Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

Sorry I was AWOL Friday.  I had a post drafted and had intended to schedule it, but time got away from me and we were travelling Friday for a baseball tournament.

I'm deep in research for an upcoming project or two that I'm planning.  So, I'll hopefully have something for you on those projects in a few weeks.  These projects have been inspired by the new leather sofa and flat screen TV we purchased.  So, I was curious what kind of furniture items I could find.  Let's take a look:

I have to say it's a good thing this table is back up to the wall.  I'd hate to see the other view.  Ahhhh!
This chair reminds me of the Muxinex commercials with the phlegm characters.  Yup, one of them just sat on a chair and started oozing over.  Blech!!
I know people that love frogs, but I think a chair like this is just a tad bizarre.  Just a tad.....

I've actually envisioned Mariah Carey putting her hand to her forehead and collapsing on this bed.  I know she's a butterfuly nut and wears that ugly butterfly ring all of the time. 

Did this chair ever freak anyone else out? 
What the heck?  I understand this is a DIY, but why a monster chair?  Is this the naughty chair for time outs?  Haha!  I bet if a kid had to spend time out in that chair, they'd straighten up real fast, huh?  Now that I think about it, there might be some genius behind that chair afterall.

I think everyone I know who was alive in the 70s has either had or knows someone who had some form of this sofa in their home at one time.  In fact, I think I know someone who may still have something like this.  To each his own, I suppose.

Okay, I've been on a real turquoise kick here lately, so I actually think this chair isn't too bad, except for the cactus.  I'd probably change the arms a bit too - maybe get rid of the inner part of the arm that makes it look like a wagon wheel.
How many of you had a grandpa who practically lived in a recliner like this?  It was a comfy chair, but eventually there would be the duct tape on the arm to cover the rips in the crappy naugahyde.  A friend and I had a running joke wondering how many baby naugas had to die for that chair.

Aaaah!!!  This makes me think of that scene in Toy Story when all the dismembered toys in Sid's room come to life and start moving around. 
This bubble couch does not look comforable.  My brain must be on TV right now, because this makes me think about those scrubbing bubbles commercials.

This is what I imagine Satan's throne looks like.  Freaky!

OMG..... well folks, my wit seems to have escaped me today, and I'm struggling (in case you couldn't tell).  So rather than torture you any longer.  I'll be moooooving along.

Happy Hump Day, ya'll.