Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

On the way to work, I saw an antique Mini car.  This one had a "GB" sticker on the back, and the driver was actually on the right-hand side of the car.  It reminded me of an episode of Mr. Bean that I saw many years ago.  I've attached a small clip below.  Just his facial expressions crack me.

The Mini is aptly named because it is a tiny little car.  The car I saw this morning actually had a sticker on the back glass that said:  "No fat chicks.  Car will scrape!"  What the heck?

So, I thought I might check out bumper stickers... um. NO!  Researching bumper stickers was almost as bad as researching swimsuits.  Sooo.... back to square one.   That means stick with one of my faves..... SHOES!

The lovely embellishment on the toe here was made from the bottom of a plastic bottle and buttons.  No?  You couldn't tell?  Not only is the embellishment decorative, you could cut someone to the bone with the flower on your shoe.  So - Hey!  These are a self-defense tool as well.  SCORE!!

These are just..... frightening. 

Bark shoes.  I cannot imagine how painful these shoes must be....wearing tree bark on your feet.  Maybe they decided to go ahead ahead and call them bark shoes not only because of the material they're made with but because they sure will make your dogs bark.  **groan** - yeah I know that was horrible.  I'm struggling here.

Ever wondered what to do with all of those plastic shopping bags?  Here you go...  Why do they go between the toes?  That's just weird(er).

Does anyone else think of Pam Grier in her Foxy Brown role when you look at these boots?  I never saw the movie - I was just a small child back then.  But for some reason that character came to mind when I saw these.

These sheep slippers were listed under men's footwear.  Ummm...... ?  My hubby is about as likely to wear these as he would be to wear a tutu.

Nothing says nerd like some shoes with video game characters on them for GROWN MEN!  Notice  they "upcycled" a $4 pair of shoes?  The new cost?  $50!!

Aren't these cute?  I would soooo wear these with a pair of skinnies or even a pair of ankle length crop pants, like these....

Is there an age at which women should stop wearing mary janes?  If so, I'm probably well past it.  But, these mary janes are so cute, and in one of my favorite colors too!
Imagine a "Wizard of Oz" movie in which these ruby slippers would have been worn.  Yikes!!

Most of these shoes were upcycled.  I think we've talked about that word before.  Just don't!  However, if you insist on upcycling some footwear, this is what you should do..... 

These are just precious!

Well, I think that's it for today.  Happy Hump Day, ya'll!