for Garrett's year book and then head off to work.  Only after reaching my office did I realize that something was wrong.  I called the school thinking surely the award ceremony is Wednesday.  But noooooo.........  It was Tuesday, and it would start at 8:45.  The current time was 8:30.  I did the whole "Home Alone" thing.....  Ahhhhhh!!!  What a horrible mother I am.  I think I can make it, Lord, just please don't let me get pulled over.

I get there just as they start lining some of the A kids up.  By A kids, I mean those with last names beginning with A.  Phew!  Made it!  I sat quietly and applauded nicely C, D, E..... F, G.... Still no Garrett.  Huh....What's up with that?  He approached me after the presentation, and I asked why his name wasn't called, after all I had gotten THE phone call.  One of his teachers heard me and asked us to wait while she checked things out.  We were told that Garrett actually WAS supposed to receive an award for A/B honor roll, but they didn't have his packet for some reason.  Bless his heart.....  Oh course, he's a little shy, so I'm sure he's happy he didn't have to walk across the stage with everyone.  Even though the presentation was over, there were still quite a few students and parents visiting.  So, the Vice Principal announced Garrett's award to everyone that was still there and asked him is he would like to have it announced at lunch.  He quickly said, 'No, I'm good."

So, I know it's late, but congratulations, Garrett!!  We love you and are proud of you, buddy!
--- 5 ---
Wednesday, I went to the dermatologist.   There were a few issues I wanted to have checked.  First I found a small area of dry skin on my face, just about where the nose piece of a pair of glasses would sit.  It is a tiny little patch, but it had been there for a little more than a month.  Secondly, I thought I might have rosacea on my cheeks, as my cheeks usually look quite flushed when I'm not wearing foundation.

Well, it turns out the tiny dry patch is actinic keratoses or AK.  Trust me, DON'T google it, especially if you've eaten recently.  I made that mistake, and what you'll find is nothing like my tiny little dry patch.  But big or small, gnarly or neat - doesn't matter.  It's still sun damage.  Years of baking myself with baby oil and iodine (and sometimes even Crisco in a pinch) have taken their toll on my skin. 

So, please remember to use your sunscreen and make sure your babies are protected too!
--- 6 ---
Today is the last day of school!!  Woo Hoo!  The boys are so ready for a break, and truthfully so am I.  We have no plans, and that's the beauty of it!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
--- 7 ---

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